i purchased the samsung galaxy s4 mini and wow ...
26 Feb 2015
very good service received from Nathan at the Hamilton store. Went in for a replacement laptop battery, and got the item quick as, no fuss. Thanks very much
22 Feb 2015
Very efficient communication and handling of my computer. The crew assembled it and delivered it at what seemed like record times. Computer is amazing and scored an amazing deal, thank you!
18 Feb 2015
I purchased a Webcam a couple of weeks ago. The order was done in the afternoon from Tauranga and the goods arrived two days later in the morning. That was impressive because it is a rural residential are and normally takes an extra day's...
18 Feb 2015
Thank YOU! Your service was outstanding, the scanner is awesome, I'm a very happy customer! Will definitely recommend and use you guys again
05 Feb 2015
reading through some of the testimonials I'm adding a big thumbs up for PB Tech. I've been to Queen Street, Penrose and Henderson stores. I have experienced helpful and friendly service from all of them. The staff seemed genuinely...
20 Jan 2015
I had ordered a desktop, monitor and other stuff during the Boxing Day sale. It took a very long time for the Web team to process (nearly 2 weeks) and I was getting a bit anxious. So I got in contact with Xing Loh and he processed my order so quick...
15 Jan 2015
Still the best for well priced tech gear, and a returns policy that is generous and fair. I've been buying all my gear from them for about 8 years.
03 Jan 2015
Hi, My mum and I came in and purchased a range of products from the Henderson store yesterday. We were served by Sonya. I wanted to say that I was beyond impressed by Sonya. She was helpful, informative and funny. I have never been so impressed by...
22 Dec 2014
I've been to the north shore branch this afternoon to get help with a power cable for my laptop, first I asked one of the staff and he pointed me toward service department.. in service I death with Mason and Alex, very helpful to see that they...
10 Dec 2014
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D-Link DCS-930L Securicam...
D-Link DCS-930L Securicam Wireless In House Cloud Network Camera , with Built-in Microphone
RRP: $60.86RRP: $69.99

 inc GST

Stock: 20+
Part #: CAMDLK1676080
D-Link DCS-932L Wireless...
D-Link DCS-932L Wireless In House Day/Night Cloud Network Camera
RRP: $117.38RRP: $134.99

 inc GST

Stock: 20+
Part #: CAMDLK1676081
D-Link DCS-933L Wireless...
D-Link DCS-933L Wireless In House Day&Night Network Cloud Camera , with built-in microphone,...
RRP: $168.00RRP: $193.20

 inc GST

Stock: 20+
Part #: CAMDLK2407935

Part # 
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CAM8WR10108WARE Security Day & Night Camera 3.6mm Fixed Len 1/4" Sharp Color CCD 420 TVL 18 LED 15m IR Plastic010   $53.00  +GST
 $60.95  inc GST
CAM8WR10118WARE TNP10767 Security Day & Night Camera 3.6mm Fixed Len 1/4" Sharp Color CCD 420 TVL 18 LED 15m IR Metal010   $58.00  +GST
 $66.70  inc GST
CAM8WR10128WARE Security Day & Night Camera 3.6mm Fixed Len 1/4" Sharp Color CCD 420 TVL 30 LED 30m IR Metal Indoor/Outdoor010   $53.00  +GST
 $60.95  inc GST
CAM8WR10138WARE TNP10771 Security Day & Night Camera 3.6mm Fixed Len 1/4" Sharp Color CCD 420 TVL 26 LED 25m IR Metal0  $53.00  +GST
 $60.95  inc GST
CAMAIR2367Airlive WL-1200CAM Wireless-G Dual Stream IP Surveillance /Security camera with 2way audios011   $110.00  +GST
 $126.50  inc GST
CAMAIR2401Airlive WL-1000CAM Wireless-G motion JPEG IP Security Camera0  $82.00  +GST
 $94.30  inc GST
CAMAIR2570Airlive POE-100CAM 1/3 Sharp CCD Dual Stream IP Security Camera0  $183.00  +GST
 $210.45  inc GST
CAMAIR2716Airlive AirCam POE-100HD PoE DC DC Iris 1.3 MegaPixel IP Camera0  $324.00  +GST
 $372.60  inc GST
CAMAIR2843Airlive AirMedia-350 Network Multimedia Player 2.5"/3.5" SATA HDD Media Station0  $172.00  +GST
 $197.80  inc GST
CAMAIR2844AirLive 2Bay DiskMaster NAS-2350  $309.00  +GST
 $355.35  inc GST
CAMAIR2928Airlive AirCam IP-200PHD 2.0 Mega Pixel PoE Passive IP Camera0  $189.00  +GST
 $217.35  inc GST
CAMAIR2997Airlive AirCam POE OD-2060HD 2-MegaPixel Pan-Tilt Outdoor Vandal PoE IPCAM0  $620.00  +GST
 $713.00  inc GST
CAMAIR3009Airlive AirCam POE OD-2050HD 2-MegaPixel IR Outdoor Vandal PoE IPCAM0  $548.00  +GST
 $630.20  inc GST
 $850.32  inc GST
CAMAVT2408AVTECH AVH408 8CH HD NVR NETWORK VIDEO RECORDER, Push Video, One Cable solution(PoE) Multicast Push Video & Push Status0  $469.00  +GST
 $539.35  inc GST
CAMDNX0404DYNAMIX 16 Channel Standalone DVR with 1TB HDD Installed, Supports 2x HDD s, H.264, Full D1 Res 100fps016   $648.00  +GST
 $745.20  inc GST
CAMDNX0405DYNAMIX DVR8CH8DB-0 8 Channel Standalone DVR with 1TB HDD Installed, Supports 2x HDD s, H.264, Full D1 Res 50fps, Full PTZ Control, Calandar search, Motion Recording, Remote Monitoring Includes USB Mouse & IR Remote.010   $428.00  +GST
 $492.20  inc GST
CAMDNX0406DYNAMIX DVR4CH4DA-0 4 Channel Standalone DVR, 500GB HDD Installed. Supports H.264 720x576 Res. D1 50fps, Calandar Search, Motion Recording & Remote Monitoring. Includes USB Mouse & Remote.010   $294.00  +GST
 $338.10  inc GST
CAMDNX0407DYNAMIX Digital Surveillance Kit. Includes 4xIndoor/Outdoor 600TVL IR Cameras, 4 Port IP DVR w 500G HDD, 4x 20M 2-in-1 Video/Power Cables. Camera power adapter with splitter, USB mouse and DVR remote010   $614.00  +GST
 $706.10  inc GST
CAMDNX0409Dynamix In/Outdoor 600TVL IR Dome Camera Fixed lens 3.6mm, IR Distance 15M, IP68 Weatherproof. Charcoal Colour010   $88.00  +GST
 $101.20  inc GST
CAMDNX0700Dynamix In/Outdoor IR Dome Camera. 1/3" SONY Effio-E 700TVL, Fixed 3.6mm Lens, IR Distance 15M, 3 Axis Gimble Bracket, Vandal Proof Metal Casing010   $98.00  +GST
 $112.70  inc GST
CAMDNX0701Dynamix In/Outdoor IR Varifocal Day/Night Dome Camera, 1/3" SONY Effio-E CCD 700 TVL, 4-9mm Varifocal Lens, IR Distance 20-30M, Auto IR Cut Filter, 3 Axis Gimbal Bracket. Vandal Proof Metal Casing.010   $131.00  +GST
 $150.65  inc GST
CAMEDM3110EDIMAX LAN-IC3110P PoE Network Camera Day/Night 802.11N, 1.3Mpx.0  $143.00  +GST
 $164.45  inc GST
CAMEDM3115EDIMAX IC-3115Wn Wireless Network Camera. 802.11n. 1.3MP lens0  $75.00  +GST
 $86.25  inc GST
CAMEDM7011EDIMAX PoE 802.11n Network Camera Pan/Tilt, Day/Night. 1.3Mpx0  $222.00  +GST
 $255.30  inc GST
CAMERM1001Evoko Room Manager010   $1516.00  +GST
 $1,743.40  inc GST
CAMKGU1620KGUARD EL1622-2CKT005, 16 CH DVR, 8x800TVL WDR Cameras, QR Code Function, 960H, Cloud Tech, 1TB HDD0  $1274.00  +GST
 $1,465.10  inc GST
CAMKGU4040KGUARD MARS NVR Combo Kit MR-4040, 4-CH NVR, 4x IP Cam, PoE, 960P, QR Code, Cloud Tech, 1TB HDD0  $745.00  +GST
 $856.75  inc GST
CAMLEL0030levelone WCS-0030 H.264 Megapixel PIR IP Camera Wireless (802.11n) H.264 Megapixel IP Network Camera with Zoom and 2-way Audio0  $162.00  +GST
 $186.30  inc GST
CAMLEL3071LevelOne FCS-3071 2 MegaPixel PoE Dome IP Camera0  $312.00  +GST
 $358.80  inc GST
CAMLEL3081LevelOne FCS-3081-V3 IP Network Day/Night, In/Outdoor Dome Camera, H.264, 2 MegaPixel, PoE, Vandal-p0  $715.00  +GST
 $822.25  inc GST
CAMLEL7111LevelOne FCS-7111 Analogue to IP Video Server0  $400.00  +GST
 $460.00  inc GST
CAMLEL8005levelone FCS-8005 4 Port PC Based DVR0  $215.00  +GST
 $247.25  inc GST
CAMLEL8006levelone FCS-8006 16 Port PC Based DVR0  $534.00  +GST
 $614.10  inc GST
CAMPAN0084Panasonic Rugged Camera Black0  $289.00  +GST
 $332.35  inc GST
CAMPAN0086Panasonic Rugged/Tough - Black Camera0  $510.00  +GST
 $586.50  inc GST
CAMPAN0567PANASONIC VL-FAN1BX - Optional Repeater for Wireless Monitor0  $193.33  +GST
 $222.33  inc GST
CAMPAN0590PANASONIC VL-V590BX Optional Lobby Station (up to 20 Main Monitors connectable)0  $193.33  +GST
 $222.33  inc GST
CAMSWN0071SWANN 540 TVL 4 Channel Compact DVR & 4 x PRO-510 Cameras with 500GB0  $498.00  +GST
 $572.70  inc GST
CAMSWN0080SWANN White Imitation Dome Dummy Camera0  $25.00  +GST
 $28.75  inc GST
CAMSWN0081Swann 30m BNC Extension Cable0  $41.00  +GST
 $47.15  inc GST
CAMTPL2020TP-Link TL-SC2020 IP Network Security Camera010   $80.00  +GST
 $92.00  inc GST
CAMTPL2021TP-Link TL-SC2020N Wireless 150M IP Camera0  $102.00  +GST
 $117.30  inc GST
CAMTPL4171TP-Link TL-SC4171G Wireless Pan/Tilt Surveillance Camera0  $404.00  +GST
 $464.60  inc GST
CAMUBI1002Ubiquiti AIRCAM-DOME IP Dome Camera with AirVision User Interface020   $161.00  +GST
 $185.15  inc GST
CAMUBI1003Ubiquiti AIRCAM-DOME-3 3-Pack of IP Dome Cameras with AirVision User Interface020   $447.00  +GST
 $514.05  inc GST
CAMUBI1004Ubiquiti AIRCAM-MINI HD IP Camera with AirVision User Interface020   $125.00  +GST
 $143.75  inc GST
CAMUBI1005Ubiquiti AIRCAM-X3 3 Pack of AirCam HD IP Camera with AirVision User Interface020   $397.00  +GST
 $456.55  inc GST

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