I have had the great pleasure of dealing with John Edwin for many years. Until my retirement I taught computing to beginners, usually folk who had obtained the first PC and needed help getting started. Over the years many approached me for help with...
21 Oct 2014
Hi Xing, Thanks for your quick and professional service. Will definitely come back to you for more purchases.
16 Oct 2014
Incredibly helpful online and phone customer service. Fast and well packaged delivery. Put an order in Monday night, processed Tuesday, and arrived early Wednesday morning even in a rural town. Thanks guys. Well done Matthew!
15 Oct 2014
HI, The Live chat was a big help. I got ut through to one of the admins that happened to be Matthew Chang. He helped answer my question about my product i just purchased and when i am able to get it. He confirmed that my product was being shipped the...
10 Oct 2014
thanks for answering my annoying questions with patience! it was a pleasure communicating with you Felix! :)
09 Oct 2014
Just wanted to say my grandson loves his new computer, It was built to the specs we gave, and wish I had of found PB Tech and Mr Xing Loh sooner. Communication was prompt and I would recommend their services to anyone.
04 Oct 2014
Hi Xing Thanks again for your prompt service very impressive and very happy Cheers Cambel
02 Oct 2014
Thanks to Matthew Chang for quick responsive e-mails! Great service, most recommended!
12 Sep 2014
Just wanted to leave a glowing testimonial for the web guys at PB Tech, especially Matthew Chang. He patiently and professionally answered all my questions (even the stupid ones). After a bit of miscommunication on my part, I received my new computer...
04 Sep 2014
I am writing this testimonial to recognise the exceptional service that Xing Loh offered me. I wanted an item that wasn't in stock for online bulk order so had an online chat with Xing. Very professional chat. Xing was able to beat the price...
25 Aug 2014
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ATEN VanCryst VS381 3...
ATEN VanCryst VS381 3-Port HDMI Switch allows you to quickly and easily connect 3 HDMI input sources...
RRP: $46.00RRP: $52.90

 inc GST

Stock: 12+
Part #: KVMATN0381
ATEN VanCryst VE809 HDMI...
ATEN VanCryst VE809 HDMI Wireless Extender Transmit Full 1080p with 5.1 channel digital audio and 3D...
RRP: $326.00RRP: $374.90

 inc GST

Stock: 9
Part #: KVMATN0809
ATEN CS62US 1 Console ...
ATEN CS62US 1 Console (USB) 2 PCs (USB) with Audio, built-in cable (0.9m) 1 USB console controls 2...
RRP: $51.00RRP: $58.65

 inc GST

Stock: 12+
Part #: KVMATN0061

Part # 
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KVMDIG0887Digitus Premium KVM Combo Cables (VGA M/F) - 2M012+   $3.50  +GST
 $4.03  inc GST
KVMLEL2001LevelOne ACC-2001 KVM all in one cable PS/2 1.80m double shielded1  $7.05  +GST
 $8.11  inc GST
KVMLEL2003LevelOne ACC-2003 1.8m KVM switch cable for LevelOne KVM-0420/0820/1620 KVM Switches, HDDB15 (Male),012+   $10.12  +GST
 $11.64  inc GST
KVMDIG0883Digitus KVM Combo Cable (1x VGA Split) - 3M012+   $14.03  +GST
 $16.13  inc GST
KVMLEL2009LevelOne ACC-2009 90cm Daisy Chain cable for KVM- 0811/1611 KVM switches0  $16.85  +GST
 $19.38  inc GST
KVMATN0533ATEN CS533 Tap - USB to Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse (KM) Switch Tap your desktop keyboard into an iPhone or iPad and Android based smartphones & tablets12+  $17.00  +GST
 $19.55  inc GST
KVMLEL2006LevelOne ACC-2006 6m KVM switch cable for LevelOne KVM, HDDB15 (Male) to PS/2+VGA0  $18.00  +GST
 $20.70  inc GST
KVMLEL2005LevelOne ACC-2005 5m KVM switch cable for LevelOne KVM-0420/0820/1620 KVM Switches, HDDB15 (Male), V0  $18.00  +GST
 $20.70  inc GST
KVMLEL2101LevelOne ACC-2101 1.8m KVM Cable for KVM-1631, KCM-1631, KVM-8031 and KCM- 0831 (for USB and PS/2 co0  $20.00  +GST
 $23.00  inc GST
KVMDIG0881Digitus KVM Octopus cable set VGA, USB - 1.8m012+   $20.00  +GST
 $23.00  inc GST
KVMATN1083ATEN VanCryst VS82 2-port VGA Splitter (250MHz) 1920x1440 60Hz. w/o VGA cable enhance the video signals over distances up to 65 meters012+   $21.00  +GST
 $24.15  inc GST
ADPATN0250Aten IC250U 5 port USB 2.0 PCI Card1  $24.00  +GST
 $27.60  inc GST
KVMKNV-RMK04NOVAVIEW 19" Rackmount Kit for KNV104 KVM Switch BLACK Colour0  $24.00  +GST
 $27.60  inc GST
KVMREX0068Rextron KNV-RMK08 BK 19" Rackmount Kit for KNV108 & KNV108D KVM Switch BLACK Colour0  $24.00  +GST
 $27.60  inc GST
KVMATNCS62ATEN CS62 2 Port Compact Auto PS/2 KVM Switch with Built-in Cable (PETITE)012+  P.O.A.
KVMREX0069Rextron KNV-RMK16 BK 19" Rackmount Kit for KNV116D KVM Switch BLACK Colour0  $26.00  +GST
 $29.90  inc GST
KVMATN1085ATEN VanCryst VS84 4 port VGA Splitter(250MHz).1920x1440 60Hz w/o VGA cable212+   $25.88  +GST
 $29.76  inc GST
KVMDLK1829999D-Link KVM Cable for KVM Switch - 1.80 m - 1 x Male Keyboard/Mouse/Video - 1 x HD-15 Male VGA, 1 x Type A Male USB, 1 x Mini-DIN Male Keyboard, 1 x Mini-DIN Male Mouse3  $29.00  +GST
 $33.35  inc GST
KVMATN0060ATEN CS62S Petite 2 Port PS2 KVM Switch 3 Feet Cables Built In Non-powered212+   $24.00  +GST
 $27.60  inc GST
KVMATN1082ATEN VanCryst VS82C 2 port Video Splitter(250MHz).1920x1440 60Hz. , with one VGA cable(1.8m)012+   $30.00  +GST
 $34.50  inc GST
KVMATN1132ATEN VanCryst VS132A 2 Port Video Splitter(450MHz).2048x1536 60Hz. 65m, without VGA cables11  $30.80  +GST
 $35.42  inc GST
KVMATN0064ATEN CS62A Petite 2 Port PS2 KVM Switch Switch with Audio - Cables Built In012+   $34.00  +GST
 $39.10  inc GST
KVMATN0072ATEN CS72E 1 Console(PS/2), 2 PCs (PS/2), cable included210   $34.61  +GST
 $39.80  inc GST
KVMATN7970ATEN ALTUSEN KA7970 Adapter cable(USB) 4.5m for KH15xxA, KH25xxA, KL15xxA series312+   $35.26  +GST
 $40.55  inc GST
KVMLEL0222LevelOne KVM-0222 2-Port USB KVM Switch (includes 2 x 1.8m USB KVM cables)0  $38.00  +GST
 $43.70  inc GST
KVMMPC2002MyPico2 KMP2UC Micro KVM Switch with inbuilt cables. (Cable Length 0.6M and 1.8M)0  $38.00  +GST
 $43.70  inc GST
KVMREX0021Rextron KNV2PC 2 Port Ultra Compact KVM switch with inbuilt cables, PS/2 Console 2X PS/2 Compute0  $38.00  +GST
 $43.70  inc GST
KVMREX0088REXTRON Rear Bracket Extension Kit (57.5-70.5 cm) for IKM**** Series0  $38.00  +GST
 $43.70  inc GST
KVMATN1089ATEN VanCryst VS88 8 port VGA Splitter(200MHz).1600x1200 60Hz w/o VGA cable012+   $39.00  +GST
 $44.85  inc GST
KVMATN7920ATEN ALTUSEN KA7920 Adapter cable(PS/2) 4.5m for KH15xxA, KH25xxA, KL15xxA series012+   $39.00  +GST
 $44.85  inc GST
KVMATN0022ATEN CS22U Economy 2-port KVM switch USB &VGA Cable all-in-one a built-in remote port selector12+12+   $36.00  +GST
 $41.40  inc GST
KVMATN1066ATEN VanCryst VE066 Mini Cat 5 DVI Extender 1080i 20m(HDTV)(1x ve066t+ 1x ve066r)12+12+   $35.00  +GST
 $40.25  inc GST
AUDMBE1010mbeat 4 Port Powered HDMI Switch with Remote Control410   $40.00  +GST
 $46.00  inc GST
KVMATN1084ATEN VanCryst VS84C 4 port Video Splitter(250MHz).1920x1440 60Hz , with one VGA cable(1.8m)012+   $41.00  +GST
 $47.15  inc GST
KVMATN0491ATEN VanCryst VS-491 Video Switch - 4-Port VGA Electronic switching012+   $41.00  +GST
 $47.15  inc GST
KVMREX0084REXTRON RS-232 to RS-422/485 Converter Converts RS-232 signals to RS-485 for communication on multipoint bus transmission lines012+   $42.00  +GST
 $48.30  inc GST
ADPUNI1007UNITEK SATA HDD Docking Station w/ Card Reader & USB Hub. Supports CF, XD, SD/MMC & MS.312+   $44.00  +GST
 $50.60  inc GST
KVMLEL0221LevelOne KVM-0221 2-Port USB KVM Switch with Audio Sharing (includes 2 x 1.8m USB KVM cables)012+   $44.00  +GST
 $50.60  inc GST
KVMREX0089REXTRON Rear Bracket Extension Kit (67.5-80.5 cm) for IKM**** Series0  $44.00  +GST
 $50.60  inc GST
KVMATN1102ATEN VanCryst VS102 2 Port Video Splitter(250MHz).1920x1440 60Hz. 65m, without VGA cables112+   $45.00  +GST
 $51.75  inc GST
KVMATN1291ATEN VanCryst VS291 2 Port Video Switch.1920 x1440(10m), Pushbutton Switch, without VGA cables12+12+   $39.00  +GST
 $44.85  inc GST
KVMATN0092ATEN VanCryst VS-92A 2-Port Video splitter duplicates and boosts the VGA signal from one video input to 2 video outputs/Cascadable to 3 levels - provides up to 8 video signals/Supports 350 MHz bandwidth/Lon12+12+   $42.00  +GST
 $48.30  inc GST
KVMREX0100REXTRON 1 to 2 VGA Monitor Multiplexer 350 MHz (5V DC Power Adapter included)010   $47.00  +GST
 $54.05  inc GST
KVMATN1088ATEN VanCryst VS88C 8 port Video Splitter(200MHz).1600x1200 60Hz , with one VGA cable(1.8m)012+   $48.00  +GST
 $55.20  inc GST
KVMATN2801ATEN VanCryst VE800R HDMI Over Cat5 Receiver (Remote Unit)512+   $46.00  +GST
 $52.90  inc GST
KVMATN0381ATEN VanCryst VS381 3-Port HDMI Switch allows you to quickly and easily connect 3 HDMI input sources to your HDMI display device w/remote control 1080p True HD 1920x1200 HDCP compatible12+12+   $39.00  +GST
 $44.85  inc GST
KVMREX0065Rextron KVH2 1-2 Automatic KVM Switch. Share 1 Keyboard/Video/Mouse with 2 CPUs Supplied with 2010   $50.00  +GST
 $57.50  inc GST
KVMREX0015Rextron KNV2XC 2 Port Ultra Compact KVM switch with inbuilt cables, PS/2 Console Ports, 2 X USB0  $51.00  +GST
 $58.65  inc GST

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