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SeaSonic M12II 750 SS-750AM 750W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Modular Active PFC Semi-modular Power Supply ( 5 years warranty)We don't sell this product at this time.
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Part #: PSUSSN20750|MFC: SS-750AM|UPC: 4711173871712
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Seasonic Ultimate Gaming Power Supply, Global Top brand, Top Technology, Top Quality !

Seasonic M12II Bronze Series has been the ever-popular power supply series of the semi modular category. Now Seasonic extends the semi-modular series by introducing M12II Bronze 650/750/850 to provide consumers a larger selection in the entry level 80PLUS Bronze certified category.
The M12II Bronze new models have built in a full protection feature including OCP, OPP,OTP, OVP, SCP & UVP and meet worldwide safety and environmental standards. The all-new M12II-650/750/850 units are the new leaders in the 80 PLUS Bronze category andanother great addition to the Seasonic Retail power supply family.

The M12II Bronze Series achieves the 80 PLUS® Bronze standard of at least 82%, 85% and 82% efficiency under 20%, 50% and 100% operating loads respectively. Combined with Active Power Factor correction (Active PFC), the M12II Bronze reduces energy waste, boosts power efficiency and more importantly, helps the users to save energy and reduce electricity bill.

Special Features

  1. DC to DC Converter Design
  2. High Reliable 105? Japanese Brand Capacitors
  3. Ample +12V Outputs
  4. Active Power Factor Correction [99% PF Typical]
  5. Smart & Silent Fan Control [S2FC]
  6. 12cm Ball Bearing Cooling Fan
  7. Soft-Mount Rubber Cushions
  8. Multi-GPU Technologies Supported
  9. Detachable Modular Cables
  10. Easy Swap Connectors
  11. Universal Ventilation [Honeycomb Structure]
  12. 5 Year Warranty

Product Information

1. Dimension: L160 x W150 x H86 mm

2. AC input & DC output voltages (Full Rang: 100-240V (Max 90-264V)
Model: M12II-850 Bronze, M12II-750 Bronze & M12II-650 Bronze
(SS-850AM, SS-750AM & SS-650AM Active PFC F3)

3. Wire Configuration

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Recent Reviews

Jos Van De Laar - 21/11/2013
All good, nice PSU.

Lachie - 11/11/2013
Good Power Supply. All volts/watts were in recommend ranges, tested by a power supply tester. Only let down is that its not fully modular.

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