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BYOD - Avonside Girls High School

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The minimum storage requirement for BYOD devices are 128gb SSD, please contact Liz at School or Ella at PB Tech [email protected] if you need any recommendation while choosing devices.
MS Surface
Minimum specification for devices: • Battery life: 6 - 8 hours. Note that battery life will lessen over time. Ensure devices are fully charged at home before the school day • Keyboard • Screen size of 13 inches is optimal • Light enough to be carried around during the day • Protective case • 5GHz Wireless capability • USB Drive • Built in camera and sound recording • RAM – 8GB is optimal (Minimum of 4GB) • Where possible, purchasing devices with SSD drives is preferable as these prove to be more reliable long term. 128GB is recommended for SSDs’ to ensure sufficient space for software. Hard Drive should be at least 320GB • Microsoft Office license – provided free by AGHS while at school • Output capability • Insurance (AGHS is not responsible for damage or loss of the device)
Windows Laptops
Please contact [email protected] if any of these options are not available, or if you have any inquiries.
Laptops to be Esports ready!
A great option for all-day use at school, Strong performance for esports and graphic designing.
Microsoft devices
Microsoft devices