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Built to Order Workstations

PB Tech - Your all-in-one workstation hardware provider

If your work is mission-critical and every second counts, a workstation is a wise investment. When you need the uncompromising performance that only a custom-built workstation can provide, PB has you covered.

Whether your workflow is multi-threaded or monolithic, our experienced team can deliver options for all budgets, including scalability for future upgrades and large deployments.

If you have any questions about a custom gaming build please drop the team a line at or keep reading to learn more.

Our workstations feature:

  • The latest Intel Core and Xeon processors
  • Multi-processor options
  • NVIDIA Quadro and AMD RadeonPro graphics solutions
  • More cores
  • More geebees
  • Faster storage
  • Liquid cooling options
  • Overclocking by request
  • Sleek and understated design

PB Workstations are ideal for:

  • CAD
  • Graphic design
  • 2D and 3D animation
  • High resolution video rendering
  • Virtualisation
  • Compiling
  • Databases
  • Advanced analysis
  • Number crunching
  • Simulation
  • Web development
  • Healthcare
  • Finance

Get in touch

If you have any questions about a built to order Workstation please send us a message using the form below and one of our experts will come back to you right away.

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