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The OKI Dealer must purchase an eligible model within the promotional period 1 August to 30 September 2021 and complete the claim form on the OKI Promotions claim portal before 15th October 2021. Eligible products include: 5 Year Onsite Warranty: C650 (3 year to 5 year Onsite Warranty), C834 (3 year to 5 year Onsite Warranty), MC873 (3 year to 5 year Onsite Warranty). Claim details required include – title, first name, last name, business name, email address, business address, phone number, invoice number, eligible product model, quantity, eligible product serial number and supporting Distributor tax invoice to the Promotion website as a PDF, JPG or other supported file type using the upload facility provided. The Distributor supporting tax invoice submitted must contain the following: Invoice made out to - Dealer name, Sale purchase date, Sale purchase price, List of Eligible Product purchased, Invoice number, Serial number. Hand written tax invoices and delivery dockets will not be accepted as proof of purchase. Any claim form submitted without the required proof of purchase documentation will be rejected. Entries will be deemed invalid if the same tax invoice number is used on more than one entry. Each product claimed will receive a unique promotion code against each serial number issued by OKI to register for the bonus warranty. The end customer must register their warranty before 28 February 2022 online at using the unique promotion code to validate their warranty with the bonus warranty period. The promotion code will expire on 28 February 2022.