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ATEN CS533 Tap - USB to...
ATEN CS533 Tap - USB to Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse (KM) Switch Tap your desktop keyboard into an...
RRP: $76.00RRP: $87.40

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Stock: 12+
Part #: KVMATN0533
ATEN VanCryst VE800 HDMI...
ATEN VanCryst VE800 HDMI Extender 1080p 40m, 1080i 60m Uses dual Cat5e/6 cable in place of HDMI...
RRP: $110.00RRP: $126.50

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Stock: 12+
Part #: KVMATN2800
ATEN CS22U Economy 2-port...
ATEN CS22U Economy 2-port USB Cable all-in-one a built-in remote port selector

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Stock: 8
Part #: KVMATN0022

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KVMATN0151ATEN VanCryst VE150A Video Extender(High Quality): 1280x1024 60Hz (150m)0  $147.00  +GST
 $169.05  inc GST
KVMREX0025Rextron KAAG112 BK 1-2 Automatic VGA/ USB KVM Switch Black Colour. Share 1 USB Keyboard /Mouse & V0  $147.00  +GST
 $169.05  inc GST
KVMATN0077Aten CS74D 4-port USB DVI Desktop KVM. to control 4 computers using one USB mouse, USB keyboard and Digital Visual Interface (DVI) monitor consol0  $147.00  +GST
 $169.05  inc GST
KVMATN1742Aten CS1742 Port dual view usb KVM switch1  $149.00  +GST
 $171.35  inc GST
KVMATN0803ATEN VanCryst VE803-AT-U HHDMI USB Extender up to 60 meters using two Cat 5e cables capable of sending 1080i signals up to 60 meters and 1080p signals up to 40 meters.3  $149.00  +GST
 $171.35  inc GST
KVMATN0461ATEN VanCryst VS461 4 Port DVI Video Switch012+   $151.00  +GST
 $173.65  inc GST
KVMATN0301ATEN VanCryst VE300R Video / Audio Receiver for VM0808T. Audio enabled. VGA Gain Control0  $154.00  +GST
 $177.10  inc GST
KVMATN9134ATEN CS9134 1 Console (PS/2), 4 Server (PS/2) rack-mountable KVM support AT&Serial0  $156.00  +GST
 $179.40  inc GST
KVMATN0550ATEN VanCryst VE550 VGA Over Cat5 Repeater. Double VGA extension distance.0  $157.00  +GST
 $180.55  inc GST
KVMATN1734ATEN CS-1734A 4-port USB KVMP Peripheral Sharing Switch with Audio Support7  $159.00  +GST
 $182.85  inc GST
KVMATN0029Aten CS88A 8-Port PS/2 KVM Switch0  $159.00  +GST
 $182.85  inc GST
KVMREX0085REXTRON 1 Port USB/PS/2 Module to suit LCD Base Unit.0  $161.00  +GST
 $185.15  inc GST
KVMATN7178ATEN ALTUSEN KA7178-AX CPU Moduel (USB) + Virtual Media + Audio (Dual Output)012+   $161.00  +GST
 $185.15  inc GST
KVMATN1204ATEN VanCryst VS1204T Economical 4-Port Cat 5 Audio / Video Splitter. Deskew(w/ VE170RQ). 300m. 1920x1200 60Hz2  $161.69  +GST
 $185.94  inc GST
KVMATN1792ATEN CS1792 2-Port USB 2.0 HDMI KVMP Switch1  $162.00  +GST
 $186.30  inc GST
KVMATN1022ATEN VanCryst VE022 Mini Cat5 Audio / Video Extender. 1280x1024 60Hz (150m). Video gain control. Transmitter non-powered.212+   $165.00  +GST
 $189.75  inc GST
KVMREX0020Rextron KADG122 REXTRON Dual View 2 Port VGA/USB KVM Switch w/ Audio0  $165.00  +GST
 $189.75  inc GST
KVMATN0502ATEN VanCryst VE500T-AT Video / Audio Transmitter for VM0808T. Serial enabled. Balanced audio0  $165.00  +GST
 $189.75  inc GST
KVMATN1762Aten CS1762A 2 Port USB DVI KVM Switch with USB 1.1 Hub - Cables Included2  $169.00  +GST
 $194.35  inc GST
KVMATN1754ATEN CS1754 4-Port PS/2-USB KVM Switch 1 Console(USB), 4 PCs (USB) w/ Audio. Multi-Platform1  $170.78  +GST
 $196.40  inc GST
KVMREX0040REXTRON Serial Supervisor Module for IP KVM Switches (R-Port & IPMI supported) Daisy chainable0  $171.00  +GST
 $196.65  inc GST
KVMATN0500ATEN VanCryst VE500R Video / Audio Receiver for VM0808T. Serial enabled. Balanced audio. VGA Gain Control0  $171.00  +GST
 $196.65  inc GST
KVMREX0011REXTRON Serial to Ethernet Converter. Supports RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 serial interface.010   $172.00  +GST
 $197.80  inc GST
KVMATN7176ATEN ALTUSEN KA7176 CPU Module (USB) + Virtual Media + Audio (for KN4140v series & KM0932 series)012+   $177.00  +GST
 $203.55  inc GST
KVMATN7171ATEN ALTUSEN KA7171 USB-PS/2 KVM Adapter Module with local console0  $177.00  +GST
 $203.55  inc GST
KVMRTN0103Raritan PS/2 and VGA interface CIM (Computer Interface Module) for Paragon II Matrix KVM Switch0  $178.00  +GST
 $204.70  inc GST
KVMATN1744Aten CS-1744 4-Port USB Dual-View KVMP Switch0  $179.00  +GST
 $205.85  inc GST
KVMATN1783Aten CS1782A 2-Port USB 2.0 DVI KVMP Switch with 7.1 Audio USB 2.0 Hub - Cables Included0  $179.00  +GST
 $205.85  inc GST
KVMATNCE250ATEN CE250A KVM EXTENDER PS/2 Console Auto signal Compensation via cat5e upto 150m4  $179.00  +GST
 $205.85  inc GST
KVMATN0184ATEN VanCryst VS184 4-Port HDMI Splitter HDCP compliant HDMI Standard HDMI compliant0 P.O.A.
KVMATN0164ATEN VanCryst VS164 4 Port DVI Video Splitter w/ Audio (1 PC to 4 Monitors) Fully compliant with DVI-Digital and DVI-Analog Speaker enabled for audio enjoyment1212+   $189.00  +GST
 $217.35  inc GST
KVMATN5340ATEN VanCryst VE602 DVI Dual Link Extender with Audio0  $192.00  +GST
 $220.80  inc GST
KVMREX0099REXTRON 8 Port VGA Video Selector 8 VGA Input 2 VGA Output0  $195.00  +GST
 $224.25  inc GST
KVMATN0552ATEN VanCryst VB552 VGA Over Cat 5 Repeater VGA Over Cat 5 Repeater + Audio. w/ RS232 enable. 1600x1200 60Hz. 150m.4  $197.26  +GST
 $226.85  inc GST
KVMATN1765ATEN Masterview CS1764a - 4 Port USB audio enabled DVI KVM SWITCH PC/Mac4  $199.00  +GST
 $228.85  inc GST
KVMATN0172ATEN VanCryst VE170 Economical Audio / Video Extender.1024x768 60Hz(300m)0  $200.00  +GST
 $230.00  inc GST
KVMATN9138ATEN CS9138 1 Console(PS/2), 8 Server(PS/2), support AT&Serial0  $202.00  +GST
 $232.30  inc GST
KVMATN0175ATEN VanCryst VS172 2 Port DVI Dual Link Splitter with audio0  $208.00  +GST
 $239.20  inc GST
KVMATN0700ATEN CE700A KVM EXTENDER USB Type 1920 x 1200 Cat 5e LINE upto 150m1  $209.00  +GST
 $240.35  inc GST
KVMATN0302ATEN VanCryst VE300RQ A/V Over Cat 5 Extender0  $210.00  +GST
 $241.50  inc GST
KVMREX0036Rextron KAG104D BK 1-4 USB/PS/2 Hybrid KVM Switch. Black colour 1 Kb/Video/Mouse with 4 CPUs0  $216.00  +GST
 $248.40  inc GST
KVMREX0097REXTRON VGA Extender over 100Mbps LAN via RJ45 cable. Support Full HD 1920x1080 res Connect up to four receivers0  $218.00  +GST
 $250.70  inc GST
KVMREX0093REXTRON Extra USB Console Box (1920x1080). Simultaneously Access Same computer via USB port. M0  $218.00  +GST
 $250.70  inc GST
KVMATN1208ATEN VanCryst VS1208T Economical 8-Port Cat 5 Audio / Video Splitter. Deskew(w/ VE170RQ). 300m. 1920x1200 60Hz2  $220.43  +GST
 $253.49  inc GST
KVMREX0098REXTRON DVI-D Receiver over 100Mbps LAN. Supports Full HD 1920x1080 res Connect up to four receivers0  $221.00  +GST
 $254.15  inc GST
KVMATN0482ATEN VanCryst VS-482 Four-Port Dual View HDMI Video Switch for Home Theater Installations0  $225.00  +GST
 $258.75  inc GST
KVMATN1308ATEN CS1308 8-Port PS/2 - USB KVM Switch allows access and control up to 64 computers from a single console2  $225.00  +GST
 $258.75  inc GST
KVMATN0501ATEN VanCryst VE500RQ Video / Audio Receiver for VM0808T. Serial enabled. Balanced audio. VGA Gain Control. Deskew0  $228.00  +GST
 $262.20  inc GST

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