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Device-as-a-Service (DaaS)


Managing your device fleet has never been easier for New Zealand businesses.

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PB Tech’s Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) is designed to take away the logistical headache of asset lifecycle management.

Device and end-user management are often a headache for internal IT teams, draining valuable time and resources that could be used to further business outcomes.

Tier One of our DaaS solution offers our most effective pre and post-life cycle services, allowing you to retain your critical IT operations internally.

At Tier Two, the toolset provided will empower your business with better visibility and control of your own environment, and Tier Three is a fully managed service allowing your team to focus on strategy and maximising productivity.

Whatever level of asset management support you need, our DaaS experts can work with your IT team to design a solution that works for you.



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  Tier 1 DaaS at PB Tech Tier 2 DaaS at PB Tech Tier 3 DaaS at PB Tech
Hardware Warranty Support      
Asset Management Portal      
Physical and BIOS Asset Tagging      
Certified Data Cleansing      
Environmental Sustainability Programme      
PB Tech 'Order to Desk' Deployment      
Remote Domain Join      
Ticket Management Portal      
Ticket Lodgement      
Utilisation Reporting      
Inventory Reporting (Hardware)      
Windows Patch Notifications      
Remote Hardware Support      
Customer 'Evangelist' - SLA Delivery and Reporting      
Service Desk Single Point of Contact      
Telephony Response SLAs      
Response and Resolve SLAs      
Level 1 Remote Support for End Users and Devices      
Level 2 Remote Support for End Users and Devices      
Service Request Fulfilment and Incident Resolution      
Third Party Ticket Management (i.e. for application issues or hardware failures)      
SLA Reporting      
Service Delivery Management      
Onsite Warranty/Forward Replacement      

*Pricing displayed based on a 3-year contract period.



Second Life Sustainability Programme

PB Tech’s Second Life Sustainability Programme takes technology reaching the end of its initial lifecycle and reconditions it so it works like new and has a second life.

If your business or school has devices that are near the end of their current life cycle, consider contributing it to our Second Life Sustainability Programme. PB Tech will buy old devices that you no longer need, and double their utility to the New Zealand economy through guaranteed re-deployment of I.T. devices.

If your devices aren't fit to be re-conditioned and reused, we can safely dispose of them for you in a sustainable way.

Organisations taking part in our Second Life Sustainability Programme can be identified by our Sustainable IT certification


Secure Data Erasure

Our secure data erasure service will permanently erase the data of your DaaS devices at the end of the three-year agreement to ensure your business-critical information remains protected.

The data erasure software has been tested, certified, approved, and recommended by more than 15 governing bodies around the world and is able to erase data to a standard that complies with more than 25 data security and privacy standards.

Tamper-proof reports can satisfy the most stringent security and regulatory requirements and help companies fulfil their responsibility to protect and safely dispose of sensitive client data.



Sky TV chooses PB Tech DaaS

"Sky broadcasts and streams sport, news, documentaries and entertainment to hundreds of thousands of customers around New Zealand 24 hours a day. The Sky team needs up-to-date, high performing and secure equipment to ensure uninterrupted service in all parts of the organisation.

In using PB Tech’s DaaS service, Sky has access to the latest devices without incurring capital cost and enjoys a high degree of service at a very good value. The Sky team applauds the support from PB Tech during the challenges of Covid-19, where their service delivery was exemplary, enabling hundreds of Sky crew members to work from home, all while protecting data integrity."

- Sky NZ Director of Technology Prabhu Singh

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