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Hyperfibre at PB Tech
Hyperfibre at PB Tech

What is Hyperfibre?

Hyperfibre is the latest generation of fibre technology boasting extreme speeds and low latency. Using the current fibre network, Hyperfibre is offering upload and download speeds of 2000 Mbps, 4000 Mbps, and 8000 Mbps depending on your location. Whether you are a home user where everyone in your house streams and downloads a lot, a business that needs to support a large number of users connecting remotely or an educational institution streaming classes to students you may feel it is time to upgrade to Hyperfibre.

Who is offering Hyperfibre?

MyRepublic was awarded New Zealand’s fastest fixed network in 2020 by Ookla. MyRepublic Gamer is also #1 in download performance on Steam.
PB Tech has teamed up with MyRepublic to provide you some exclusive Hyperfibre offers. You can view them below.

What products support Hyperfibre?

To be able to take advantage of Hyperfibre you will need hardware that supports it. We have compiled a list of recommended Routers, Switches, Access Points, and Adapters for Consumer and Commercial use to help make the decision easier for you.

Hyperfibre for Consumer
Hyperfibre for Commercial