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Using a membership key

From time to time, PB Tech offers exclusive membership keys that provide VIP pricing to members of certain membership groups. To find out how to use a membership key, follow the instructions below.

Using a membership key as a new customer

Click ‘Create Account’ in the top right corner of our website header.

Fill in the required fields with your details and enter the membership key into the ‘membership key’ field.

Once you’ve filled in the fields, hit ‘register’.

Using a membership key as an existing customer

To add a membership key to an existing account, go to your account settings which can be accessed via a drop-down menu in the top right corner of our website header.

Navigate to ‘personal details’. Enter the membership key in the ‘Membership Key’ field.

Ensure you’ve filled out all required fields (marked with an asterik) and click ‘Update Details’ at the bottom of the page.

How to get a membership key

Membership keys can be obtained exclusively through memberships with certain groups and associations. Contact us if you would like to create a membership key for your organisation.

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