excellent fast service each time !
28 Oct 2014
I have had the great pleasure of dealing with John Edwin for many years. Until my retirement I taught computing to beginners, usually folk who had obtained the first PC and needed help getting started. Over the years many approached me for help with...
21 Oct 2014
Hi Xing, Thanks for your quick and professional service. Will definitely come back to you for more purchases.
16 Oct 2014
Incredibly helpful online and phone customer service. Fast and well packaged delivery. Put an order in Monday night, processed Tuesday, and arrived early Wednesday morning even in a rural town. Thanks guys. Well done Matthew!
15 Oct 2014
HI, The Live chat was a big help. I got ut through to one of the admins that happened to be Matthew Chang. He helped answer my question about my product i just purchased and when i am able to get it. He confirmed that my product was being shipped the...
10 Oct 2014
thanks for answering my annoying questions with patience! it was a pleasure communicating with you Felix! :)
09 Oct 2014
Just wanted to say my grandson loves his new computer, It was built to the specs we gave, and wish I had of found PB Tech and Mr Xing Loh sooner. Communication was prompt and I would recommend their services to anyone.
04 Oct 2014
Hi Xing Thanks again for your prompt service very impressive and very happy Cheers Cambel
02 Oct 2014
Thanks to Matthew Chang for quick responsive e-mails! Great service, most recommended!
12 Sep 2014
Just wanted to leave a glowing testimonial for the web guys at PB Tech, especially Matthew Chang. He patiently and professionally answered all my questions (even the stupid ones). After a bit of miscommunication on my part, I received my new computer...
04 Sep 2014
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CTS Digi Dynalink
SMC Versatek Yeastar

Popular Products from this group:
D-Link DHP-309AV Starter...
D-Link DHP-309AV Starter Kit 2x 500Mbps Powerline AV+ Mini Network Adapters
RRP: $78.25RRP: $89.99

 inc GST

Stock: 30+
Part #: NETDLK5309AV
Intel 7260HMW IEEE 802...
Intel 7260HMW IEEE 802.11ac Mini PCI Express Bluetooth 4.0 - Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Combo Adapter - 867...
RRP: $44.35RRP: $51.00

 inc GST

Stock: 30+
Part #: NETINT2452281
Dynamix RJ45 INLINE...
Dynamix RJ45 INLINE JOINER female to female for ethernet network to extend the cable length.

 inc GST

Stock: 30+
Part #: ITPAT-AG6

Part # 
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NETMKT1001MikroTik RB260GS 5 Port Gigabit Managed Switch with SFP Port0  $77.00  +GST
 $88.55  inc GST
NETLKS1252CISCO LINKSYS MGBT1 1000 Base-T Copper SFP Mini GBIC Mini GBIC for linksys switch0  $167.00  +GST
 $192.05  inc GST
NETLEL9321LevelOne SFP-9321 Gigabit Ethernet (1.25G) Single- mode Bi-directional SFP Transceiver (20km, TX/RX0  $102.00  +GST
 $117.30  inc GST
NETLEL9231LevelOne SFP-9231 Gigabit Ethernet (1.25G) Single- mode Bi-directional SFP Transceiver (10km, TX/RX0  $174.00  +GST
 $200.10  inc GST
NETLEL9221LevelOne SFP-9221 Gigabit Ethernet (1.25G) Single -mode Bi-directional SFP Transceiver (10km, TX/RX0  $91.00  +GST
 $104.65  inc GST
NETLEL7331LevelOne SFP-7331 Fast Ethernet Bi-Directional SFP Transceiver, (Single-mode 20km, Tx:1550nm / Rx:130  $150.00  +GST
 $172.50  inc GST
NETLEL7321LevelOne SFP-7321 Fast Ethernet Bi-Directional SFP Transceiver, (Single-mode 20km, Tx:1310nm / Rx:150  $119.00  +GST
 $136.85  inc GST
NETLEL4230LevelOne ANC-4230 N Plug to N Plug Cable, 3m0  $30.00  +GST
 $34.50  inc GST
NETLEL4130LevelOne ANC-4130 N Plug to N Jack Cable, 3 meter0  $24.00  +GST
 $27.60  inc GST
NETLEL4007LevelOne POS-4001 Outdoor Power over Ethernet (PoE) Splitter - for powering non PoE Ethernet devices0  $155.00  +GST
 $178.25  inc GST
NETLEL4006LevelOne POS-4002 High Powered AC Power over Ethernet (PoE) Splitter, AC 24V0  $140.00  +GST
 $161.00  inc GST
NETLEL4001LevelOne GVT-4001 Gigabit Fiber Media Converter0  $108.00  +GST
 $124.20  inc GST
NETLEL3841LevelOne SFP-3841 Gigabit (1000Base-TX) Copper, RJ45 SFP Transceiver module014   $195.00  +GST
 $224.25  inc GST
NETLEL3211LevelOne SFP-3211 Gigabit Ethernet (1.25G) Single -mode SFP Transceiver, LX (SM 10km) Duplex LC0  $66.00  +GST
 $75.90  inc GST
NETLEL3200LevelOne FVS-3200 Managed Fiber Media Converter, 10/100BASE-TX to 100BASE-FX, Multimode, SC, DHCP Cl0  $147.00  +GST
 $169.05  inc GST
NETLEL3111LevelOne SFP-3111 Gigabit Ethernet (1.25G) Multi-mode SFP Transceiver, MLX (MM 2Km), Duplex LC0  $172.00  +GST
 $197.80  inc GST
NETLEL3002LevelOne POS-3000 5-12V DC Gigabit High Power PoE Splitter0  $72.00  +GST
 $82.80  inc GST
NETLEL3001LevelOne SFP-3001 Gigabit Ethernet (1.25G) Multi-mode SFP Transceiver SX (MM 500m), Duplex LC antenna and PoE (PoE Injector Included)0  $62.00  +GST
 $71.30  inc GST
NETLEL2330LevelOne ANC-2330 RP-SMA Plug to N Plug Cable, 3m0  $18.00  +GST
 $20.70  inc GST
NETLEL2310LevelOne ANC-2310 RP-SMA Plug to N Plug Cable, 1m0  $11.82  +GST
 $13.59  inc GST
NETLEL2210LevelOne ANC-2210 N Plug to N Plug Cable 1m0  $12.88  +GST
 $14.81  inc GST
NETLEL2100LevelOne POI-2100 8-slot, 19 inch rack chassis for LevelOne PoE Injectors0  $84.00  +GST
 $96.60  inc GST
NETLEL2090LevelOne OAN-2090 9 dBi Omni-Directional outdoor antenna (2.4GHz), with lightning protection027   $66.00  +GST
 $75.90  inc GST
NETLEL2002LevelOne POI-2002 802.3af Power over Ethernet Injector, 10/100Mbps, PoE injector work with snom MeetingPoint030+   $27.00  +GST
 $31.05  inc GST
NETLEL2001LevelOne POI-2001 Gigabit 802.3af Power over Ethernet Injector, 10/100/1000Mbps0  $66.00  +GST
 $75.90  inc GST
NETLEL1250LevelOne POH-1250 Power over Ethernet 12 Port Mid- Span Hub0  $462.00  +GST
 $531.30  inc GST
NETLEL1070LevelOne OAN-1070 7 dBi Omni-Directional indoor antenna for (2.4GHz)030+   $25.00  +GST
 $28.75  inc GST
NETLEL1032LevelOne FPS-1032 USB Ethernet Mini Print Server0  $66.00  +GST
 $75.90  inc GST
NETLEL1031LevelOne FPS-1031 Direct Connect Centronics Port (LPT) Ethernet Print Server0  $66.00  +GST
 $75.90  inc GST
NETLEL1002LevelOne POS-1002 Power over Ethernet Splitter, dip- switch selectable 12V, 9V, and 5V0  $25.00  +GST
 $28.75  inc GST
NETLEL1001LevelOne POS-1001 Gigabit Power over Ethernet Splitter, dip-switch selectable 12V, 9V, and 5V0  $35.00  +GST
 $40.25  inc GST
NETLEL0501LevelOne OAN-0501 5 dBi Omni-Directional Indoor Antenna (2.4GHz)0  $4.31  +GST
 $4.96  inc GST
NETLEL0401LevelOne USB-0401-V3 USB 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet Adaptor030+   $39.00  +GST
 $44.85  inc GST
NETLEL0303LevelOne USB-0301 USB 10/100Mbps Ethernet Adaptor for PC, Wii and Mac0  $24.00  +GST
 $27.60  inc GST
NETLEL0302LevelOne GVT-0302 Mini-GBIC SFP Transceiver module, single-mode, LC, 70km capable0  $195.00  +GST
 $224.25  inc GST
NETLEL0301LevelOne GVT-0301 Mini-GBIC SFP Transceiver module, single-mode, LC, 10km capable0  $77.00  +GST
 $88.55  inc GST
NETLEL0300Level One Mini-GBIC SFP Transceiver module, multi-mode, LC, 550m capable030+   $45.00  +GST
 $51.75  inc GST
NETLEL0115LevelOne FNC-0115 PCI Express 100BASE-FX Multi-mode Fiber Optic, SC0  $130.00  +GST
 $149.50  inc GST
NETLEL0112LevelOne GNC-0112 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Network Card0  $18.00  +GST
 $20.70  inc GST
NETLEL0105LevelOne GNC-0105T 32 bit Gigabit Ethernet Adapter024   $18.00  +GST
 $20.70  inc GST
NETLEL0104LevelOne GNC-0103SX 32/64bit 1000SX Gigabit Ethernet Fiber PCI Card with SC connector0  $141.00  +GST
 $162.15  inc GST
NETLEL0102LevelOne POR-0102 Power over Ethernet Repeater with 2 ports - for extending power and data to 2 devi0  $320.00  +GST
 $368.00  inc GST
NETLEL0100LevelOne POR-0100 Power over Ethernet Repeater0  $176.00  +GST
 $202.40  inc GST
 $4.13  inc GST
NETITX540T2Intel X540-T2 Ethernet Converged Network Adapter, 2-Port RJ-45 10Gb, PCIe x80  $735.23  +GST
 $845.51  inc GST
NETITX540T1Intel X540-T1 Ethernet Converged Network Adapter, 1-Port RJ-45 10Gb, PCIe x80  $489.77  +GST
 $563.24  inc GST
NETITX520SR2Intel X520-SR2 Ethernet Converged Network Adapter, 2-Port SFP+, Includes SR Optics, PCIe x80  $1187.50  +GST
 $1,365.63  inc GST
NETIT1519INTEL PRO/1000 MT DUALPORT SERVER CONN: 2 x RJ-45 PCI/PCI-X 32- 64-bit ( 110A519 )0  $265.00  +GST
 $304.75  inc GST

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