On the Saturday the 15th November I was the proud owner of the Gigabyte laptop from your store, recommended by John Guo. Upon arriving home and booting the machine I discovered the horrid stuck blue pixel on the screen. I called back to your techn...
18 Nov 2014
I would like to thank technician Alex for his outstanding service on our business computer. He kept in constant contact explaining the problems and offering the best solutions. The fast turnaround meant we didn't lose any downtime. PB Tech rocks...
17 Nov 2014
Hi Lisa, I just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you for your assistance last week. The tablet that I bought was actually a gift for my technically challenged mother, who celebrated her 75th birthday this weekend. Needless to say, s...
13 Nov 2014
excellent fast service each time !
28 Oct 2014
I have had the great pleasure of dealing with John Edwin for many years. Until my retirement I taught computing to beginners, usually folk who had obtained the first PC and needed help getting started. Over the years many approached me for help with...
21 Oct 2014
Hi Xing, Thanks for your quick and professional service. Will definitely come back to you for more purchases.
16 Oct 2014
Incredibly helpful online and phone customer service. Fast and well packaged delivery. Put an order in Monday night, processed Tuesday, and arrived early Wednesday morning even in a rural town. Thanks guys. Well done Matthew!
15 Oct 2014
HI, The Live chat was a big help. I got ut through to one of the admins that happened to be Matthew Chang. He helped answer my question about my product i just purchased and when i am able to get it. He confirmed that my product was being shipped the...
10 Oct 2014
thanks for answering my annoying questions with patience! it was a pleasure communicating with you Felix! :)
09 Oct 2014
Just wanted to say my grandson loves his new computer, It was built to the specs we gave, and wish I had of found PB Tech and Mr Xing Loh sooner. Communication was prompt and I would recommend their services to anyone.
04 Oct 2014
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Generic 3.5" to 5.25"...
Generic 3.5" to 5.25" BLACK MOUNTING BRACKET HDD Mounting Frame Kit Converter for 3.5" Hard...
RRP: $12.00RRP: $13.80

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Stock: 30+
Part #: ITPAC1060
COOLER MASTER USB 3.0 to USB 2.0 Pin Adapter
SAVE: $7.00SAVE: $8.05

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Stock: 30+
Part #: CHSCLM0320
BitFenix Recon Black Fan...
BitFenix Recon Black Fan Controller , Fan Channels x 5 , Temperature Channels x 5
SAVE: $20.00SAVE: $23.00

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Stock: 27
Part #: CHSBFX0001

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CHSPRO020PROCASE 20" Ball-bearing slide rails. Used for mounting rackmount chassis onto cabinets.030   $95.68  +GST
 $110.03  inc GST
CHS8WR30038WARE USB3.0 Internal Cable with PCI Bracket0  $15.08  +GST
 $17.34  inc GST
CHSDNX0001Dynamix 1U Fan Unit w/ Digital Thermostat. 4 fans 19" installation0  $230.02  +GST
 $264.52  inc GST
CHSDNX0002Dynamix 19" Cable Management Bar030   $15.60  +GST
 $17.94  inc GST
CHSDNX0004Dynamix 1RU Brush Management Bar013   $26.46  +GST
 $30.43  inc GST
CHSDNX0006Dynamix RPR-10HMCB DYNAMIX 10 Outlet 2RU Horizontal Power Rail (10A) with 6kVa C Curve MCB Circui030   $133.54  +GST
 $153.57  inc GST
CHSDNX0007Dynamix RAPRB DYNAMIX Vertical Power Rail Mounting Brackets. (Sold as a pair)030   $21.84  +GST
 $25.12  inc GST
CHSDNX0008Dynamix RPR-15VMCB DYNAMIX 15 Outlet Vertical Power Rail (10A) with 6kVa C Curve MCB Circuit Brea018   $158.60  +GST
 $182.39  inc GST
CHSDNX0009Dynamix RPR-20VMCB DYNAMIX 20 Outlet Vertical Power Rail (10A) with 6kVa C Curve MCB Circuit Brea030   $193.02  +GST
 $221.97  inc GST
CHSDNX0011DYNAMIX Power Rail - Horizontal 10 Position 10 Amp IEC (IEC320-C13) Outlets0  $121.68  +GST
 $139.93  inc GST
CHSDNX0019DYNAMIX 19" 1RU 55mm Deep Metal Cable Management Bar. Supplied with Cage Nuts030+   $18.93  +GST
 $21.77  inc GST
CHSDNX0021DYNAMIX 9RU Mini Cabinet for 10" Panels W280 x D200 x H462mm Supplied in a flat pack010   $66.53  +GST
 $76.51  inc GST
CHSDNX0022DYNAMIX 100pc Pack 3 Piece Cage Nut Black Coloured (4 Cage Nuts per Bag)030   $26.05  +GST
 $29.96  inc GST
CHSDNX0023DYNAMIX 25pc Bag 3 Piece Cage Nut SILVER (Re-sealable Clip Bag)0  $10.72  +GST
 $12.33  inc GST
CHSDNX0100DYNAMIX 300mm Top Lid/Shelf for Hinged Wall Mount Bracket0  $20.28  +GST
 $23.32  inc GST
CHSDNX0102DYNAMIX 2U 300mm 19" Hinged Wall Mount Bracket013   $27.92  +GST
 $32.11  inc GST
CHSDNX0103DYNAMIX 3U 300mm 19" Hinged Wall Mount Bracket013   $34.27  +GST
 $39.41  inc GST
CHSDNX0104DYNAMIX 4U 300mm 19" Hinged Wall Mount Bracket015   $40.04  +GST
 $46.05  inc GST
CHSDNX0105Dynamix 9RU Universal Swing Wall Mount Cabinet. Removable Backmount supplied with Left & Right Hinges (600x550x501mm). Includes 1x Fixed Shelf, 2x Fans,10x Cage Nuts, Black Gloss colour, Side Entry030   $319.85  +GST
 $367.83  inc GST
CHSDNX0106Dynamix 19" 1RU 105mm Deep Metal Cable Management Bar. Supplied with Cage Nuts030+   $21.32  +GST
 $24.52  inc GST
CHSDNX0275Dynamix RACS-300 1RU 19" Cantilever Shelf. Overall Depth 275mm, Shelf Depth 245mm. 15Kg Weight Rating. Black Colour030   $25.54  +GST
 $29.37  inc GST
CHSDNX0400Dynamix Sliding Shelf 300mm Deep to fit 600mm Deep Cabinets. Black Colour030   $56.11  +GST
 $64.53  inc GST
CHSDNX0401Dynamix 1RU 19" Cantilever Shelf 381mm Deep Black Colour030   $38.36  +GST
 $44.11  inc GST
CHSDNX0402Dynamix 2RU 19" Cantilever Shelf 415mm Deep Black Colour030   $52.03  +GST
 $59.83  inc GST
CHSDNX0600Dynamix Fixed Shelf for 600mm Deep Cabinet Black Colour (Max weight 60Kg) Shelf measures 350mm deep Designed for S shaped vertical rails030   $23.50  +GST
 $27.03  inc GST
CHSDNX0650Dynamix 650mm deep fixed shelf w/ mounting ear for 900mm deep cabinet017   $60.32  +GST
 $69.37  inc GST
CHSDNX0710Dynamix 710mm deep fixed shelf w/ mounting ear for 1000mm deep cabinet030   $65.00  +GST
 $74.75  inc GST
CHSDNX0900Dynamix Fixed Shelf for 900mm Deep Cabinet Black Colour (Max weight 100Kg) Shelf measures 600mm deep ** Designed for S shaped vertical rails0  $28.27  +GST
 $32.51  inc GST
CHSDNX0902DYNAMIX SC Simplex / LC Duplex 8 Port Plate Unloaded, 2 Tier Screwless Design, Black Colour. For Use with FPP3P & FCP-MOD010   $9.65  +GST
 $11.10  inc GST
CHSDNX1000Dynamix Fixed Shelf for 1000mm Deep Cabinet Black Colour (Max weight 60Kg) Shelf measures 730mm deep Designed for S shaped vertical rails030   $29.62  +GST
 $34.06  inc GST
CHSDNX1001DYNAMIX 1RU Black Blanking Panel030   $4.31  +GST
 $4.96  inc GST
CHSDNX1002DYNAMIX 2RU Black Blanking Panel030   $8.60  +GST
 $9.89  inc GST
CHSDNX1003Dynamix fixed shelf for ST Series 1000mm deep cabinet (650mm) Black colour Load capacity 60 kgs015   $29.08  +GST
 $33.44  inc GST
CHSDNX1004DYNAMIX 4RU Black Blanking Panel030   $16.16  +GST
 $18.58  inc GST
CHSDNX1005DYNAMIX 19" Rear Cable Management Support Bar030+   $15.60  +GST
 $17.94  inc GST
CHSDNX1006Dynamix 19" 2RU Cable Management Bar030   $16.22  +GST
 $18.65  inc GST
CHSDNX1007Dynamics 19" 2RU Finger Cable Management Bar with protective cap. Black colour. (70mm Deep)030+   $25.48  +GST
 $29.30  inc GST
CHSDNX1008Dynamix Fixed Shelf for 800mm Deep Cabinet Black Colour (Max weight 60Kg) Shelf measures 550mm deep030   $26.76  +GST
 $30.77  inc GST
CHSDNX1010Dynamix RAKT 1RU Adjustable Keyboard Panel with lock. Max load 20kg.0  $105.10  +GST
 $120.87  inc GST
CHSDNX1011Dynamix RAKT01 2RU Keyboard and Mouse Panel. Max load 20kg0  $92.10  +GST
 $105.92  inc GST
CHSDNX1015Dynamix PP10-C5E-12 10" 12 Port Cat5e Patch Panel for 10" Cabinet R10 series023   $40.14  +GST
 $46.16  inc GST
CHSDNX1017Dynamix PP10-UKS-8 10" 8 Port Unloaded Keystone Jack Patch Panel for 10" Cabinet R10 series012   $16.33  +GST
 $18.78  inc GST
CHSDNX1018Dynamix R10WM9D 9RU Mini Cabinet for 10" Panels W280 x D310 x H462mm Supplied in a flat pack030   $72.64  +GST
 $83.54  inc GST
CHSDNX1021Dynamix R10CS-137 10" 1RU Cantilever Shelf 137mm deep030   $15.70  +GST
 $18.06  inc GST
CHSDNX1022Dynamix PP10-UF-10 10" 10 Port Unloaded F Connector Patch Panel for 10" Cabinet R10 series0  $18.93  +GST
 $21.77  inc GST
CHSDNX1023Dynamix RABKST Baying Kit for ST series cabinet. 6 pcs per pack.017   $13.58  +GST
 $15.62  inc GST
CHSDNX1025Dynamix RKSC001 Spare Key for Server Cabinet010   $2.91  +GST
 $3.35  inc GST
CHSDNX1026Dynamix RABCE Cabinet cable entry bar with brush0  $36.38  +GST
 $41.84  inc GST

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