I was very very happy with the web sales department and especially the employee Xing Loh, who helped me heaps with my order and answered any questions I asked almost instantly :)
06 Aug 2014
We have just purchased a computer from the team at Henderson and are very happy with the store. From Sun, on the retail floor to Edward, in the technical department we received first class service. Thanks
27 Jul 2014
Prompt answer to my question, then when I'd ordered it was with me in less than 48hrs....what more could I ask? Thank you for customer service at its best :)
24 Jul 2014
We have been using PBTech now for 2 years and always had awesome service and quick responses. The web team have been great assisting my custom requirements, thanks Brett wellington and xing loh! pleasure dealing with you guys :)
23 Jul 2014
Product was just what we wanted and the delivery was excellent. I am impressed
21 Jul 2014
Thanks to Mark Stevens for promptly and courteously attending to a minor defect with a LogiTech Keyboard we purchased. This is the sort of service that keeps me coming back to PB :-)
17 Jul 2014
Kia ora John Thank you for your assistance today in Henderson. I appreciated your honesty and helpfulness in finalising the sale of the brother printer and inks. Kind regards Raewyn
15 Jul 2014
Oops, submitted prematurely by mistake:) ...
10 Jul 2014
Re: I recently took my precious laptop in for copying everything from my desktop HDDs and USB's. I wish to praise your Tech staff, in particular Monica Walmsley. She handled all my queries with
10 Jul 2014
Fantastic service and follow-up from Xing Loh at PB, and super fast delivery. This on top of a great price ...we are very happy.
24 Jun 2014
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CYP Digital to Analogue...
CYP Digital to Analogue Audio RCA Converter. Toslink & optical audio suitable for Freeview HDTV...
RRP: $67.00RRP: $77.05

 inc GST

Stock: 20+
Part #: AUDCYP0003
Creative Sound Blaster...
Creative Sound Blaster Play USB Sound Card 90dB 1/8" mini jack Microphone in &Headphone out (3.5mm...
RRP: $49.00RRP: $56.35

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Stock: 20+
Part #: AUDCRE1140
LG BP530 3D Blu-ray Disc...
LG BP530 3D Blu-ray Disc Player, Wi-Fi Built in, Sound Privacy, Smart, External HDD Playback, HD...
RRP: $179.00RRP: $205.85

 inc GST

Stock: 20+
Part #: DVALG530

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DVALAS1004Laser MP3 Player CL30 4GB TFT LCD with FM Wht220+   $19.95  +GST
 $22.94  inc GST
AUDBEL2477231Belkin Rockstar Mini-phone Audio Cable for Audio Device, iPod, Headphone - 1 x Mini-phone Male Audio - 5 x Mini-phone Female Audio - Black0  $20.00  +GST
 $23.00  inc GST
DVALAS1001Laser K10 MP3 Player 2GB Red020+   $22.00  +GST
 $25.30  inc GST
AUDROC0102Rock USB Audio Adaptor Virtual 5.10  $23.00  +GST
 $26.45  inc GST
DVALAS1003Laser MP3 Player CL30 4GB TFT LCD with FM Pnk020+   $23.00  +GST
 $26.45  inc GST
AUDMBE1002mbeat iPhone & iPod FM Transmitter with Car Charger8  $23.95  +GST
 $27.54  inc GST
DVALAS1002Laser K10 MP3 Player 2GB Silver020+   $24.00  +GST
 $27.60  inc GST
DVALAS1005Laser MP3 Player BLACK CL30 4GB TFT LCD with FM120+   $25.95  +GST
 $29.84  inc GST
AUDGEN0051Genius SM-Value 5.1 Sound Maker Value 5.1 PCI card w/MPU401 compatible MIDI interface(SOUGENSM51)20+20+   $29.00  +GST
 $33.35  inc GST
AUDBEL1713800BELKIN F8M118QE CarAudio Connect AUX - In Car Handsfree012   $29.00  +GST
 $33.35  inc GST
AUDCRE1140Creative Sound Blaster Play USB Sound Card 90dB 1/8" mini jack Microphone in &Headphone out (3.5mm mini jack)20+  $32.95  +GST
 $37.89  inc GST
AUDCRE1071Creative Sound Blaster 5.1VX PCI Retail box - 5.1 Channel gaming Surround Sound in Movies/ Games/ Music EAX CMSS w/Low Profile Bracket20+  $33.00  +GST
 $37.95  inc GST
AUDMAN1001Dynamix USB Internet Radio. Access 14,000 radio stations from 150 countries. Requires internet access and a USB port. Supports Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista.020+   $35.00  +GST
 $40.25  inc GST
AUDCRE0026Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Value - PCI Retail 7.1 channel Windows 7 100dB SNR 24-bit Advanced HD2 Effects11  $35.95  +GST
 $41.34  inc GST
DVALAS0007Laser DVD-HD007 DVD Player - MP3 DivX MPEG4 USB with Div-X playback Multi-region20+  $36.95  +GST
 $42.49  inc GST
AUDAS0007ASUS XONAR DG 5.1 Channels PCI Interface Xonar DG Sound Card w/Lowprofile Bracket12  $39.95  +GST
 $45.94  inc GST
AUDBEL1798900BELKIN F8M120AU CarAudio Connect FM Make hands-free calls and play music from your playlist directly through your car speakers020+   $40.00  +GST
 $46.00  inc GST
AUDBEL1040529BELKIN Tunebase FM & AUX in W Hands Free020+   $43.00  +GST
 $49.45  inc GST
DVATRS25097Transcend MP330K MP3 player 8GB Black Recordable FM Radio Built-in microphone voice recorder20+  $45.00  +GST
 $51.75  inc GST
AUDCYP0003CYP Digital to Analogue Audio RCA Converter. Toslink & optical audio suitable for Freeview HDTV to home theatre20+20+   $49.00  +GST
 $56.35  inc GST
 $56.35  inc GST
DVAPAN1001Panasonic DVD-S500 DVD Player - Multi-format playback , CD Ripping , Dust proof11  $49.00  +GST
 $56.35  inc GST
AUDBEL1207187Belkin F8Z498AU TuneCast Auto Live FM Transmitter Hands-Free (30-Pin) listen to your iPhone music through your car stereo20+20+   $49.95  +GST
 $57.44  inc GST
DVAPAN0310Panasonic RR-US310E-S VOICE RECORDER 2GB Dictaphone w/Noise Cancelling20+  $55.00  +GST
 $63.25  inc GST
AUDMBE1005mbeat USB-TAPE01 USB Tape to Digital Recorder0  $56.00  +GST
 $64.40  inc GST
AUDAS0020Asus Xonar DGX PCI-E Gaming soundcard, 5.1 Channel, Built-in Headphone AMP, 3 gain modes for different usage scenarios, Dolby Headphone for an immersive 5.1 surround imaging, GX2.5 for realistic 3D audio effects, Up to 105dB, Auto016   $56.00  +GST
 $64.40  inc GST
DVALAS1088Laser NAVSPORTMINI 720P Sports Camera MINI018   $58.00  +GST
 $66.70  inc GST
AUDCRE0018Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Go Pro, USB Sound Card, SBX Pro, 3D Headphones Surround Sound, VoiceFX Technology, Superb gaming audio Creative s Sound Blaster X-Fi Go Pro brings incredible enhanced 3D audio to any computer, anywhere Designed2  $59.00  +GST
 $67.85  inc GST
DVAAPP7750APPLE iPod Shuffle 2GB -Blue0  $60.00  +GST
 $69.00  inc GST
DVAAPP7740APPLE iPod Shuffle 2GB -Yellow2  $60.00  +GST
 $69.00  inc GST
DVAAPP7770APPLE iPod Shuffle 2GB -Purple0  $60.00  +GST
 $69.00  inc GST
DVAAPP7760APPLE iPod Shuffle 2GB -Green3  $60.00  +GST
 $69.00  inc GST
DVAAPP7780APPLE iPod Shuffle 2GB -Silver0  $60.00  +GST
 $69.00  inc GST
DVAAPP7730APPLE iPod Shuffle 2GB -Pink2  $60.00  +GST
 $69.00  inc GST
DVAAPP9490APPLE iPod Shuffle 2GB -Space Grey0  $60.00  +GST
 $69.00  inc GST
 $73.60  inc GST
 $73.60  inc GST
AUDAS0015Asus Xonar DSX 7.1 Channel PCI-E Sound Card - Low Profile Capable4  $69.00  +GST
 $79.35  inc GST
 $79.35  inc GST
AUDBEL2378673Belkin F8J034AU Lightning Tunebase FM with Handsfree020+   $69.00  +GST
 $79.35  inc GST
DVAPAN0450Panasonic RR-XS450E-K IC voice Recorder Dictaphone 2GB20+  $69.00  +GST
 $79.35  inc GST
DVASNY2030SONY ICD-PX333 4GB MP3 Digital Voice IC Recorder with expandable memory capabilities20+  $69.95  +GST
 $80.44  inc GST
DVAPAN0421Panasonic RR-XS420E Dictaphone - Digital Voice Recorder with built in 2Gb +micro SD18  $75.00  +GST
 $86.25  inc GST
AUDBEL2485109Belkin G3A2000 NFC Enabled HD Bluetooth Music Receiver20+20+   $75.00  +GST
 $86.25  inc GST
AUDBEL1814330BELKIN F8M117AU CarAudio Connect Bluetooth - Make hands-free Calls and Listen to Your Playlist Through Your Car Stereo3  $77.00  +GST
 $88.55  inc GST
AUDSTE1225Steinberg Remix Audio Sequencer Software0  $79.00  +GST
 $90.85  inc GST
AUDCRE0104Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme PCIe Audio, Retail Package, Win 7, 24-Bit/96kHz 7.1 Playback, >108dB, 24-bit/96kHz recording, X-Fi Crystalizer11  $85.00  +GST
 $97.75  inc GST
AUDYOG0403Yoga AA0403 10 Way Headphone Listening Centre with Microphone w/built-in amplifier2  $85.77  +GST
 $98.64  inc GST

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