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Hardware Refurbishment & Upgrades

Hardware Upgrade Services

Prolong the life of your business desktop PCs and laptops with cost effective hardware upgrade services.

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PB Tech are experts in all things I.T. related and we understand the increasing costs to businesses of having to replace old devices with new ones, so we’re now able to help with computer refurbishments and upgrades.

The upgrade or refurbishment of an old device by adding memory, replacing an old hard drives with a fast solid state drive or by updating the operating system can extend the useful life of a notebook, desktop or workstation by 2 years or more significantly reducing the total cost of ownership for a device over its life cycle.

Refurbishment / Upgrade Services Available

Complete Refurbishment Service

Aimed at medium to large businesses looking to extended the life cycle of notebooks or desktop PCs, PB Tech can thoroughly recondition entire batches of devices. This service can be customised to suit but often includes replacement hard drive / solid state drive, additional memory, operating system upgrade or disk re-imaging and clean to remove dust from internal components.

Individual Component Upgrades

PB Tech can also upgrade individual components in a system including:

  • Hard Drives
  • Memory / RAM
  • Operating Systems
  • Video Cards

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