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Managed End User Services

Managed End User Services

A disciplined, flexible and empathetic approach to End-User Support and Management.

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PB Tech’s EUS puts laser focus on the delivery of effective, consistent and empathetic support services to our customer’s end-users. End-user support is a significant operational pain-point for many organizations and can often result in internal IT teams focusing on reactive support instead of driving the alignment of IT to business requirements. PB Tech can remove the operational burden of End User support from internal IT Teams while significantly improving the experience your end-users experience from IT. With a focus on impeccable communication, metric-driven delivery, Knowledge Centred Support (KCS) and data-driven Continual Service Improvement, PB Tech EUS allows our customers to focus on unleashing IT’s strategic value while leveraging PB Tech’s operational expertise in delivering end-user services.

  •   PB Tech manages your end-users enabling you to focus on driving the strategic side of IT
  •   Metric focused, data drives governance, problem management, continual service improvement and customer satisfaction ratings
  •   Focus on empathetic approach to support, we understand what your people are doing at the time they require assistance
  •   Innovative approach to on-boarding / transition. Let us tell you how we do it!

What is EUS

PB Techs End-User Services (EUS) are designed to take away the ‘operational clutter’ of supporting an organization’s end-users. PB Techs EUS aims to complement internal IT teams that want to retain the management of back-end infrastructure and networks but would like end-user service request fulfilment, and end-user incident resolution to be outsourced. This allows IT stakeholders in our customer’s organizations to focus on driving the business through strategic IT initiatives rather than the reactive support required by an organization’s end-users.

Of critical importance with EUS is the quality of the services delivered. PB Tech is committed to providing a service that delivers a positive experience to our customer’s end-users. We work extremely hard to ensure that customer satisfaction is regularly measured and continuously improved upon. We want your end-users to love PB Tech and the services we provide them!

Further to the above, PB Tech can also take away the frustration of client device deployment. PB’s Customer Device Imaging and Install means with the click of a mouse a device can be ordered, picked from our warehouse, imaged and delivered ensuring a productive start for your new hires! With this service, PB Tech really does deliver right through the lifecycle of end-user support.

It is not overstating it for us to say that we want to deliver the best end-user services on the planet. The whole point of EUS is to allow IT stakeholders to focus on driving their business without the interruption of any end-user support. Only the best delivery will achieve this.

How do we do it?

How does PB Tech ensure top customer satisfaction.

  • Flexible - Designed to complement your internal IT team:

    EUS is all about ensuring your end-users remain productive and receiving stellar care and attention for incident resolution and service request fulfilment. The PB Tech Service Desk will generally become the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for your end-user community and will field all communications, from ticket logging, ticket follow ups, general information, just in time training and any other queries they may have. This allows our customer’s internal IT teams to focus on driving the business while taking advantage of our expertise, processes and systems in managing end-users. PB Tech understands that every organization’s requirements are different, so will work with you to design a solution that is right for you.

  • Focus on Communication:

    You would expect an MSP’s engineering team to possess the technical (‘Hard Skills’) required to deliver the services you require, however, for PB Tech that is only part of the equation with our staff. All staff are required to put equal emphasis on their ‘soft skills’ and these soft-skills are central to our recruitment process. Of all the soft-skills, communication is the one most emphasized. After all, Managed Services is a people business, people value communication and communication ensures expectations are both set and met. Peter Drucker once said “The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said”. This philosophy is central to us being able to empathise with our customers at any given point in time.

  • Multiple Communication Channels:

    PB Tech wants to make communication with our customers as simple as possible. In order to achieve this, we have 4 channels of inbound and outbound communication. Customers can communicate with us via either Chat, Web Portal, Email (automated ticket logging) and Phone. Each method is underpinned by SLA ensuring that an expectation is set then that expectation is met.

  • Every data point is important:

    Key to everything PB Tech does in delivering Managed Services is the utilization of data to drive our business. Across the board, our team lives and breathes our ethos in regards data. Whether its ticket classifications, completion times or closure codes, the accuracy of data going in to our systems ensures the reporting and business driving metrics coming out of them are as accurate. This allows us to generate powerful trending information in regards what is occurring with your end-user IT, who is logging what and when, identify opportunities for service request automation and opportunities to drive out repeating incidents and their root causes. Our data is our customers data and we are creative with how we use it to drive Continuous Service Improvement.

  • Transparent processes:

    When you buy into PB Tech's EUS you are buying into support best practices that have been developed from many years of experience of what works in regards supporting your end users. We are transparent with our processes and are happy to share them. This ensures that you have peace of mind to know that support activities are being undertaken in a consistent manner with the correct authorisations and any other requirements for request and incident completion.

  • Metric Based Delivery Blueprint:

    Incident and Service Request completion times are underpinned by formal Service Level Agreements (SLA). This ensures the customer has security in regards ticket completion turnarounds. PB Tech takes this a step further, purposefully striving to deliver well to a level well above the contracted SLA. Our experience shows that if response and resolve SLA compliance is kept at 95% and above, there will be few if any end-user escalations.

  • First Touch Resolution:

    The PB Tech service desk is tasked with delivering 70% First Touch Resolution (FTR), meaning that we aim to complete 70% of end-user generated tickets at the initial point of contact. We ensure our Level 1 ‘Response’ engineers have all of the knowledge and tools at their disposal to achieve this. All of our Level 1’s are technical and love their technology, meaning the person who receives your request has every chance of resolving it. We also ensure we keep our resourcing levels on the desk at a level which ensures that our L1’s have the time to attempt resolution. We understand the importance of the Level 1 / Response function and we live and breathe the ethos that if our.

  • Knowledge Base:

    Knowledge is at the essence of any great service desk and PB Tech ensures that the knowledge we hold is accessible, easy to find and continuously evolving. PB Tech has structured its knowledge bases to ensure that any knowledge article for any customer is able to be found in 3 clicks. If it is not found within 3 clicks, it does not yet exist, however, quickly will. PB Tech is a follower of Knowledge Centred Support (KCS), in which knowledge articles are generated during the process of completing work. This means we document actual requirements.

  • Culture:

    PB Tech believes in providing a personable, empathetic experience to our EUS customers. As we effectively become your IT department we are representing your business and want to be a very positive part of it. Our culture is one of energy and a ‘can-do’ attitude. We view our engineer’s soft-skills as important as their hard-skills. Positive intent is what you can expect from your PB Tech End User support team every time you contact them.

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