I had an issue with a motherboard I had just bought and over the weekend brought it in to have it looked over to make sure I wasn't going mad! I thought I would take this opportunity to say thank you to the tech in Wellington that really...
22 Apr 2015
Took a laptop back that we only had for 24hours, Gave poor Chris Wang a hard time for it, but he came through and within 24hours we had a new laptop. Thanks Chris Wang from Penrose for going the xtra mile.
15 Apr 2015
PB Tech is the best, the cheapest prices with the best and quickest service around.
31 Mar 2015
Brought the S5 mini online, used credit card. Was a little hard to authorize it with lack of instructions etc but, i figured it out. Goods arrived a little later than expected. But in saying that i was impressed with the track and trace service put...
20 Mar 2015
Really happy with our purchase, fast delivery, well packed, plugged it all in and away we go. Awesome thanks
19 Mar 2015
i purchased the samsung galaxy s4 mini and wow ...
26 Feb 2015
very good service received from Nathan at the Hamilton store. Went in for a replacement laptop battery, and got the item quick as, no fuss. Thanks very much
22 Feb 2015
Very efficient communication and handling of my computer. The crew assembled it and delivered it at what seemed like record times. Computer is amazing and scored an amazing deal, thank you!
18 Feb 2015
I purchased a Webcam a couple of weeks ago. The order was done in the afternoon from Tauranga and the goods arrived two days later in the morning. That was impressive because it is a rural residential are and normally takes an extra day's...
18 Feb 2015
Thank YOU! Your service was outstanding, the scanner is awesome, I'm a very happy customer! Will definitely recommend and use you guys again
05 Feb 2015
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INKCNN0510CANON Ink Cartridge PG510 Black100+100+   $23.59  +GST
 $27.13  inc GST
INKCNN6502CANON Ink Cartridge PGI650BKXL Black PGI650XLBK PGI650XLPGBK PGI650PGBKXL100+  $25.58  +GST
 $29.42  inc GST
INKCNN6512CANON Ink Cartridge CLI651C Cyan100+  $19.20  +GST
 $22.08  inc GST
INKCNN6519CANON Ink Cartridge CLI651Y XL Yellow100+  $22.38  +GST
 $25.74  inc GST
INKCNN6518CANON Ink Cartridge CLI651M XL Magenta100+  $22.38  +GST
 $25.74  inc GST
INKCNN0511CANON Ink Cartridge CL511 Tri Colour100+100+   $28.54  +GST
 $32.82  inc GST
INKCNN6516CANON Ink Cartridge CLI651BK XL Black100+  $22.38  +GST
 $25.74  inc GST
INKCNN6511CANON Ink Cartridge CLI651BK Black100+  $19.20  +GST
 $22.08  inc GST
INKCNN1208609CANON Ink Cartridge CLI526C Cyan100+100+   $19.41  +GST
 $22.32  inc GST
INKCNN1737399CANON Ink Cartridge CL641XL High Yield Colour100+26   $38.77  +GST
 $44.59  inc GST
INKCNN6513CANON Ink Cartridge CLI651M Magenta100+  $19.20  +GST
 $22.08  inc GST
INKCNN6514CANON Ink Cartridge CLI651Y Yellow100+  $19.20  +GST
 $22.08  inc GST
INKCNN1208611CANON Ink Cartridge CLI526M Magenta100+100+   $19.41  +GST
 $22.32  inc GST
INKCNN1737407CANON Ink Cartridge PG640XL High Yield Black100+26   $32.32  +GST
 $37.17  inc GST
INKCNN1208610CANON Ink Cartridge CLI526GY Grey Ink100100+   $19.41  +GST
 $22.32  inc GST
INKCNN6501CANON Ink Cartridge PGI650BK PGI650PGBK Pigment Black99  $19.20  +GST
 $22.08  inc GST
INKCNN0512CANON Ink Cartridge PG512 High capacity Black96100+   $34.13  +GST
 $39.25  inc GST
INKCNN1208613CANON Ink Cartridge PGI525BK PGI525PGBK Black93100+   $19.41  +GST
 $22.32  inc GST
INKCNN1208612CANON Ink Cartridge CLI526Y Yellow91100+   $19.41  +GST
 $22.32  inc GST
INKCNN1057CANON Ink Cartridge PGI520BK Black80100+   $18.62  +GST
 $21.41  inc GST
INKCNN1058CANON Ink Cartridge CLI521BK Black69100+   $18.62  +GST
 $21.41  inc GST
INKCNN2485225CANON Ink Cartridge PG645XL High Yield Black PG645XLOCN66100+   $25.22  +GST
 $29.00  inc GST
INKCNN1033CANON Ink Cartridge CLI8M Magenta66100+   $23.59  +GST
 $27.13  inc GST
INKCNN1067CANON Ink Cartridge CLI521C Cyan6697   $18.62  +GST
 $21.41  inc GST
INKCNN1208608CANON Ink Cartridge CLI526BK photo Black64100+   $19.41  +GST
 $22.32  inc GST
INKCNN1036CANON Ink Cartridge PGI5BK Black62100+   $23.59  +GST
 $27.13  inc GST
INKCNN1032CANON Ink Cartridge CLI8Y Yellow58100+   $23.59  +GST
 $27.13  inc GST
INKCNN6517CANON Ink Cartridge CLI651C XL Cyan56100+   $22.38  +GST
 $25.74  inc GST
INKCNN6515CANON Ink Cartridge CLI651GY Grey55  $19.20  +GST
 $22.08  inc GST
INKCNN25601CANON Ink Cartridge CLI526BUNDLE, 1 x each of CLI526BK/CLI526C/CLI526M/CLI526Y plus 1 x PGI525BK55100+   $85.43  +GST
 $98.24  inc GST
INKCNN1034CANON Ink Cartridge CLI8C Cyan54100+   $23.59  +GST
 $27.13  inc GST
INKCNN1068CANON Ink Cartridge CLI521M Magenta53100+   $18.62  +GST
 $21.41  inc GST
INKCNN1025CANON Ink Cartridge PGI-35BK Black5249   $14.89  +GST
 $17.12  inc GST
INKCNN1737400CANON Ink Cartridge CL641 Colour51100+   $23.28  +GST
 $26.77  inc GST
INKCNN2485217CANON Ink Cartridge CL646XL High Yield Colour CL646XLOCN4945   $29.10  +GST
 $33.47  inc GST
INKCNN0513CANON Ink Cartridge CL513 High capacity Tri Colour4969   $36.00  +GST
 $41.40  inc GST
INKCNN1040CANON Ink Cartridge PG40 Black42100+   $35.38  +GST
 $40.69  inc GST
INKCNN9104CANON Ink Cartridge BCI6M Magenta3236   $23.32  +GST
 $26.82  inc GST
INKCNN1041CANON Ink Cartridge CL41 Tri Colour2984   $37.24  +GST
 $42.83  inc GST
INKCNN1069CANON Ink Cartridge CLI521Y Yellow29100+   $18.62  +GST
 $21.41  inc GST
INKCNN5210CANON Ink Cartridge CLI521GY Grey2972   $18.62  +GST
 $21.41  inc GST
INKCNN1737406CANON Ink Cartridge PG640 Black27100+   $21.98  +GST
 $25.28  inc GST
INKCNN2485216CANON Ink Cartridge CL646 Colour CL646OCN22100+   $22.62  +GST
 $26.01  inc GST
INKCNN1035CANON Ink Cartridge CLI8BK Black2190   $23.59  +GST
 $27.13  inc GST
INKCNN6510CANON Ink Cartridge CLI651GY XL Grey2185   $19.20  +GST
 $22.08  inc GST
INKCNN1049CANON Ink Cartridge PGI9M Magenta1917   $24.83  +GST
 $28.55  inc GST
INKCNN1031CANON Ink Cartridge CLI8PC Photo Cyan1610   $23.59  +GST
 $27.13  inc GST
INKCNN2485224CANON Ink Cartridge PG645 Black PG645OCN15100+   $19.40  +GST
 $22.31  inc GST

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