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Our IT Services

PB Tech delivers End to End IT Services across New Zealand and Australia.
Across our 5 different services segments we will have your business supported in every way.
See what partnership with New Zealand’s most dynamic IT supplier can bring to your business!
  • repair & production

    Efficient, reliable and trouble-free repair of your IT equipment with dedicated service centres in 11 locations throughout NZ.

  • install & display

    From single devices, to fully integrated multi-media facilities, PB Tech will consult, design, implement and project manage your requirements.

  • onsite support

    Efficient 'as needed' expert onsite IT support throughout New Zealand and Australia with next business day turnaround.

  • managed services

    Enjoy the advantages of true partnership with NZ’s largest IT supplier, with ‘across the stack, throughout the lifecycle’ Professional and Managed IT Services

  • software & development

    Move your business forward to give you the edge - Big Data, Software, CRM, App dev, Scripting, BA consult, Teams & Sharepoint dev & management.

IT Service Providers | Australia & New Zealand

PB Tech – Delivery is in our DNA!

Over the past 25 years, PB Tech has built a formidable reputation for delivering the NZ market the technology it needs when it needs it. This provides a natural alignment with our IT Services business. After all, PB Tech is delivering all day every day to businesses throughout New Zealand. Our business has been built off delivery and our IT Services business is no different.

IT Service Providers | Australia & New Zealand

Robust and flexible IT Services from New Zealand’s Largest Computing and IT Supplier

PB Tech has a simple aim for our IT Services business: to provide our customers with a genuine opportunity to have one true IT provider; from top end consulting and design, through procurement, end-user support and management, right across the infrastructure stack. If you rely on PB Tech to deliver impeccable procurement services for your business, it is not difficult to see the advantages in engaging with PB Tech throughout the IT Lifecycle of Consult, Design, Build and Manage.

Speak with a Specialist IT Consultant

    A disciplined, flexible & empathetic approach to IT Service Management

  1. Mitigating Risk in Selection Process

    Risk mitigation is central to any decisions in regards outsourcing all or part of your IT environment. In the sales process, PB Tech will take you through the methodologies we use, through transition to BAU, to ensure you are confident in choosing PB Tech as your managed services provider.

  2. The Procurement Advantage

    PB Tech is the largest supplier of IT equipment in New Zealand. Our business has been built off our ability to offer computer hardware and other IT equipment at consistently low prices with industry leading turnaround times. Partnering with PB Tech for Managed Services means that one click can lead to an imaged device landing on a desk ready for your end user to utilize within days. Lead times .

  3. Genuine partnership

    PB Tech places immense importance on true partnership with our managed services customers. With our market-leading procurement delivery, PB Tech is in the position to provide pre-purchase technical expertise, quick delivery and deployment right through to decommissioning at the end of the assets lifecycle. We want to be your IT partner in the truest sense of the word. PB Tech also places immense importance on our relationships with key stakeholders in our customers organizations via robust service delivery, technical and account management.

  4. Metric Driven

    Managed Services underpinned by Service Level Agreements (SLA) are nothing new, however, PB Tech uses numbers to drive the quality of the services it delivers its customers. Every data point is considered vital, our data is our customer’s data and PB Tech recognizes that data built up over time can provide insights like nothing else in IT.

  5. 95% Response / 95% Resolve / 70% First Touch Resolution

    PB Tech ‘data-blueprint’ is governed by 3 exceptionally important numbers. We aim to hit our Response and Resolve SLA 95% of the time. We also try to hit First Touch Resolution Experience shows that delivering to these numbers results in ecstatic customers and we use these numbers to govern our approach to resourcing and ticket logistics.

  6. Best End User Support

    We love our customers end-users and we strive for this to be reciprocated. One of PB Tech defining strategies is delivery the ‘best end-user support’ of any MSP in New Zealand. We do this through empathetic delivery, understanding what your users are doing (or not doling) at the moment of contact, consistent communication and striving to be a friendly and likeable IT support provider. We want your end-users ‘singing from the rooftops’ about PB Tech allowing IT leaders in our customer’s organizations to focus on aligning IT deliverables to business requirements.

  7. Communication is central

    You would expect an MSP’s engineering team to possess the technical (‘Hard Skills’) required to deliver the services you require, however, for PB Tech that is only part of the equation with our staff. All staff are required to put equal emphasis on their ‘soft skills’ and these soft-skills are central to our recruitment process. Of all the soft-skills, communication is the one most emphasized. After all, Managed Services is a people business, people value communication and communication ensures expectations are both set and met. Peter Drucker once said “The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said”. This philosophy is central to us being able to empathise with our customers at any given point in time.

  8. Knowledge Driven

    Key to Constant Service Improvement (CSI), First Touch Resolution (FTR) and, to be frank, just delivering excellent services, is the continued cultivation of knowledge. PBT places particular emphasis on knowledge gathering during transition, with our structured knowledge base effectively guiding us through the transition process. Once into BAU Delivery, PB Technology utilizes Knowledge Centred Support (KCS) methodology to constantly develop and improve our knowledge as we resolve incidents and fulfil requests.

  9. Service Desk

    The PB Tech Service Desk (or Central Delivery Team – CDT) is the ‘beating heart’ of our managed services delivery. We aim for 85% of our tickets to be resolved in this team and use innovative approaches to achieving this. Our hiring policies ensure our service desk agents are personable, empathetic and technically able. All service desk processes are clearly documented, available to our customers and are expected to be followed. Whether incident resolution, service request fulfilment, 3rd party management and ongoing knowledge creations, the PB Tech CDT is central to all we do.

  10. ITIL – Smart

    There is a lot of talk in the industry about various ITIL processes and how MSP’s live and breathe these processes. Further to this, we understand that when customers engage with an MSP they are effectively buying into the processes of the provider organization. It is our job to deliver ‘best practice’ in the delivery of services, and we want you to know how we do it. Whether it is core ITIL processes such as Incident, Change, Problem or Event Management, or more ‘how to’ processes regarding how we undertake various tasks, we share them with our customers.

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