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Ocean Signal RescueMe...
Ocean Signal RescueMe PLB1 (Personal Locator Beacon)The smallest PLB in the World w/66 channel GPS...
RRP: $599.90RRP: $689.89

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Stock: 10+
Part #: HHDOSN1001
Garmin new GLO portable...
Garmin new GLO portable GPS and GLONASS receiver for Mobile Devices
RRP: $139.00RRP: $159.85

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Stock: 10+
Part #: HHDGAR1101
Navman MiVue 338 DDR -...
Navman MiVue 338 DDR - 720p Your eyewitness on the road G-Shock Sensor
RRP: $159.00RRP: $182.85

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Stock: 10+
Part #: HHDNAV7017

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HHDOSN1001Ocean Signal RescueMe PLB1 (Personal Locator Beacon)The smallest PLB in the World w/66 channel GPS receiver &7 Year Battery Life10+10+   $469.00  +GST
 $539.35  inc GST
HHDGAR8011GARMIN 010-01088-11 VIRB Elite, Action Camera, GPS, WW410+   $455.00  +GST
 $523.25  inc GST
HHDMGL0710Magellan Explorist 710 Premium, rugged, handheld GPS with camera, Compass, Barometric Altimeter and topographic mapping.010+   $479.00  +GST
 $550.85  inc GST
HHDGAR0068GARMIN GPSMAP 64s, WW010+   $464.00  +GST
 $533.60  inc GST
HHDGAR0465GARMIN Quatix Marine GPS Watch110+   $440.00  +GST
 $506.00  inc GST
HHDGAR0083Garmin GPSMAP 78SC GPS receiver + Barometric altimeter 20 hours Battery Life010+   $450.00  +GST
 $517.50  inc GST
HHDGAR0065GARMIN GPSMAP 62s 1.7GB Rugged USB colour outdoor handheld 2.6" LCD built-in basemap w/GPS receiver HotFix &3-axis compass &barometric altimeter9  $444.00  +GST
 $510.60  inc GST
HHDVTX0491VERTEX VX-354 (G75D) 450-520MHZ 5W PORTABLE RADIO WITH LCD010   $445.00  +GST
 $511.75  inc GST
HHDGAR0466GARMIN tactix GPS Watch010+   $439.00  +GST
 $504.85  inc GST
HHDUND1009Uniden UH076SX-2NB-TP UHF HANDHELD RADIOS210+   $434.55  +GST
 $499.73  inc GST
HHDGAR0467GARMIN fenix 2,GPS Watch,AUS/NZ0  $435.00  +GST
 $500.25  inc GST
HHDVTX0494VERTEX VX-2200 (G725) 450-520MHZ 25W MOBILE RADIO0  $432.00  +GST
 $496.80  inc GST
HHDVTX0495VERTEX VX-2200CB 128CH 450-520MHZ 5W MOBILE RADIO0  $432.00  +GST
 $496.80  inc GST
HHDGAR0464GARMIN fenix GPS navigator+ABC (altimeter, barometer & 3-axis electronic compass) wrist watch610+   $419.00  +GST
 $481.85  inc GST
HHDVTX0498VERTEX VX-231 (SG7B5) 450-520MHZ 5W PORTABLE RADIO010+   $419.00  +GST
 $481.85  inc GST
HHDVTX0499VERTEX VX-231 (SD0B5) 134-174MHZ 5W PORTABLE RADIO0  $419.00  +GST
 $481.85  inc GST
HHDGAR3490GARMIN Nuvi 3490LMT Lifetime traffic receiver vehicle power cable GPS Navigator &lifetime map update0  $400.00  +GST
 $460.00  inc GST
HHDGAR0600Garmin Oregon 600, worldwide basemap, USB/charging cable, carabiner clip, documentation210+   $395.00  +GST
 $454.25  inc GST
HHDMGL0610Magellan Explorist 610 Premium, rugged, handheld GPS system with 3.2 megapixel camera, Compass, Barometric Altimeter, and topographic maps010+   $394.00  +GST
 $453.10  inc GST
HHDMGL7463Magellan Cyclo 505HC010+   $394.00  +GST
 $453.10  inc GST
HHDGAR0082GARMIN GPSMAP 78s GPS receiver + Marine hiking Color Rugged case0  $375.00  +GST
 $431.25  inc GST
HHDGAR3597GARMIN nuvi 3597LMT 5" maps with free lifetime updates Free lifetime traffic alerts Voice-activated navigation, Bluetooth and Smartphone Link compatible0  $369.00  +GST
 $424.35  inc GST
HHDGAR0064GARMIN GPSMAP 62 1.7GB Rugged colour outdoor handheld 2.6" LCD built-in basemap high-sensitivity GPS receiver with HotFix warranted by 0800427652110+   $365.00  +GST
 $419.75  inc GST
HHDGAR1311GARMIN Forerunner 310XT (bundled w/ Heart rate monitor) GPS training device water resistant310+   $358.00  +GST
 $411.70  inc GST
HHDTOM2463331Tomtom Wrist Watch-Digital-Quartz MULTISPORT GPS WATCH+CYCLE - GREY010+   $359.00  +GST
 $412.85  inc GST
HHDGAR0067GARMIN GPSMAP 64, WW0  $353.00  +GST
 $405.95  inc GST
HHDTOM2441573TOMTOM 1FA6.069.00 GO 600 NZ-AU (NZ)010+   $341.00  +GST
 $392.15  inc GST
HHDVTX0426Vertex Standard VX-426CB - UHF CB Portable Commercial and CB radio in one10+10+   $215.00  +GST
 $247.25  inc GST
HHDUND1010Uniden UH078SX-NB UHF HANDHELD RADIOS010+   $339.00  +GST
 $389.85  inc GST
HHDGAR0020GARMIN 010-00781-01 Dakota 20 GPS portable system Touchscreen010+   $338.00  +GST
 $388.70  inc GST
HHDGAR2797GARMIN nuvi 2797LMT Detailed Maps with Free Updates Detailed Maps with Free Updates Smartphone Link Compatible &lifetime map update0  $331.00  +GST
 $380.65  inc GST
HHDGAR3450GARMIN Nuvi 3450LMT Lifetime traffic receiver GPS Navigator system &lifetime map update1  $329.00  +GST
 $378.35  inc GST
HHDGAR8001GARMIN 010-01088-01 VIRB action camera WW- a true HD 1080p action camera with built-in Chroma display, up to 3 hr battery and rugged, waterproof design.2  $329.00  +GST
 $378.35  inc GST
HHDMGL7462Magellan Cyclo 505010+   $329.00  +GST
 $378.35  inc GST
HHDGAR1310GARMIN Forerunner 310XT multisport GPS training device water resistant0  $323.00  +GST
 $371.45  inc GST
HHDMGL7461Magellan Cyclo 500010+   $316.00  +GST
 $363.40  inc GST
HHDUND1014Uniden UH8080NB UHF MOBILE RADIOS010+   $305.00  +GST
 $350.75  inc GST
HHDGAR0081GARMIN GPSMAP 78 GPS receiver + Marine hiking Built-in Antenna010+   $301.00  +GST
 $346.15  inc GST
HHDGAR1300GARMIN eTrex 30 handheld GPS 2.2" 65K color Worldwide basemap with 3-axis Compass microSD0  $301.00  +GST
 $346.15  inc GST
HHDTOM2441572Tomtom GO 500 Automobile Portable GPS Navigator010+   $299.00  +GST
 $343.85  inc GST
HHDTOM2563492TomTom MultiSport GPS Watch Dark Grey + HRM bundle010+   $290.10  +GST
 $333.62  inc GST
HHDUND1007Uniden UH720SX-2NB-TP UHF HANDHELD RADIOS010+   $272.00  +GST
 $312.80  inc GST
HHDUND1008Uniden UH076SX-NB UHF HANDHELD RADIOS010+   $272.00  +GST
 $312.80  inc GST
HHDUND1013Uniden UH7750SX-NB UHF MOBILE RADIOS010+   $272.00  +GST
 $312.80  inc GST
HHDGAR2495GARMIN Nuvi 2495LMT Lifetime traffic receiver vehicle power cable010+   $270.00  +GST
 $310.50  inc GST
HHDGAR1404GARMIN Approach G3 Golf GPS AUS/NZ1  $253.00  +GST
 $290.95  inc GST
HHDGAR0010Garmin Dakota 10 GPS,Worldwide0  $263.00  +GST
 $302.45  inc GST
HHDGAR0401Garmin Foretrex 401 Wrist GPS System Navigator w/barometric altimeter and compass0  $259.00  +GST
 $297.85  inc GST

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