Thanks to Matthew Chang for quick responsive e-mails! Great service, most recommended!
12 Sep 2014
Just wanted to leave a glowing testimonial for the web guys at PB Tech, especially Matthew Chang. He patiently and professionally answered all my questions (even the stupid ones). After a bit of miscommunication on my part, I received my new computer...
04 Sep 2014
I am writing this testimonial to recognise the exceptional service that Xing Loh offered me. I wanted an item that wasn't in stock for online bulk order so had an online chat with Xing. Very professional chat. Xing was able to beat the price...
25 Aug 2014
I was very very happy with the web sales department and especially the employee Xing Loh, who helped me heaps with my order and answered any questions I asked almost instantly :)
06 Aug 2014
We have just purchased a computer from the team at Henderson and are very happy with the store. From Sun, on the retail floor to Edward, in the technical department we received first class service. Thanks
27 Jul 2014
Prompt answer to my question, then when I'd ordered it was with me in less than 48hrs....what more could I ask? Thank you for customer service at its best :)
24 Jul 2014
We have been using PBTech now for 2 years and always had awesome service and quick responses. The web team have been great assisting my custom requirements, thanks Brett wellington and xing loh! pleasure dealing with you guys :)
23 Jul 2014
Product was just what we wanted and the delivery was excellent. I am impressed
21 Jul 2014
Thanks to Mark Stevens for promptly and courteously attending to a minor defect with a LogiTech Keyboard we purchased. This is the sort of service that keeps me coming back to PB :-)
17 Jul 2014
Kia ora John Thank you for your assistance today in Henderson. I appreciated your honesty and helpfulness in finalising the sale of the brother printer and inks. Kind regards Raewyn
15 Jul 2014
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COOLER MASTER USB 3.0 to USB 2.0 Pin Adapter

 inc GST

Stock: 30+
Part #: CHSCLM0320
Generic 3.5" to 5.25"...
Generic 3.5" to 5.25" BLACK MOUNTING BRACKET HDD Mounting Frame Kit Converter for 3.5" Hard...
RRP: $12.00RRP: $13.80

 inc GST

Stock: 30+
Part #: ITPAC1060
BitFenix Recon Black Fan...
BitFenix Recon Black Fan Controller , Fan Channels x 5 , Temperature Channels x 5

 inc GST

Stock: 30+
Part #: CHSBFX0001

Part # 
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CHAINT1067991Intel Hot-Swap Drive Mounting Kit SC5650 Cooling & mounting kit required for 6-drive hot-swap backplanes installed. This kit should be used with AXX6DRV3GR SC56500  $52.00  +GST
 $59.80  inc GST
CHS8WR30038WARE USB3.0 Internal Cable with PCI Bracket010   $17.69  +GST
 $20.34  inc GST
CHSAPC1064646APC Cable Guide - Black - Cable Manager - 2U Height0  $96.00  +GST
 $110.40  inc GST
CHSCLM5001COOLER MASTER Side Window for SGC-5000 (CMStorm Trooper) Black0  $50.00  +GST
 $57.50  inc GST
CHSDNX1004DYNAMIX 4RU Black Blanking Panel030+   $19.00  +GST
 $21.85  inc GST
CHSDNX0902DYNAMIX SC Simplex / LC Duplex 8 Port Plate Unloaded, 2 Tier Screwless Design, Black Colour. For Use with FPP3P & FCP-MOD030+   $11.32  +GST
 $13.02  inc GST
CHSDNX1066Dynamix 37U Lshaped mounting rail for 600mm width cabinets. Includes 2 right hand and 2 left hand pc010   $159.00  +GST
 $182.85  inc GST
CHSDNX1044Dynamix RSPL8X10 100mm high Cabinet Plinth suits 800mm x 1M cabinet0  $92.00  +GST
 $105.80  inc GST
CHSDNX1085Dynamix Front Mesh Door for 47RU 800mm Wide Server Cabinet.0  $403.00  +GST
 $463.45  inc GST
CHSDNX1079Dynamix Front Mesh Door for 27RU 600mm Wide Server SR Series Cabinet.0  $173.00  +GST
 $198.95  inc GST
CHSDNX1049Dynamix RSTPL6X10 DYNAMIX ST Series Cabinet Plinth 100mm High, Suits 600 x 1000mm0  $112.00  +GST
 $128.80  inc GST
CHSDNX1043Dynamix RSPL6X6 100mm high Cabinet Plinth suits 600mm x 600mm cabinet0  $61.00  +GST
 $70.15  inc GST
CHSDNX1084Dynamix Solid Back Door for 42RU 800mm Wide SR Series Cabinet0  $213.00  +GST
 $244.95  inc GST
CHSDNX1074Dynamix Front Mesh Door for 47RU 600mm Wide Server Cabinet.0  $347.00  +GST
 $399.05  inc GST
CHSDNX1057Dynamix RACT47-200 200mm Cable tray for 47U Cabinet010   $106.00  +GST
 $121.90  inc GST
CHSDNX0710Dynamix 710mm deep fixed shelf w/ mounting ear for 1000mm deep cabinet030+   $77.00  +GST
 $88.55  inc GST
CHSDNX1069Dynamix *Fixed Shelf for 1stGen Wall Mount Cabinet 280mm Depth, 485mm Wide Black Colour (Max weight015   $26.00  +GST
 $29.90  inc GST
CHSDNX1068Dynamix *47ULshaped mounting rail for 800mm width cabinets. Includes 2 right hand and 2 left hand pc0  $199.00  +GST
 $228.85  inc GST
CHSDNX1017Dynamix PP10-UKS-8 10" 8 Port Unloaded Keystone Jack Patch Panel for 10" Cabinet R10 series015   $20.00  +GST
 $23.00  inc GST
CHSDNX1056Dynamix RACT42-200 200mm Cable tray for 42U Cabinet019   $92.00  +GST
 $105.80  inc GST
CHSDNX1026Dynamix RABCE Cabinet cable entry bar with brush021   $43.00  +GST
 $49.45  inc GST
CHSDNX1006Dynamix 19" 2RU Cable Management Bar030+   $20.00  +GST
 $23.00  inc GST
CHSDNX1061Dynamix 4pk Castor Wheels for RSR cabinets. Includes 2 wheels with brakes and 2 without.0  $17.81  +GST
 $20.48  inc GST
CHSDNX0007Dynamix RAPRB DYNAMIX Vertical Power Rail Mounting Brackets. (Sold as a pair)030+   $26.00  +GST
 $29.90  inc GST
CHSDNX0002Dynamix 19" Cable Management Bar030+   $18.30  +GST
 $21.05  inc GST
CHSDNX0009Dynamix RPR-20VMCB DYNAMIX 20 Outlet Vertical Power Rail (10A) with 6kVa C Curve MCB Circuit Brea027   $227.00  +GST
 $261.05  inc GST
CHSDNX1015Dynamix PP10-C5E-12 10" 12 Port Cat5e Patch Panel for 10" Cabinet R10 series016   $48.00  +GST
 $55.20  inc GST
CHSDNX1083Dynamix Front Mesh Door for 42RU 800mm Wide Server Cabinet.0  $309.00  +GST
 $355.35  inc GST
CHSDNX0004Dynamix 1RU Brush Management Bar030+   $32.00  +GST
 $36.80  inc GST
CHSDNX0105Dynamix 9RU Universal Swing Wall Mount Cabinet. Removable Backmount supplied with Left & Right Hinges (600x550x501mm). Includes 1x Fixed Shelf, 2x Fans,10x Cage Nuts, Black Gloss colour, Side Entry030+   $376.00  +GST
 $432.40  inc GST
CHSDNX1071Dynamix Solid Back Door for 42RU 600mm Wide SR Series Cabinet0  $168.00  +GST
 $193.20  inc GST
CHSDNX1076Dynamix Front Mesh Door for 27RU 600mm Wide Server SR Series Cabinet.0  $173.00  +GST
 $198.95  inc GST
CHSDNX0100DYNAMIX 300mm Top Lid/Shelf for Hinged Wall Mount Bracket030+   $24.00  +GST
 $27.60  inc GST
CHSDNX1029Dynamix RAFT 1U Fan Unit w/ 4 fans. 19" installation. 290mm Deep0  $147.00  +GST
 $169.05  inc GST
CHSDNX1013Dynamix PP10-CM 10" Cable Management Bar030+   $17.57  +GST
 $20.21  inc GST
CHSDNX1003Dynamix fixed shelf for ST Series 1000mm deep cabinet (650mm) Black colour Load capacity 60 kgs015   $35.00  +GST
 $40.25  inc GST
CHSDNX1022Dynamix PP10-UF-10 10" 10 Port Unloaded F Connector Patch Panel for 10" Cabinet R10 series0  $23.00  +GST
 $26.45  inc GST
CHSDNX0401Dynamix 1RU 19" Cantilever Shelf 381mm Deep Black Colour030+   $45.00  +GST
 $51.75  inc GST
CHSDNX1008Dynamix Fixed Shelf for 800mm Deep Cabinet Black Colour (Max weight 60Kg) Shelf measures 550mm deep0  $32.00  +GST
 $36.80  inc GST
CHSDNX1037Dynamix RAFS-700 Fixed Shelf for 700mm Deep Cabinet Black Colour (Max weight 60Kg) Shelf measures020   $30.00  +GST
 $34.50  inc GST
CHSDNX1021Dynamix R10CS-137 10" 1RU Cantilever Shelf 137mm deep0  $19.00  +GST
 $21.85  inc GST
CHSDNX1023Dynamix RABKST Baying Kit for ST series cabinet. 6 pcs per pack.018   $15.93  +GST
 $18.32  inc GST
CHSDNX1036Dynamix RAFSM-550 550mm deep fixed shelf w/ mounting ear for 800mm deep cabinet030+   $64.00  +GST
 $73.60  inc GST
CHSDNX1070Dynamix Sliding Shelf 650mm Deep to fit 800 & 900mm Deep Cabinets. Black Colour0  $72.00  +GST
 $82.80  inc GST
CHSDNX1028Dynamix RABK Baying Kit for RSR series cabinet. 4 pcs per pack.021   $15.93  +GST
 $18.32  inc GST
CHSDNX1075Dynamix Front Mesh Door for 42RU 600mm Wide Server Cabinet.0  $255.00  +GST
 $293.25  inc GST
CHSDNX0006Dynamix RPR-10HMCB DYNAMIX 10 Outlet 2RU Horizontal Power Rail (10A) with 6kVa C Curve MCB Circui030+   $157.00  +GST
 $180.55  inc GST
CHSDNX1058Dynamix 24 Port Cat6 Shielded Patch Panel 19". T568A & T568B Wiring. 1RU. 110 termination010   $155.00  +GST
 $178.25  inc GST

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