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Built to Order Servers

PB Tech Custom Server Solutions - Built to Serve

Our solid, reliable, and flexible server systems are built to meet your high-performance computing needs. Just choose your CPUs, storage, memory, form-factor, and anything else you require. Whether you need rackmount, blade, or tower, small business or enterprise workloads, our specialist team can help you assemble a server or storage solution that fits your budget and performance requirements. PB Tech servers are available with your choice of leading brands, including Supermicro, HP, Lenovo, and Dell.

Our Servers Feature:

  • Your choice of tower, blade, or rackmount form factor
  • The latest Intel Xeon processors
  • Enterprise hard disk and solid state storage solutions
  • RAID options available
  • Wide variety of networking options available
  • UPS options available

PB Servers are Ideal For:

  • Virtualisation
  • Network file storage
  • Growing small businesses
  • Medium to large enterprise workloads
  • Webhosting
  • Datacentres
  • Databases & Exchange

Microsoft Server 2019 Software Solutions Available:

  • Flexible core licensing
  • Nano installations
  • Migration support

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