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Letter to AlphaCity Customers

AlphaCity has been trading for over six years in a highly competitive market and we have driven hard to offer the best prices in NZ to our customers.
In the last couple of years it has been difficult to survive in such an environment and continue to offer good customer service, so we have made the decision to sell AlphaCity to PB Technologies in order for you to continue to get great products, service and price across New Zealand. PB Technologies is a fast growing NZ company that is dedicated to offering IT products and has been a supplier to us for some time.
PB will look after all AlphaCity warranties and customer support, below you will find your new logon details for their website and links for Returns and Customer Support.
If you have any outstanding orders with us we will fulfil the orders where money has been paid to AlphaCity's account and pass the others to PB to manage.

The staff of AlphaCity and I would like to thank you for your custom over the last six years.
We are very much appreciate for your business and support, and sincerely wish you the best for the future.

PB Technologies: (09) 526 9200,
PB Returns: (09) 526 9200 ext 2906,

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