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Device-as-a-Service (DaaS)

DaaS at PB Tech New Zealand

PB Tech Device-as-a-Service is designed to make managing device lifecycles hassle-free for businesses. It also makes the cost of IT assets predictable by spreading them out over three years, allowing businesses to reliably upgrade their device fleets.
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PB Tech DaaS saves you time

We save you time

  • Pay as you go monthly subscription
  • Includes disk imaging for fast deployment
  • Secure data removal at end of contract period
PB Tech DaaS has the latest devices

The latest devices

  • Upgrade every 2 or 3 years - you choose
  • All the top brands, NZ's largest range with over 500 models to choose from
PB Tech DaaS give you legendary savings

PB's legendary low pricing

  • Enjoy the pricing benefits of doing business with NZ's largest laptop supplier

What's included with DaaS?

  Tier 1 DaaS at PB Tech Tier 2 DaaS at PB Tech Tier 3 DaaS at PB Tech
Hardware Warranty Support      
Asset Management Portal      
Physical and BIOS Asset Tagging      
Certified Data Cleansing      
Environmental Sustainability Programme      
PB Tech 'Order to Desk' Deployment      
Remote Domain Join      
Ticket Management Portal      
Ticket Lodgement      
Utilisation Reporting      
Inventory Reporting (Hardware)      
Windows Patch Notifications      
Remote Hardware Support      
Customer 'Evangelist' - SLA Delivery and Reporting      
Service Desk Single Point of Contact      
Telephony Response SLAs      
Response and Resolve SLAs      
Level 1 Remote Support for End Users and Devices      
Level 2 Remote Support for End Users and Devices      
Service Request Fulfilment and Incident Resolution      
Third Party Ticket Management (i.e. for application issues or hardware failures)      
SLA Reporting      
Service Delivery Management      
Onsite Warranty/Forward Replacement      

*Pricing displayed based on a 3-year contract period.


Sky TV chooses PB Tech DaaS

"Sky broadcasts and streams sport, news, documentaries and entertainment to hundreds of thousands of customers around New Zealand 24 hours a day. The Sky team needs up-to-date, high performing and secure equipment to ensure uninterrupted service in all parts of the organisation.

In using PB Tech’s DaaS service, Sky has access to the latest devices without incurring capital cost and enjoys a high degree of service at a very good value. The Sky team applauds the support from PB Tech during the challenges of Covid-19, where their service delivery was exemplary, enabling hundreds of Sky crew members to work from home, all while protecting data integrity."

- Sky NZ Director of Technology Prabhu Singh


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