21 Apr 2015
Took a laptop back that we only had for 24hours, Gave poor Chris Wang a hard time for it, but he came through and within 24hours we had a new laptop. Thanks Chris Wang from Penrose for going the xtra mile.
15 Apr 2015
PB Tech is the best, the cheapest prices with the best and quickest service around.
31 Mar 2015
Brought the S5 mini online, used credit card. Was a little hard to authorize it with lack of instructions etc but, i figured it out. Goods arrived a little later than expected. But in saying that i was impressed with the track and trace service put...
20 Mar 2015
Really happy with our purchase, fast delivery, well packed, plugged it all in and away we go. Awesome thanks
19 Mar 2015
i purchased the samsung galaxy s4 mini and wow ...
26 Feb 2015
very good service received from Nathan at the Hamilton store. Went in for a replacement laptop battery, and got the item quick as, no fuss. Thanks very much
22 Feb 2015
Very efficient communication and handling of my computer. The crew assembled it and delivered it at what seemed like record times. Computer is amazing and scored an amazing deal, thank you!
18 Feb 2015
I purchased a Webcam a couple of weeks ago. The order was done in the afternoon from Tauranga and the goods arrived two days later in the morning. That was impressive because it is a rural residential are and normally takes an extra day's...
18 Feb 2015
Thank YOU! Your service was outstanding, the scanner is awesome, I'm a very happy customer! Will definitely recommend and use you guys again
05 Feb 2015
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Blazer Pro 600VA/360W...
Blazer Pro 600VA/360W Line Interactive UPS , LCD Screen , 12V/7Ah battery , 2 AC Output ( 2 Years...
RRP: $139.00RRP: $159.85

 inc GST

Stock: 10+
Part #: UPSBLZ20600
DYNAMIX UPSD1200 Defender...
DYNAMIX UPSD1200 Defender 1200VA (720W) Line Interactive UPS, 3x NZ Power Sockets with Surge+Battery...
RRP: $210.00RRP: $241.50

 inc GST

Stock: 10+
Part #: UPSDNX1200
Blazer Pro 2000VA / 1200W...
Blazer Pro 2000VA / 1200W Line Interactive UPS , LCD Screen , 12V/7Ah battery , 3 AC Output ( 2...
RRP: $299.00RRP: $343.85

 inc GST

Stock: 10+
Part #: UPSBLZ22000

Part # 
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UPSTRP1002Tripplite SMX-1000LCD Smart LCD 1000VA Tower Line-Interactive 230V UPS with LCD0  $396.00  +GST
 $455.40  inc GST
UPSTRP1005Tripplite LR2000 2000 Watt Line Conditioner0  $389.00  +GST
 $447.35  inc GST
UPSTRP1004Tripplite LR1000 1000 Watt Line Conditioner0  $280.00  +GST
 $322.00  inc GST
UPSTRP1001Tripplite AVRX750U Internet AVR 230VAC, 750VA UPS0  $270.00  +GST
 $310.50  inc GST
UPSSTC1006Soltec AHA-303HR 3KVA Pure Sine wave Rackmount UPS with external battery bank 96VDC0  $1253.00  +GST
 $1,440.95  inc GST
UPSSTC1005Soltec AHA-303H 3KVA Pure Sine wave Tower UPS0  $1062.00  +GST
 $1,221.30  inc GST
UPSSTC1004Soltec AHA-203HR 2KVA Pure Sine wave Rackmount UPS with external battery bank 96VDC0  $1068.00  +GST
 $1,228.20  inc GST
UPSSTC1003Soltec AHA-203H 2KVA Pure Sine wave Tower UPS0  $883.00  +GST
 $1,015.45  inc GST
UPSSTC1002Soltec AHA-103HR 1KVA Pure Sine Wave Rackmount UPS0  $508.00  +GST
 $584.20  inc GST
UPSSTC1001Soltec AHA-103H 1KVA Pure Sine Wave Tower UPS0  $508.00  +GST
 $584.20  inc GST
UPSAPC1823SmartSlot Interface Expander with cables0  $374.00  +GST
 $430.10  inc GST
UPSPSD0014PowerShield Telescopic Rail Mounting Kit for UPS and EBM.010   $84.00  +GST
 $96.60  inc GST
UPSPSD0016PowerShield External Maintenance Bypass Switch for 3kVA UPS0  $270.00  +GST
 $310.50  inc GST
UPSPSD0012PowerShield Extended Battery Module for PSCERT1000 UPS.010   $438.00  +GST
 $503.70  inc GST
UPSPSD0011PowerShield Extended Battery Module for PSCE2000 and PSCE3000 UPS.0  $723.00  +GST
 $831.45  inc GST
UPSPSD0010PowerShield Extended Battery Module for PSCE1000 UPS.0  $412.00  +GST
 $473.80  inc GST
UPSPSD3000PowerShield Centurion Tower 3000VA Double Conversion True Online UPS. 4x NZ Outlets + 1x 15A IEC Outlet.0  $1172.00  +GST
 $1,347.80  inc GST
UPSPSD2000PowerShield Centurion Tower 2000VA Double Conversion True Online UPS. 4x NZ Outlets + 2x IEC Outlets.0  $981.00  +GST
 $1,128.15  inc GST
UPSPSD1000PowerShield Centurion Tower 1000VA Double Conversion True Online UPS. 2x NZ Outlets + 2x IEC Outlets.010+   $622.00  +GST
 $715.30  inc GST
UPSPSD3001PowerShield Centurion RT 3000VA Double Conversion True Online UPS. Power Factor 0.9, Rack / Tower0  $1146.00  +GST
 $1,317.90  inc GST
UPSPSD2001PowerShield Centurion RT 2000VA Double Conversion True Online UPS. Power Factor 0.9, Rack / Tower010   $1062.00  +GST
 $1,221.30  inc GST
UPSPSD1001PowerShield Centurion RT 1000VA Double Conversion True Online UPS. Power Factor 0.9, Rack / Tower0  $662.00  +GST
 $761.30  inc GST
UPSKST3150Kstar BM3150 Line Interactive UPS 1500VA High Frequency CPU Control via USB Port0  $214.00  +GST
 $246.10  inc GST
UPSIBM2861070IBM RT1.5kVA 2U Rack or Tower UPS (200-240VAC)0  $1240.30  +GST
 $1,426.35  inc GST
UPSHSV9166HP AF465A UPS Network Module MINI-SLOT Kit0  $444.00  +GST
 $510.60  inc GST
UPSHSV1020185HP AF447A G2 T750 Intl UPS --promotional pricing is available until the 28th of February 20140  $486.00  +GST
 $558.90  inc GST
UPSEMP0654Emerson Liebert UPS PowerSure III PSA650 VA Inline110+   $115.00  +GST
 $132.25  inc GST
UPSEMP0660Emerson Liebert UPS PowerSure III 1000 VA Inline010+   $230.00  +GST
 $264.50  inc GST
UPSEMP3000Emerson Liebert UPS GXT3-3000RT-230 On Line UPS 3kVA w/ Bypas,0  $3452.00  +GST
 $3,969.80  inc GST
UPSEMP1009Emerson Liebert UPS GXT3-2000RT-230 On Line UPS 2kVA0  $2350.00  +GST
 $2,702.50  inc GST
UPSEMP1008Emerson Liebert UPS GXT3-1500RT-230 On Line UPS 1.5kVA0  $1777.00  +GST
 $2,043.55  inc GST
UPSEMP0652Emerson Liebert RailSlides for GXT2U and GXT3 UPS010   $140.00  +GST
 $161.00  inc GST
UPSEMP1002Emerson Liebert PS1000RT3 PowerSure Interactive 1000VA Rack/Tower Sine Wave0  $800.00  +GST
 $920.00  inc GST
UPSEMP0664Emerson Liebert OC-485 Intellislot EIA-485 Interface Card0  $115.00  +GST
 $132.25  inc GST
UPSEMP0663Emerson Liebert MP2-210K ByPass Switch for GXT3-700/1000/15000  $382.00  +GST
 $439.30  inc GST
UPSEMP1010Emerson Liebert Battery Pack GXT3-240VBATT Battery Pack for GXT3-6000/50000  $2136.00  +GST
 $2,456.40  inc GST
UPSEMP1500Emerson 1500VA Mini Tower Line Interactive UPS - 6 battery backup outlets/2 surge outlets/RJ45 protection and Windows shutdown software010+   $299.00  +GST
 $343.85  inc GST
UPSEMP1001Emerson 1000VA Double Conversion True On-line UPS - Rack Tower w/ Bypass (6 battery backup outlets) External Battery Connector Output PF 0.90  $1255.00  +GST
 $1,443.25  inc GST
UPSPWR1224463EATON SSF10I 10A Series Filter IEC 10A input/output010+   $194.00  +GST
 $223.10  inc GST
UPSPWR1515712EATON SF8RM 1U 10A Aust 3 pin Input Rack Mount Surge0  $230.00  +GST
 $264.50  inc GST
UPSPWR1515699EATON PW9130N3000T-EBM 9130 Tower Extended Battery Module 23kV0  $1519.00  +GST
 $1,746.85  inc GST
UPSPWR1515698EATON PW9130N3000R-EBM2U 9130 20003000VA Rack Extended Battery Mo0  $1166.00  +GST
 $1,340.90  inc GST
UPSPWR1515695EATON PW9130N1000T-EBM 9130 Tower Extended Battery Module 10000  $795.00  +GST
 $914.25  inc GST
UPSPWR1515684EATON PW9130G3000T-XLAU 9130 3000VA2700W On Line Tower UPS0  $3840.00  +GST
 $4,416.00  inc GST
UPSPWR1515683EATON PW9130G3000R-XL2UAU 9130 3000VA 2700W On Line Rack UPS0  $3371.00  +GST
 $3,876.65  inc GST
UPSPWR1515679EATON PW9130G1500T-XLAU 9130 1500VA1350W On Line Tower UPS0  $1996.00  +GST
 $2,295.40  inc GST
UPSPWR1515678EATON PW9130G1500R-XL2UAU 9130 1500VA 1350W On Line Rack UPS0  $1822.00  +GST
 $2,095.30  inc GST
UPSPWR1515676EATON PW9130G1000R-XL2UAU 9130 1000VA 900W On Line Rack UPS0  $1510.00  +GST
 $1,736.50  inc GST

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