I had an issue with a motherboard I had just bought and over the weekend brought it in to have it looked over to make sure I wasn't going mad! I thought I would take this opportunity to say thank you to the tech in Wellington that really...
22 Apr 2015
Took a laptop back that we only had for 24hours, Gave poor Chris Wang a hard time for it, but he came through and within 24hours we had a new laptop. Thanks Chris Wang from Penrose for going the xtra mile.
15 Apr 2015
PB Tech is the best, the cheapest prices with the best and quickest service around.
31 Mar 2015
Brought the S5 mini online, used credit card. Was a little hard to authorize it with lack of instructions etc but, i figured it out. Goods arrived a little later than expected. But in saying that i was impressed with the track and trace service put...
20 Mar 2015
Really happy with our purchase, fast delivery, well packed, plugged it all in and away we go. Awesome thanks
19 Mar 2015
i purchased the samsung galaxy s4 mini and wow ...
26 Feb 2015
very good service received from Nathan at the Hamilton store. Went in for a replacement laptop battery, and got the item quick as, no fuss. Thanks very much
22 Feb 2015
Very efficient communication and handling of my computer. The crew assembled it and delivered it at what seemed like record times. Computer is amazing and scored an amazing deal, thank you!
18 Feb 2015
I purchased a Webcam a couple of weeks ago. The order was done in the afternoon from Tauranga and the goods arrived two days later in the morning. That was impressive because it is a rural residential are and normally takes an extra day's...
18 Feb 2015
Thank YOU! Your service was outstanding, the scanner is awesome, I'm a very happy customer! Will definitely recommend and use you guys again
05 Feb 2015
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Scanners / Barcode Readers

Browse Scanners (Flatbed, Sheet-fed) and Barcode Readers (Handheld and Bench-top) and related Scanner Accessories and Barcode Reader Accessories including Cables and Power Supplies from leading brands such as Motorola, Canon, Epson and Honeywell.

Popular Products from this group:
CANON LiDE 220 Compact...
CANON LiDE 220 Compact flatbed scanner with SEND to cloud function and upright scanning
RRP: $199.13RRP: $229.00

 inc GST

Stock: 20+
Part #: SCACNS0025
LG Electronic LSM-100 all...
LG Electronic LSM-100 all-in-one mouse scanner

 inc GST

Stock: 20+
Part #: SCALGL0100
Motorola LI4278 Handheld...
Motorola LI4278 Handheld Barcode Scanner w/charging dock Wireless Bluetooth Imager LED 547 scaner...
RRP: $518.90RRP: $596.74

 inc GST

Stock: 4
Part #: BARMOT1940459

Part # 
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SCAVEH1003VEHO VFS-008-SMARTFIX Negative and slide scanner with screen 35mm & 110mm, PC & Mac0  $120.00  +GST
 $138.00  inc GST
SCAPTK2992Plustek Opticfilm 8200iAi Graphic Scanner (35mm, FILM)020+   $760.00  +GST
 $874.00  inc GST
SCAPTK2581Plustek Opticbook A300 A3 Flatbed Office Scanner020+   $2131.00  +GST
 $2,450.65  inc GST
SCAPTK2405Plustek MobileOffice S410 Portable Scanner (A4)020+   $227.00  +GST
 $261.05  inc GST
SCAPTK2372Plustek SmartOffice PS286plus Document Scanner (A4, Duplex)020+   $540.00  +GST
 $621.00  inc GST
SCAPTK2361Plustek Opticard 821020+   $204.00  +GST
 $234.60  inc GST
SCAPTK2328Plustek MobileOffice AD450 Scanner (A4, Duplex)020+   $395.00  +GST
 $454.25  inc GST
SCAPTK2317Plustek A320 PRO Graphic Scanner (A3, FB)020+   $1571.00  +GST
 $1,806.65  inc GST
SCAPTK2229Plustek OpticPro A320 Graphic Scanner (A3, FB)020+   $1011.00  +GST
 $1,162.65  inc GST
SCAPTK2141Plustek Opticard 610 Business Card Scanner (A8)020+   $137.00  +GST
 $157.55  inc GST
SCAOEM4159SkyPix Portable Handheld Image & Document Scanner Support Up to 32GB Micro SD Card Max 900 Dpi Power Use 2 x AA Battery USB 2.01  $89.00  +GST
 $102.35  inc GST
SCAMTK3062Microtek SM 9800XL lus A3 Scanner 3200x1600dpi 3.7Dmax0  $2714.00  +GST
 $3,121.10  inc GST
SCAMTK3031Microtek ScanMaker i450 - A4 LED flatbed high resolution scanner 4800 dpi0  $224.00  +GST
 $257.60  inc GST
SCAMTK1803MICROTEK SCANMAKER I800 SCANNER 9,600 x 4,800 dpi0  $558.00  +GST
 $641.70  inc GST
SCAMTK1240Microtek SMX12USL SCSI/USB,2400x1200dpi, Legal Size016   $235.00  +GST
 $270.25  inc GST
SCAMTK1151Microtek MTMA - A4 size Magnetic Transparency Media Adaptor for i320 & X12USL0  $44.00  +GST
 $50.60  inc GST
SCAMTK1026Microtek ArtixScan DI 2010 USB2 /SCSI High Speed Document Scanner011   $784.00  +GST
 $901.60  inc GST
SCAMTK0900MICROTEK LIGHT LID 35MM Slide/Negative adaptor0  $29.00  +GST
 $33.35  inc GST
SCALGL0100LG Electronic LSM-100 all-in-one mouse scanner20+  $65.95  +GST
 $75.84  inc GST
SCAKBS03036kaiser Baas iPad photoscanner Scans photos and documents up to A4 to iPhoto16  $29.95  +GST
 $34.44  inc GST
SCAKBS03034kaiser Baas A4 PhotoScanner 600 DPI scanning020+   $178.00  +GST
 $204.70  inc GST
SCAKBS03022kaiser Baas mini photoscanner Keep your memories safe forever1  $39.95  +GST
 $45.94  inc GST
SCAHPS2397517HP Scanjet 200 Flatbed Scanner - 48-bit Color - 8-bit Grayscale - USB0  $189.00  +GST
 $217.35  inc GST
SCAHPS1675111HP BW868AA Handheld Barcode Scanner - Black - Cable - Imager - LED (SCHPBW868AA)017   $368.00  +GST
 $423.20  inc GST
SCAHPS1004986HP Scanjet G3110 Photo SCAN0  $281.00  +GST
 $323.15  inc GST
SCAFUJ3903Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Document searchable PDF Scanner (A4, Duplex) PC&Mac 50-page Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) PAO3656-B001520+   $699.00  +GST
 $803.85  inc GST
SCAFUJ3892Fujitsu ScanSnap FI-S1300i Scanner (A4, Duplex) for PC and Mac020+   $474.00  +GST
 $545.10  inc GST
SCAFUJ3804Fujitsu ScanSnap N1800 Network Scanner (A4, Duplex)020+   $2487.00  +GST
 $2,860.05  inc GST
SCAFUJ3782Fujitsu fi-6110 Document Scanner (A4, Duplex)1  $748.00  +GST
 $860.20  inc GST
SCAFUJ3683Fujitsu fi-6770 Document Scanner (A3, Duplex)020+   $11987.00  +GST
 $13,785.05  inc GST
SCAFUJ3672Fujitsu fi-6670 Document Scanner (A3, Duplex)020+   $8278.00  +GST
 $9,519.70  inc GST
SCAFUJ1096Fujitsu Fi-4860, High Speed A3 Duplex SCSI Document Scanner 60 ppm0  $7844.00  +GST
 $9,020.60  inc GST
SCAFUJ1093Fujitsu Fi-4530C, A3 Color Duplex USB2/SCSI Document Scanner 47ppm0  $2244.00  +GST
 $2,580.60  inc GST
SCAEPS7000Epson Perfection V700 Flatbed Scanner - 48-bit Color - 16-bit Grayscale - USB0  $752.00  +GST
 $864.80  inc GST
SCAEPS210401Epson Perfection V550 Flatbed Scanner - 48-bit Color - USB0  $492.00  +GST
 $565.80  inc GST
SCAEPS1046146EPSON GT1500 A4 BUS Sheetfeed SCAN0  $613.00  +GST
 $704.95  inc GST
SCACNS2561597Brother ScanNCut Paper Cutting Machine0  $471.00  +GST
 $541.65  inc GST
SCACNS2443482Canon CanoScan CS9000FMKII Flatbed Scanner - 48-bit Color - 48-bit Grayscale - USB0  $401.00  +GST
 $461.15  inc GST
SCACNS1202690Canon CanoScan LiDE 210 Scanner 4800x4800dpi USB 48-bit colour 300dpi A4 Auto Scan, Copy, Email and 2xPDF Upright scanning0  $149.00  +GST
 $171.35  inc GST
SCACNS1090054CANON CanoScan LiDE 700F Scanner1  $301.00  +GST
 $346.15  inc GST
 $633.65  inc GST
SCACNS0025CANON LiDE 220 Compact flatbed scanner with SEND to cloud function and upright scanning20+20+   $155.00  +GST
 $178.25  inc GST
SCABRT700Brother DS700D Handheld Scanner 24bit, USB5  $320.00  +GST
 $368.00  inc GST
SCABRT2561598Brother CM550DX Electronic Cutting System020+   $457.00  +GST
 $525.55  inc GST
SCABRT0600Brother DS600 Handheld Scanner 48bit Colour, 8 bite grayscale, USB1  $249.00  +GST
 $286.35  inc GST
SCAAVS2991Avision AV220D2+ True Duplex Document Scanner (A4, Duplex) 60ppm020+   $1117.00  +GST
 $1,284.55  inc GST
SCAAVS1035Avision AV5400 Document Scanner (A3, Duplex)020+   $2579.00  +GST
 $2,965.85  inc GST
SCAAVS1034Avision AD240 Document Scanner (A4, Duplex)020+   $1100.00  +GST
 $1,265.00  inc GST

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