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Website Display Preferences

To make it easier to navigate our site you can customise the display of certain aspects of the site from the Website Display Preferences block. This block is located on all category pages in the left column and is titled 'Preferences'.

GST Inclusive

You are able to select whether you want to view product prices including or excluding GST.

Show Only In Stock

This setting enables you to limit products that are displayed in categories and when searching to those that are in-stock at PB Tech only.


The 'Display' drop down menu enables you to select your preferred view type for lists of products. You have the following options to choose from, list, gallery or expanded list. Simply select the option you prefer from the drop down menu.


The 'Branch' drop down menu enables you to customise the display of stock information on the website so it references the branch location you have chosen. E.g. with an individual branch selected, a product will only be considered 'In stock' if that particular branch has stock. Please note, all web orders ship from the location 'Head Office (Web)'.

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