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Instant VideoAlbum Software, to preserve and share all your videos on CDs and DVDsPrice on Availability
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  • Capture video from digital camcorders (Capture device/interface not included)
  • Import video and still images from hard drive, CD, scanner, and any removable digital media
  • Automatic scene detection
  • Capture and burn with one mouse click
  • Video stabilization
  • Automatic color correction
  • Video cleaning
  • Return to menu after playing movie option
  • Scale and crop photos
  • Adjust video brightness
  • Delete unwanted video
  • Create photo slideshows with transitions such as dissolves, wipes, pulls and slides
  • Create slideshows in time with music
  • Create slideshow with transitions
  • Preview your project at any time in real time
  • Create motion menus
  • Choose from dozens of included menu templates
  • Insert audio under menus
  • Includes labels, and inserts
  • Automatic label creation tool built in

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