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I've been to the north shore branch this afternoon to get help with a power cable for my laptop, first I asked one of the staff and he pointed me toward service department.. in service I death with Mason and Alex, very helpful to see that they...
10 Dec 2014
Forrest at the Auckland Uni branch just saved me $350 by explaining what was wrong with my GPU. You're my new favourite person Forrest!
25 Nov 2014
I would like to thank Justin for providing advice in the live chat during the Cyber Monday sale. The advice helped me choose a suitable computer to be built for my son and I am eagerly awaiting for the delivery of my products. ...
25 Nov 2014
Probably the realest and most genuine 'Salespeople' I've met work in PB Tech in Henderson. Whether the shop is quiet or crazy busy (like during their popular Black Friday Sale), the staff never cease to be attentive, and this includes...
24 Nov 2014
PB tech at Queen street branch are awesome. Very helpfull and friendly. Can not say the same about Penrose branch... Went there a couple of times and always had problems. Some of them do not even have patience. VERY disappointed with Penrose branch....
18 Nov 2014
On the Saturday the 15th November I was the proud owner of the Gigabyte laptop from your store, recommended by John Guo. Upon arriving home and booting the machine I discovered the horrid stuck blue pixel on the screen. I called back to your techn...
18 Nov 2014
I would like to thank technician Alex for his outstanding service on our business computer. He kept in constant contact explaining the problems and offering the best solutions. The fast turnaround meant we didn't lose any downtime. PB Tech rocks...
17 Nov 2014
Hi Lisa, I just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you for your assistance last week. The tablet that I bought was actually a gift for my technically challenged mother, who celebrated her 75th birthday this weekend. Needless to say, s...
13 Nov 2014
excellent fast service each time !
28 Oct 2014
I have had the great pleasure of dealing with John Edwin for many years. Until my retirement I taught computing to beginners, usually folk who had obtained the first PC and needed help getting started. Over the years many approached me for help with...
21 Oct 2014
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Extendable Telescopic...
Extendable Telescopic Handheld Selfie stick Pole Monopod with Tripod for GoPro Hero 3/3+
RRP: $55.00RRP: $63.25

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Stock: 21
Part #: SEVOEM9149
Fujifilm Instax Share SP...
Fujifilm Instax Share SP-1 Smartphone Printer (Bonus Gift Pack Value at $99 from Fujifilm.co.nz)
SAVE: $12.96SAVE: $14.90

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Stock: 6
Part #: CAAFUJ0990
Lowepro Event Messenger...
Lowepro Event Messenger 250 Camera Bag - Capture life s events with an all-access shoulder bag built...
RRP: $93.00RRP: $106.95

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Stock: 30+
Part #: CAALPO36464

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BAGEKB0503EVERKI Snap Compact Camera Pouch COPPER colour. Material Neoprene Foam030   $5.98  +GST
 $6.88  inc GST
BAGEKB0504EVERKI Aperture Mid-Size SLR CAMERA BAG Travel Sling case for DSLR body and two lenses030+   $44.00  +GST
 $50.60  inc GST
CAACNP1855Canon EF-S 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 IS STM Zoom Lens (Canon EF-S Mount) - For Canon APS-C Cameras , Not for 6D/5D/1D/1DX0  $259.00  +GST
 $297.85  inc GST
CAADNX1001DYNAMIX CCTV Power Splitter 1 DC Socket to 4 DC Jack010   $11.50  +GST
 $13.23  inc GST
CAADNX1002DYNAMIX 12VDC 1A CCTV Regulated Switchmode Power Adapter010   $21.00  +GST
 $24.15  inc GST
CAADNX1003DYNAMIX 12VDC 5A CCTV Power Supply. with built in 4 way splitter. Regulated Switch Mode.010   $46.00  +GST
 $52.90  inc GST
CAADNX1004DYNAMIX DC Jack Adaptor 3.5mm Male Two Screw Block Terminals for Positive and Negative. Suits both010   $3.62  +GST
 $4.16  inc GST
CAADNX1005DYNAMIX DC Jack Adaptor 3.5mm Female Two Screw Block Terminals for Positive and Negative. Suits both010   $3.62  +GST
 $4.16  inc GST
CAADNX1006Dynamix 9 Port CCTV Power Supply Enclosure with 5A Power Supply included.0  $139.00  +GST
 $159.85  inc GST
CAAFYU0001Feiyu Tech FY G3 Steadycam Handheld 2-Axis Brushless Gimbal for GoPro0  $259.00  +GST
 $297.85  inc GST
CAAFYU0002Feiyu Tech FY-G3 Ultra 3-Axis Handheld Steady Camera Gimbal for GoPro0  $469.00  +GST
 $539.35  inc GST
CAAGEN0331Generic Battery for GoPro Hero 3/3+0  $29.00  +GST
 $33.35  inc GST
CAAGPO0306GoPro Vented Helmet Strap Mount0  $26.08  +GST
 $29.99  inc GST
 $56.35  inc GST
CAANIS4661NISSIN SPEEDLITE 466 Flash Guns for CANON , Di466 responds to Canon s E-TTL, E-TTL II system0  $295.00  +GST
 $339.25  inc GST
CAANIS4662NISSIN SPEEDLITE 466 Flash Guns for NIKON , Di466 responds to Nikon s i-TTL system0  $295.00  +GST
 $339.25  inc GST
CAASIG9140Sigma EM-140 DG Macro Flash For Nikon - Capture Every Up-Close Detail (Typical Photography: Travel, Landscape, Wedding & Events, Portrait, Family, Nature & Wildlife, Sports & Action, Specialty)0  $607.80  +GST
 $698.97  inc GST
CAASIG9141Sigma EM-140 DG Macro Flash For Canon - Capture Every Up-Close Detail (Typical Photography: Travel, Landscape, Wedding & Events, Portrait, Family, Nature & Wildlife, Sports & Action, Specialty)0  $607.80  +GST
 $698.97  inc GST
CAASNY1019Sony VCTAM1 Action Cam Adhesive Mount0  $24.00  +GST
 $27.60  inc GST
CAASNY1034Sony NPFH50 InfoLITHIUM H Series Battery0  $118.00  +GST
 $135.70  inc GST
CAASNY1038Sony NPFV50 InfoLITHIUM V Series Battery0  $98.00  +GST
 $112.70  inc GST
CAASNY1042Sony 2NPBN1 Infolithium N Type Rechargeable Battery Twin Pack0  $90.00  +GST
 $103.50  inc GST
CAASNY2203Sony VMCUAM2 AV Cable for Handycam0  $29.00  +GST
 $33.35  inc GST
CAASNY3127Sony BCTRP InfoLithium V H P Series Charger0  $86.00  +GST
 $98.90  inc GST
CAASNY3133Sony BCTRX Battery Charger X K D G N R T Series Batteries0  $76.00  +GST
 $87.40  inc GST
CAASNY4301Sony AA Improved Ni-MH Rechargeable CE Battery 2100mAh 2pk011   $12.19  +GST
 $14.02  inc GST
CAASNY7274Sony LCSTWJB Semi Hard Carry Case Black0  $29.00  +GST
 $33.35  inc GST
CAASNY7283Sony LCJHNB Jacket Case For DSCHX500  $60.00  +GST
 $69.00  inc GST
CAASNY7432Sony AKALU1 Action Cam Handheld Grip with LCD0  $110.00  +GST
 $126.50  inc GST
CAASNY7442Sony AKAWM1 Action Cam Wrist Mount Strap0  $40.00  +GST
 $46.00  inc GST
CAASNY7450Sony LCMAKA1 Action Cam Carry Case0  $40.00  +GST
 $46.00  inc GST
CAASNY7452Sony VCTCM1 Action Cam Clip Mount0  $86.00  +GST
 $98.90  inc GST
CAAVAN1037Vanguard Supreme 37F FOAM Only0  $43.00  +GST
 $49.45  inc GST
CAAVEH1001VEHO VCC-A009-SM Car windscreen suction mount Fits Muvi HD range013   $48.00  +GST
 $55.20  inc GST
CAAVEH1004Veho VCC-A014-HM Headband strap mount for Muvi HD0  $42.00  +GST
 $48.30  inc GST
CAAVEH1005Veho VCC-A015-FBM Flat board mount for Muvi HD (Surfboard, snowboard etc)0  $48.00  +GST
 $55.20  inc GST
CAAVEH1006Veho VCC-A016-HSM Harness mount for Muvi HD0  $86.00  +GST
 $98.90  inc GST
CAAVEH1007Veho VCC-A017-UPM Universal Pole mount for Muvi HD (Handlebar mount)0  $48.00  +GST
 $55.20  inc GST
CAAVEH1008Veho VCC-A018-HFM Helmet Face Mount for Muvi & Muvi HD Range019   $29.00  +GST
 $33.35  inc GST
CAAVEH1009Veho VCC-A019-MP Monopod & Tripod for Muvi and Muvi HD range010   $54.00  +GST
 $62.10  inc GST
CAAVEH1013Veho VPP-002-SS Pebble Smartstick Emergency portable battery back up power, 2200mah - Silver0  $42.00  +GST
 $48.30  inc GST
CAAVEH1014Veho VPP-002-SS Pebble Smartstick Emergency portable battery back up power, 2200mah - Pink0  $42.00  +GST
 $48.30  inc GST
CAAVEH1015Veho VPP-002-SS Pebble Smartstick Emergency portable battery back up power, 2200mah - Purple0  $42.00  +GST
 $48.30  inc GST
CAAVEH1016Veho Portable battery pack for Muvi/Kuzo/iPod/iPhone0  $58.00  +GST
 $66.70  inc GST
CAAVEH1017Veho Portable battery pack for Notebook/iPad0  $112.00  +GST
 $128.80  inc GST
CHSLKB1002LinkBasic CFG02-A 2U Blanking Panel for 19"010   $12.54  +GST
 $14.42  inc GST
CHSLKB1008LinkBasic CFB60-1.2-A 350mm Shelf for 600mm Cabinet0  $23.00  +GST
 $26.45  inc GST
CHSLKB1012LinkBasic CFA100-1.2-A L Rail for 1000mmDeep Cabinet0  $16.56  +GST
 $19.04  inc GST

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