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  • Newline's series of large, interactive touch displays were created with a single thought in mind - to make meetings, presentations and multi-location collaboration more enjoyable for all.
  • Experience meetings on a cutting-edge 4K display that allows your team or classroom to interact and take part in your presentations. From taking notes to sharing ideas, you're only one button away from impressive collaboration.
Designed in the USA with corporate and education settings in mind, you can replace projector, microphones, speakers, pens and other complicated setups with one unit to do it all.
Our TRUTOUCH X Series displays come ready to go, loaded with Windows 10 Pro, and are compatible with both Mac & Windows
Synch up to 64 users on one main device for full interaction

Newline for Corporate

Newline offers high-quality display solutions fit for modern workspaces and corporations. Upgrade your workspace and help your team collaborate quicker, easier, and better. Newline’s corporate solutions make meetings more effective so your team can focus on brainstorming great ideas and get to work putting them into action. Businesses rely on collaboration to thrive, and Newline makes it possible in ways you never imagined.

Newline for Education

Newline offers high-quality display solutions made perfect for any classroom environment. The non-proprietary nature of their smartboards provides great flexibility as if you have a giant blank canvas with the freedom to be adaptable to your teaching preferences. We understand how teachers are very busy creating stimulating content for students, however with this device, there won’t be a sharp time-consuming learning curve as educators can enjoy familiarity by using any operating system they prefer. 

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