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ATEN CS62T 2-port USB Cable KVM w/ File Transfer. Cable length: 0.9m. Audio enabled.
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Part #: KVMATN0068|MFC: CS62T|UPC: 672792002939
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The CS62T improves on prior models in the Cable KVM series, by combing a 2-port KVM switch enabling it to provide USB peripheral sharing and USB file sharing between the connected computers – ideal for syncing files, folders between portable and desktop computers.
Featuring an unbeatable combination of USB peripheral sharing, USB file management, audio support for multimedia and user-friendly operation, the CS62T offers the utmost in desktop KVM switching functionality
  • One USB console controls two USB interface computers
  • USB File Management -transfer files between connected Windows based computers - sync files, folders
  • USB mouse port can be used for USB hub and USB peripheral sharing
  • Computer selection via hotkeys and mouse*
  • Hotkey selection for OS and keyboard language
  • Audio-enabled - full bass response for 2.1 surround sound
  • Multiplatform support - Windows, Linux, Mac, and Sun
  • Compact design, built-in all-in-one cables (2 x 0.9 m)
  • Video DynaSync™ - exclusive ATEN technology which eliminates boot-up display problems and optimizes resolution when switching between ports
  • Power on detection - automatically switches to the fi rst powered on computer
  • Superior video quality - up to 2048 x 1536; DDC2B
  • Supports gaming and multimedia keyboards
  • Supports multifunction and wireless keyboards and mice
  • Mac/Sun keyboard support and emulation**
  • Auto Scan function to monitor computer operation
  • Non-powered

    * Mouse port switching is only supported when using a USB 3-key wheel mouse
    ** 1. PC keyboard combinations emulate Sun/Mac keyboards
    2. Sun/Mac keyboards only work with their own computers

Computer Connections2
Port SelectionHotkeys; Mous
Keyboard1 x USB Type A Female (White)
Video1 x HDB-15 Female (Blue)
Mouse1 x USB Type A Female (White)
Speakers1 x Mini Stereo Jack Female
Microphone1 x Mini Stereo Jack Female (Pink)
2 x USB Type A Male (Purple)
Video2 x HDB-15 Male (Blue)
Speakers2 x Mini Stereo Jack Female
Microphone2 x Mini Stereo Jack Female (Pink)
File Transfer2 x USB Type A Male (Black)
LEDsSelected / On line2 (Orange/Green)
Cable LengthComputers2 x 0.9 m
EmulationKeyboard / MouseUSB
Video2048 x 1536; DDC2B
Scan Interval3, 5, 10, 20 secs. (default 5 secs.)
EnvironmentOperating Temp.0 - 50°C
Storage Temp.-20 - 60°C
Humidity0-80% RH Non-condensing
Physical PropertiesHousingPlastic
Weight0.42 kg
( L x W x H )
8.24 x 6.99 x 2.52 cm


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