Had the need for an order to be received by Thursday. PB Tech had a good price, but not in stock. Would it arrive in time? Contacted Xing Loh who worked through my order, suggested a substitute and overnight couriered it out. Received today (Monda...
18 May 2015
I would like to thank Xing Loh for the help with my online purchase. Extremely professional service, yet still very friendly and approachable. Great service mate. I'll make sure to look for you to help with my next purchase. Cheers.
14 May 2015
I'd just like to thank Xing Loh | Web Sales Team Leader for his outstanding, service. He went above and beyond. Price matching another company for a Canon-6d as I trust PBTech and wasn't sure if I could trust the other company. And just...
07 May 2015
I cant thank these guys enough in helping me with building a PC that can handle HD video editing. They are the REAL DEAL!!. PB TECH = AWESOME SERVICE & AWESOME PRODUCTS!!
25 Apr 2015
I had an issue with a motherboard I had just bought and over the weekend brought it in to have it looked over to make sure I wasn't going mad! I thought I would take this opportunity to say thank you to the tech in Wellington that really...
22 Apr 2015
Took a laptop back that we only had for 24hours, Gave poor Chris Wang a hard time for it, but he came through and within 24hours we had a new laptop. Thanks Chris Wang from Penrose for going the xtra mile.
15 Apr 2015
PB Tech is the best, the cheapest prices with the best and quickest service around.
31 Mar 2015
Brought the S5 mini online, used credit card. Was a little hard to authorize it with lack of instructions etc but, i figured it out. Goods arrived a little later than expected. But in saying that i was impressed with the track and trace service put...
20 Mar 2015
Really happy with our purchase, fast delivery, well packed, plugged it all in and away we go. Awesome thanks
19 Mar 2015
i purchased the samsung galaxy s4 mini and wow ...
26 Feb 2015
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PB Serial Port DB9 Back PlateUnavailable
Part #: ADPPB1002|MFC: ADPPB1002
18.5" LED PanelUnavailable
Part #: TVOEM2901|MFC: TVOEM2901
18.5" Mainboard / V29 Analog TVUnavailable
Part #: TVOEM2902|MFC: TVOEM2902
18.5" Mainboard to Powerboard cableUnavailable
Part #: TVOEM2903|MFC: TVOEM2903
18.5" Powerboard / V29 Analog TVUnavailable
Part #: TVOEM2904|MFC: TVOEM2904
Powerboard Cable To WallUnavailable
Part #: TVOEM2905|MFC: TVOEM2905
Remote Sensor BoardUnavailable
Part #: TVOEM2908|MFC: TVOEM2908
Speaker (Pair)Unavailable
Part #: TVOEM2909|MFC: TVOEM2909
Speaker CableUnavailable
Part #: TVOEM2910|MFC: TVOEM2910
LVDS CableUnavailable
Part #: TVOEM2911|MFC: TVOEM2911
Chassic Front Cabinet (Bezel)Unavailable
Part #: TVOEM2912|MFC: TVOEM2912
Chassic Back CabinetUnavailable
Part #: TVOEM2913|MFC: TVOEM2913
Chassic BaseUnavailable
Part #: TVOEM2914|MFC: TVOEM2914
Chassic ButtonsUnavailable
Part #: TVOEM2915|MFC: TVOEM2915
Remote ControlUnavailable
Part #: TVOEM2916|MFC: TVOEM2916
TV RF ConnectorUnavailable
Part #: TVOEM2917|MFC: TVOEM2917
Part #: TVOEM3906|MFC: TVOEM3906
GPS/GSM LA9011 Tracking DeviceUnavailable
Part #: HHDOEM9011|MFC: LA9011
Part #: SEVOEM0001|MFC: SEVOEM0001
Electrical Screw Driver BSD-101Unavailable
Part #: SEVOEM0017|MFC: SEVOEM0017
Acetate Cloth Tape, Black, 10mm Wide.Unavailable
Part #: SEVOEM0020|MFC: SEVOEM0020
Double wheele Machine KitUnavailable
Part #: SEVOEM0027|MFC: SEVOEM0027
Lcd & Led Screen Testing toolUnavailable
Part #: SEVOEM0044|MFC: SEVOEM0044
Component Boxes #1Unavailable
Part #: SEVOEM0045|MFC: SEVOEM0045
Component Boxes #2Unavailable
Part #: SEVOEM0046|MFC: SEVOEM0046
Component Boxes #3Unavailable
Part #: SEVOEM0047|MFC: SEVOEM0047
Wire CutterUnavailable
Part #: SEVOEM0050|MFC: SEVOEM0050
Galaxy s3 Screen ProtectorUnavailable
Part #: SEVOEM0055|MFC: SEVOEM0055
Soldering Iron Head -Knife HeadUnavailable
Part #: SEVOEM0058|MFC: SEVOEM0058
Parts CabinetUnavailable
Part #: SEVOEM0059|MFC: SEVOEM0059
Atten 1501T Universal Power Adapter 0-30V 0-5A Use For CellphoneUnavailable
Part #: SEVOEM0062|MFC: SEVOEM0062
TAK 3316 Digital Temperature Adjustable Heat GunUnavailable
Part #: SEVOEM0067|MFC: SEVOEM0067
Plastic Bag (31x28cm) 100pcsUnavailable
Part #: SEVOEM0073|MFC: SEVOEM0073
Plastic Bag (11x19cm)Unavailable
Part #: SEVOEM0074|MFC: SEVOEM0074
5" Clear Magnetic Pricing FrameUnavailable
Part #: SEVOEM0075|MFC: SEVOEM0075
6" Clear Magnetic Pricing FrameUnavailable
Part #: SEVOEM0076|MFC: SEVOEM0076
Programable White LED Name TagUnavailable
Part #: SEVOEM0077|MFC: SEVOEM0077

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