We have been using PBTech now for 2 years and always had awesome service and quick responses. The web team have been great assisting my custom requirements, thanks Brett wellington and xing loh! pleasure dealing with you guys :)
23 Jul 2014
Product was just what we wanted and the delivery was excellent. I am impressed
21 Jul 2014
Thanks to Mark Stevens for promptly and courteously attending to a minor defect with a LogiTech Keyboard we purchased. This is the sort of service that keeps me coming back to PB :-)
17 Jul 2014
Kia ora John Thank you for your assistance today in Henderson. I appreciated your honesty and helpfulness in finalising the sale of the brother printer and inks. Kind regards Raewyn
15 Jul 2014
Oops, submitted prematurely by mistake:) ...
10 Jul 2014
Re: I recently took my precious laptop in for copying everything from my desktop HDDs and USB's. I wish to praise your Tech staff, in particular Monica Walmsley. She handled all my queries with
10 Jul 2014
Fantastic service and follow-up from Xing Loh at PB, and super fast delivery. This on top of a great price ...we are very happy.
24 Jun 2014
A lap top was on "special" yesterday at Harvey Norman Manukau at around $1100. Same laptop at PB Tech = $600.
23 Jun 2014
Recently bought a new Gaming PC from PB Tech, received it today and am extremely happy with it. It has been built very clean with a heap of room and airflow and looks incredible. If I ever need anything computer related again I will be going to PB...
12 Jun 2014
Hi I wanted to take the time to bring your attention to two of your staff who "saved my bacon"! They went over and above my expectations on customer service and care. I had purchased an Acer Lap top at PB North Shore. Within the first couple o...
12 Jun 2014
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ATEN VanCryst VE809 HDMI...
ATEN VanCryst VE809 HDMI Wireless Extender Transmit Full 1080p with 5.1 channel digital audio and 3D...
RRP: $326.00RRP: $374.90

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Stock: 7
Part #: KVMATN0809
ATEN CS533 Tap - USB to...
ATEN CS533 Tap - USB to Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse (KM) Switch Tap your desktop keyboard into an...
RRP: $64.00RRP: $73.60

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Stock: 12+
Part #: KVMATN0533
ATEN VanCryst VS381 3...
ATEN VanCryst VS381 3-Port HDMI Switch allows you to quickly and easily connect 3 HDMI input sources...

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Stock: 12+
Part #: KVMATN0381

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KVMLEL2001LevelOne ACC-2001 KVM all in one cable PS/2 1.80m double shielded110   $6.65  +GST
 $7.65  inc GST
KVMLEL2003LevelOne ACC-2003 1.8m KVM switch cable for LevelOne KVM-0420/0820/1620 KVM Switches, HDDB15 (Male),012+   $10.55  +GST
 $12.13  inc GST
KVMDIG0883Digitus KVM Combo Cable (1x VGA Split) - 3M0  $14.63  +GST
 $16.82  inc GST
KVMLEL2009LevelOne ACC-2009 90cm Daisy Chain cable for KVM- 0811/1611 KVM switches0  $17.57  +GST
 $20.21  inc GST
KVMLEL2006LevelOne ACC-2006 6m KVM switch cable for LevelOne KVM, HDDB15 (Male) to PS/2+VGA0  $19.00  +GST
 $21.85  inc GST
KVMLEL2005LevelOne ACC-2005 5m KVM switch cable for LevelOne KVM-0420/0820/1620 KVM Switches, HDDB15 (Male), V0  $19.00  +GST
 $21.85  inc GST
KVMLEL2101LevelOne ACC-2101 1.8m KVM Cable for KVM-1631, KCM-1631, KVM-8031 and KCM- 0831 (for USB and PS/2 co0  $20.00  +GST
 $23.00  inc GST
KVMDIG0881Digitus KVM Octopus cable set VGA, USB - 1.8m012+   $21.00  +GST
 $24.15  inc GST
KVMATN1083ATEN VanCryst VS82 2-port VGA Splitter (250MHz) 1920x1440 60Hz. w/o VGA cable enhance the video signals over distances up to 65 meters1  $22.00  +GST
 $25.30  inc GST
ADPATN0250Aten IC250U 5 port USB 2.0 PCI Card1  $24.00  +GST
 $27.60  inc GST
KVMKNV-RMK04NOVAVIEW 19" Rackmount Kit for KNV104 KVM Switch BLACK Colour012+   $25.00  +GST
 $28.75  inc GST
KVMREX0068Rextron KNV-RMK08 BK 19" Rackmount Kit for KNV108 & KNV108D KVM Switch BLACK Colour0  $25.00  +GST
 $28.75  inc GST
KVMATNCS62ATEN CS62 2 Port Compact Auto PS/2 KVM Switch with Built-in Cable (PETITE)012+  P.O.A.
KVMATN1085ATEN VanCryst VS84 4 port VGA Splitter(250MHz).1920x1440 60Hz w/o VGA cable012+   $27.00  +GST
 $31.05  inc GST
KVMREX0069Rextron KNV-RMK16 BK 19" Rackmount Kit for KNV116D KVM Switch BLACK Colour0  $27.00  +GST
 $31.05  inc GST
KVMATN1082ATEN VanCryst VS82C 2 port Video Splitter(250MHz).1920x1440 60Hz. , with one VGA cable(1.8m)012+   $29.00  +GST
 $33.35  inc GST
KVMATN0060ATEN CS62S Petite 2 Port PS2 KVM Switch 3 Feet Cables Built In Non-powered312+   $29.95  +GST
 $34.44  inc GST
KVMATN0064ATEN CS62A Petite 2 Port PS2 KVM Switch Switch with Audio - Cables Built In012+   $32.00  +GST
 $36.80  inc GST
KVMDLK1829999D-Link KVM Cable for KVM Switch - 1.80 m - 1 x Male Keyboard/Mouse/Video - 1 x HD-15 Male VGA, 1 x Type A Male USB, 1 x Mini-DIN Male Keyboard, 1 x Mini-DIN Male Mouse0  $34.00  +GST
 $39.10  inc GST
KVMATN0072ATEN CS72E 1 Console(PS/2), 2 PCs (PS/2), cable included210   $36.92  +GST
 $42.46  inc GST
KVMATN1089ATEN VanCryst VS88 8 port VGA Splitter(200MHz).1600x1200 60Hz w/o VGA cable012+   $37.00  +GST
 $42.55  inc GST
KVMATN7920ATEN ALTUSEN KA7920 Adapter cable(PS/2) 4.5m for KH15xxA, KH25xxA, KL15xxA series012+   $37.00  +GST
 $42.55  inc GST
KVMATN7970ATEN ALTUSEN KA7970 Adapter cable(USB) 4.5m for KH15xxA, KH25xxA, KL15xxA series312+   $38.00  +GST
 $43.70  inc GST
KVMATN1084ATEN VanCryst VS84C 4 port Video Splitter(250MHz).1920x1440 60Hz , with one VGA cable(1.8m)012+   $39.00  +GST
 $44.85  inc GST
KVMATN0491ATEN VanCryst VS-491 Video Switch - 4-Port VGA Electronic switching012+   $39.00  +GST
 $44.85  inc GST
KVMMPC2002MyPico2 KMP2UC Micro KVM Switch with inbuilt cables. (Cable Length 0.6M and 1.8M)0  $39.00  +GST
 $44.85  inc GST
KVMATN0022ATEN CS22U Economy 2-port KVM switch USB &VGA Cable all-in-one a built-in remote port selector12+12+   $39.95  +GST
 $45.94  inc GST
KVMATN1066ATEN VanCryst VE066 Mini Cat 5 DVI Extender 1080i 20m(HDTV)(1x ve066t+ 1x ve066r)12+12+   $39.95  +GST
 $45.94  inc GST
KVMLEL0222LevelOne KVM-0222 2-Port USB KVM Switch (includes 2 x 1.8m USB KVM cables)0  $40.00  +GST
 $46.00  inc GST
KVMREX0021Rextron KNV2PC 2 Port Ultra Compact KVM switch with inbuilt cables, PS/2 Console 2X PS/2 Compute012   $40.00  +GST
 $46.00  inc GST
KVMREX0088REXTRON Rear Bracket Extension Kit (57.5-70.5 cm) for IKM**** Series0  $40.00  +GST
 $46.00  inc GST
AUDMBE1010mbeat 4 Port Powered HDMI Switch with Remote Control210   $42.00  +GST
 $48.30  inc GST
KVMREX0084REXTRON RS-232 to RS422/485 Converter Converts RS-232 signals to RS-485 for communication on multipoint bus transmission lines012+   $44.00  +GST
 $50.60  inc GST
KVMATN1102ATEN VanCryst VS102 2 Port Video Splitter(250MHz).1920x1440 60Hz. 65m, without VGA cables812+   $45.00  +GST
 $51.75  inc GST
KVMATN1291ATEN VanCryst VS291 2 Port Video Switch.1920 x1440(10m), Pushbutton Switch, without VGA cables12+12+   $45.00  +GST
 $51.75  inc GST
KVMATN1088ATEN VanCryst VS88C 8 port Video Splitter(200MHz).1600x1200 60Hz , with one VGA cable(1.8m)012+   $45.00  +GST
 $51.75  inc GST
KVMATN0092ATEN VanCryst VS-92A 2-Port Video splitter duplicates and boosts the VGA signal from one video input to 2 video outputs/Cascadable to 3 levels - provides up to 8 video signals/Supports 350 MHz bandwidth/Lon12+12+   $45.95  +GST
 $52.84  inc GST
KVMLEL0221LevelOne KVM-0221 2-Port USB KVM Switch with Audio Sharing (includes 2 x 1.8m USB KVM cables)012+   $46.00  +GST
 $52.90  inc GST
KVMREX0089REXTRON Rear Bracket Extension Kit (67.5-80.5 cm) for IKM**** Series0  $46.00  +GST
 $52.90  inc GST
KVMATN0381ATEN VanCryst VS381 3-Port HDMI Switch allows you to quickly and easily connect 3 HDMI input sources to your HDMI display device w/remote control 1080p True HD 1920x1200 HDCP compatible12+12+   $49.00  +GST
 $56.35  inc GST
KVMREX0100REXTRON 1 to 2 VGA Monitor Multiplexer 350 MHz (5V DC Power Adapter included)012+   $49.00  +GST
 $56.35  inc GST
KVMATN7570ATEN ALTUSEN KA7570 CPU Module(USB) for KH15xxA, KH25xxA, KL15xxA series012+   $50.00  +GST
 $57.50  inc GST
KVMATN9520ATEN ALTUSEN KA9520 PS/2 KVM Adapter Cable (CPU Module)012+   $50.00  +GST
 $57.50  inc GST
KVMATN7520ATEN ALTUSEN KA7520 CPU Module(PS/2) for KH15xxA, KH25xxA, KL15xxA series012+   $50.00  +GST
 $57.50  inc GST
KVMATN9570ATEN ALTUSEN KA9570 USB KVM Adapter Cable (CPU Module)012+   $50.00  +GST
 $57.50  inc GST
KVMATN9130Aten CV130A SUN Console Conversion cable 1.8m (SPHD15 to 13W3+MD8)012+   $52.00  +GST
 $59.80  inc GST
KVMATN9131ATEN CV130B SUN Console Conversion cable 1.8m (PS/2+HDB15 to 13W3+MD8)012+   $52.00  +GST
 $59.80  inc GST
KVMREX0065Rextron KVH2 1-2 Automatic KVM Switch. Share 1 Keyboard/Video/Mouse with 2 CPUs Supplied with 2010   $52.00  +GST
 $59.80  inc GST

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