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Bigpipe Modem

You've got plenty of options when it comes to getting a modem/router for Bigpipe! You can either purchase a Bigpipe Modem (a Huawei HG659, compatible with all Bigpipe plans) for $99 as part of the Bigpipe sign-up process, or you can purchase any of these recommended modems from our friends at PBTech on this page. Just make sure you get one that's compatible with the Bigpipe plan you've chosen. The power... is yours!

ADSL Modems

Here is a list of modems suitable for our FAST plan (ADSL). Whilst the cheaper ones will work just fine with Bigpipe, we do recommend investing in something better if you have multiple users in your house or want to get better wifi speeds.

VDSL Modems

Below is a list of modems that will work with our TURBO (VDSL) plan. They will also work with the FAST (ADSL) plan, and often provide better WIFI experience than most ADSL modems.

The Bigpipe team recommends the Netcomm NF8AC. It's very stable, with great WIFI performance, and also works well on UFB when that upgrade comes to your area.

UFB Routers

For UFB with Bigpipe, you do not need a modem. However, you *do* need a router capable of handling the awesome speeds UFB provides.
Our personal favourite is the TP-Link Archer C2 (listed below). It's a good combination of quality performance and value for money.
However, if you are one of the lucky ones on a Gigatown plan, it's probably worth investing in something better to make the most out of those speeds.
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