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Powerline Networking

Internet Connection ADSL VDSL Mobile Broadband Fibre 100 Fibre 200 Fibre Max
Download Speed1 24Mbps 70Mbps 150Mbps 100Mbps 200Mbps 900Mbps
Upload Speed1 1Mbps 10Mbps 50Mbps 20Mbps 20Mbps 400Mbps
Ideal Adapter AV500/600 AV2 1000 AV2 2000
Download Speed2 35Mbps 150Mbps 250Mbps
Upload Speed2 35Mbps 150Mbps 250Mbps

1Theoretical speed from your internet provider.

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Wireless: Yes
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Part #: NETTPL0422
Ethernet Ports: 2
Wireless: Yes
Powerline Transmission Speed: 600Mbps
Wi-Fi Bands: Single
Wireless Technology: 802.11n
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PB Tech price: PB Tech price: $120 86 $120.86  +GST $138 99 $138.99  inc GST
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