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Surcharges for Select Payment Options

PB Tech charges a surcharge on some payment options offered to its customers. This is done to offset the costs charged to PB Tech by the payment provider (e.g. credit card companies) when a customer uses these payment methods.


How much is the surcharge?

Where a surcharge applies, it can vary based on the payment method used, but for credit card transactions it is 2.5%. The exact amount of any surcharge is clearly displayed during the checkout process of this website. PB Tech also offers multiple payment options that don’t attract a surcharge.


But why does PB Tech charge a surcharge when some other companies do not?

We do this for one simple reason, to save our customers’ money. Rather than absorb this cost and increase our overall prices, we choose to keep our prices lower so those customers who pay via the multiple payment methods we offer that don’t attract fees can avoid the surcharge and enjoy lower prices when they shop.

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