PB Tech is the best, the cheapest prices with the best and quickest service around.
31 Mar 2015
Brought the S5 mini online, used credit card. Was a little hard to authorize it with lack of instructions etc but, i figured it out. Goods arrived a little later than expected. But in saying that i was impressed with the track and trace service put...
20 Mar 2015
Really happy with our purchase, fast delivery, well packed, plugged it all in and away we go. Awesome thanks
19 Mar 2015
i purchased the samsung galaxy s4 mini and wow ...
26 Feb 2015
very good service received from Nathan at the Hamilton store. Went in for a replacement laptop battery, and got the item quick as, no fuss. Thanks very much
22 Feb 2015
Very efficient communication and handling of my computer. The crew assembled it and delivered it at what seemed like record times. Computer is amazing and scored an amazing deal, thank you!
18 Feb 2015
I purchased a Webcam a couple of weeks ago. The order was done in the afternoon from Tauranga and the goods arrived two days later in the morning. That was impressive because it is a rural residential are and normally takes an extra day's...
18 Feb 2015
Thank YOU! Your service was outstanding, the scanner is awesome, I'm a very happy customer! Will definitely recommend and use you guys again
05 Feb 2015
reading through some of the testimonials I'm adding a big thumbs up for PB Tech. I've been to Queen Street, Penrose and Henderson stores. I have experienced helpful and friendly service from all of them. The staff seemed genuinely...
20 Jan 2015
I had ordered a desktop, monitor and other stuff during the Boxing Day sale. It took a very long time for the Web team to process (nearly 2 weeks) and I was getting a bit anxious. So I got in contact with Xing Loh and he processed my order so quick...
15 Jan 2015
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Printer Paper

Brand: By: Exact

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Supreme A4 80gsm...
Supreme A4 80gsm 500sheets Plain Paper for Printer/Copier (Premium White-EXP)

 inc GST

Stock: 100+
Part #: PAPSUP1001
FUJI XEROX Everyday A4...
FUJI XEROX Everyday A4 Paper 500 sheets 80gsm A grade Multipurpose white w/FSC PRICE FOR PER REAM, ...
RRP: $5.32RRP: $6.12

 inc GST

Stock: 100+
Part #: PAPFXP1953507
Canon Paper A4 80gsm,...
Canon Paper A4 80gsm, Tinted Blue 210x297mm 500 sheets per ream premium quality
RRP: $14.00RRP: $16.10

 inc GST

Stock: 74
Part #: PAPCND2243

Part # 
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PTAHPL0519HP LaserJet Automatic Duplexer for Two-sided printer0  $485.30  +GST
 $558.10  inc GST
PAPSUP1001Supreme A4 80gsm 500sheets Plain Paper for Printer/Copier (Premium White-EXP)100+  $3.99  +GST
 $4.59  inc GST
PAPRFL280326REFLEX Copy Paper, A4, 80GSM, PINK TINT0100+   $12.52  +GST
 $14.40  inc GST
PAPHPP5456HP genuine Advanced A4 Glossy Photo Paper 25 sheets 210 x 297 mm0100+   $14.54  +GST
 $16.72  inc GST
PAPHPP2510HP REAM 100 sheets Everyday Photo Paper A4 Gloss alternative to plain paper for printing everyday photos / One sided A4 size0100+   $21.00  +GST
 $24.15  inc GST
PAPHPD8700HP genuine Q8700AA 110 Series Photo Pack 120 Shts Contains one HP 110 Series ink cartridge and 120 sheets of HP 10 x15 photo media019   $50.00  +GST
 $57.50  inc GST
PAPHPD8490HP genuine #02 Series Ink Cartridge Black Cyan Light Cyan Light Magenta Magenta Yellow 6-inks Advanced Photo Value Pack w/120 sheets065   $82.00  +GST
 $94.30  inc GST
PAPHPD6065HP Iron on T-shirt Transfer A4 10 P 10 Sheets / pack022   $27.00  +GST
 $31.05  inc GST
PAPHPD6035HP Bright White InkJet 610mm x 45M Roll 90GSM For everyday blk and colour line drawings536   $28.00  +GST
 $32.20  inc GST
PAPHPD6019HP Coated Paper (D/A1-size) 24 roll0100+   $43.00  +GST
 $49.45  inc GST
PAPHPD1221175HP genuine #564 Series Cyan, Magenta and Yellow ink cartridges Photo Value Pack PVP SPECIAL EDITION KEEPSAKE BOX0100+   $43.00  +GST
 $49.45  inc GST
PAPHPD1094995HP UNIV Instant Dry Photo Semi-Gloss 50"x10020   $186.00  +GST
 $213.90  inc GST
PAPHPD1094969HP UNIV Instant Dry Photo Semi-Gloss 24"x10010   $85.00  +GST
 $97.75  inc GST
PAPHPD1094940HP UNIV Instant Dry Photo Gloss 60"x100ft014   $198.00  +GST
 $227.70  inc GST
PAPHPD1094882HP UNIV Instant Dry Photo Gloss 42"x100 ft011   $146.00  +GST
 $167.90  inc GST
PAPHPD1094853HP COATED PAPER (1067MMx45M) 98 GSM015   $76.00  +GST
 $87.40  inc GST
 $81.65  inc GST
PAPHPD1093940HP UNIV Coated Paper 36"x150022   $49.00  +GST
 $56.35  inc GST
PAPHPD1093878HP UNIV Bond 42"x1500  $38.00  +GST
 $43.70  inc GST
PAPHPD1093089HP PRO Satin Photo Paper 24 incx50 feet0  $136.00  +GST
 $156.40  inc GST
PAPHPD1093058HP genuine Q8691A Advanced Glossy Photo Paper083   $8.76  +GST
 $10.07  inc GST
PAPHPD1092141HP CLEAR FILM (36"x75 ft) ROLL 180GSM 4 MIL0  $205.00  +GST
 $235.75  inc GST
PAPHPD1092113HP Natural Tracing Paper (36" x 150 ft)010   $42.00  +GST
 $48.30  inc GST
PAPHPD1083872HP 57 Series Photo Pack 10 x 15 100 Sht Contains 100 sheets of 10x15 with tab photo paper and one customized cartridge (Q7931AA)0  $46.00  +GST
 $52.90  inc GST
PAPHPD1083805HP BRIGHT WHT INKJET 300 FEET011   $71.00  +GST
 $81.65  inc GST
PAPHPD1083622HP Matte Film (24" x 120 ft)010   $159.00  +GST
 $182.85  inc GST
PAPHPD1083482HP HP Plotter paper coated061   $58.00  +GST
 $66.70  inc GST
 $106.95  inc GST
PAPHPD1006481HP LaserJet 4345 mfp ADF mylar sheets0  $36.00  +GST
 $41.40  inc GST
PAPHPD1005320HP Natural Tracing Paper (24" x 150 ft)015   $52.00  +GST
 $59.80  inc GST
PAPFXP8020Fuji Xerox Everyday Paper A3 80gsm Paper 500 sheets A grade Multipurpose w/FSC PRICE FOR PER REAM, (5 REAM IN A BOX) made in Germany100+  $8.59  +GST
 $9.88  inc GST
PAPFXP5205Fuji Xerox Symphony Pastell tinted blue A4 80gsm Paper 500 sheets A grade Multipurpose w/FSC PRICE FOR PER REAM, (5 REAM IN A BOX)made in Austria7  $9.95  +GST
 $11.44  inc GST
PAPFXP5203Fuji Xerox Symphony Pastell tinted green A4 80gsm Paper 500 sheets A grade Multipurpose w/FSC PRICE FOR PER REAM, (5 REAM IN A BOX)made in Austria16  $9.95  +GST
 $11.44  inc GST
PAPFXP2135971Fuji Xerox Symphony Pastell tinted Yellow A4 80gsm Paper 500 sheets A grade Multipurpose w/FSC PRICE FOR PER REAM, (5 REAM IN A BOX)made in Austria18  $8.99  +GST
 $10.34  inc GST
PAPFXP1953507FUJI XEROX Everyday A4 Paper 500 sheets 80gsm A grade Multipurpose white w/FSC PRICE FOR PER REAM, (5 REAM IN A BOX)100+100+   $4.29  +GST
 $4.93  inc GST
PAPEPA1344Epson Archival Matte Paper, A3, 192gsm, 50 sheets pack0  $96.00  +GST
 $110.40  inc GST
PAPEPA1258Epson Matte Paper, A4, 167gsm, 50 sheets pack0  $34.00  +GST
 $39.10  inc GST
PAPEPA1095929Epson Glossy Photo Paper, 5 x 7 ", 260gsm, 20 sheets pack4028   $13.91  +GST
 $16.00  inc GST
PAPEPA1093560Epson Glossy Photo Paper, 4 x 6 ", 260gsm, 50 sheets pack0  $15.64  +GST
 $17.99  inc GST
PAPEPA1038834Epson Photo Paper, A4, 330gsm, 25 sheets pack1  $65.00  +GST
 $74.75  inc GST
PAPCNN3014Canon Iron-on Transfer Paper, A4, 10 Sheets. TR301A40  $27.00  +GST
 $31.05  inc GST
PAPCNN1083574Canon genuine SG201A4 Photo Paper Semi-Gloss 20/Pack 260gsm A40  $27.00  +GST
 $31.05  inc GST
PAPCNN1079963Canon Glossy Photo Paper, A4, 275gsm, 20 sheets pack. PP2014A-202343   $19.00  +GST
 $21.85  inc GST
PAPCNN1079567Canon genuine PT101A4-20-Photo Paper Pro Platinum0  $30.00  +GST
 $34.50  inc GST
PAPCNN1078998Canon Glossy Photo Paper, 4 x 6", 260gsm, 100 sheets pack. PP2014X6-1003132   $21.73  +GST
 $24.99  inc GST
PAPCNN1078976Canon Glossy Photo Paper, A4, 170gsm, 100 sheets pack. GP501A412  $34.78  +GST
 $40.00  inc GST
PAPCNN1078945Canon Glossy Photo Paper, 4 x 6", 50 sheets, GP5014X6140   $10.46  +GST
 $12.03  inc GST
PAPCNN0106Canon Glossy Photo Paper, 4 x 6", 260gsm, 50 sheets pack. PP2014X6-502122   $16.50  +GST
 $18.98  inc GST

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