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RAT 8 - PB Tech Hands On

Posted in Reviews on 07/12/2016

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Computer mice come in all different shapes and sizes, and you really need to find the one that fits your hand the best. Mad Catz have been producing the R.A.T series for a while now, and the one we're going to be looking at today is the R.A.T 8.

I reckon these mice look really cool, the combination of high quality plastics and metal along with these defined angles makes for a really futuristic looking mouse. The cool thing about the R.A.T series, is you get a lot of options for customising the shape to fit your hand.

In the box you get three palm rests and three pinkie rests, you can swap these out with an Allen key, but rather than just having the Allen key floating around in the box, the Rat 8 has it built into the back, making it a lot harder to lose. the first pinkie rest is a smooth plastic and this comes on the mouse by default, the next one follows the same shape but has a rubber grip and the last adds a bit of width to the mouse giving you a place to rest your pinkie finger. I personally found this the most comfortable because it stopped my pinkie from dragging along the table behind the mouse.

As for the palm rests you get two the same size, one smooth and the other with grip, and then the third also has smooth plastic but sits slightly higher, so you just need to find the one that suits your holding style.
By holding the leaver at the back down you can pull or push the palm rest to make sure its sitting in the right spot for your hand, and you can also use the Allen key to adjust where the left hand side of the mouse sits too.

As for the mouse itself, on the left you get two custom macro buttons, a horizontal scroll wheel and a sniper button for lowering your DPI for more precise aiming down a scope, on the top there's a DPI rocker that you can move forward or back to switch DPI on the fly, there’s also LED's on the side so you can see what setting you're on at a quick glance which is pretty handy.

There’s a button sitting just off the left click that lets you switch between up to four user profiles, and these profiles can be set inside the Mad Catz software and allow you to customise your dpi and macro buttons to fit whatever game you're playing or weapon you're using. This is also where you can change your RGB settings for all three lighting zones and there's a few different lighting effects like breathing or colour cycle to match with the rest of your setup.

The R.A.T 8 is using the PMW3360 optical sensor which is widely renowned as one of the best sensors for gaming, maxing out at 12,000 DPI. The overall weight sits at 145g but you can also add a few extra weights underneath to bring to total to 163g.

The mouse performed really well, it was quick, accurate and all the buttons and clicks had a really high quality feel to them. The 1.8m braided cable is strong and the fact that the Allen key sits inside the mouse means that you switch out pieces wherever you are.

No matter what hand size you have you should be able to move and customise this mouse to get that perfect fit for your style and that’s something no other mice really offers.

If you're looking at a new gaming mouse check out the R.A.T 8

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