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What's in the BOX? Looks like a Gaming Mouse!

Posted in Reviews on 22/3/2017

Just landed at PB NZ, let’s open up some boxes and check out this awesome new Cooler Master gaming gear!

Packaging is very tidy with two stickers needing to be peeled back on the top in order to slide out the gaming mouse inside. The mouse itself is held securely in place within two molded pieces of plastic, the cord from the mouse goes through a little hole in the bottom and into a compartment underneath which contains a second mystery box :)

Removing the CM Master Pro L from the protective packaging proves easy enough with no hidden twisty ties holding it in. Once out of the plastic holders the textured finish on the mouse shines and opening the mystery box reveals another body and a set of sides for the mouse also. The sides look to have a slightly different texture as well, smooth vs not so smooth.

Now that we’ve got everything out the box it’s time take a close look at everything and have a quick play around with customising this mouse. The cable itself is tightly braided and looks to be a little over one and a half meters long. The side panels are magnetic and come off with a little pressure, clicking on the new ones is easy and they hold themselves firmly so don’t worry about things flying around mid-game. Removing the top piece required a little Phillips head screwdriver (not included) and you’ll find the access hole on the bottom hidden under a little rubber bit. Once everything is off you can also see three LED lighting zones on the mouse scroll wheel, left side and back. Clicking everything in and out while swapping bits is easy and subtly changes the curves of the mouse.

Now that we’ve opened up this wonderful new gaming mouse we’re going to need to find it a home.

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