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Wacom - Artwork Competition

Posted in Articles on 15/5/2017

PB Tech are excited to let you know that Wacom will be bringing The Next Level Exhibition and Publication to Auckland’s Silo Park this year.

The exhibition will be running from the 21st September - 5th October 2017, on the corner of Beaumont Street & Jellicoe Street, Auckland, and is open to all ages.

The exhibition will include work from six internationally renowned feature artists and 50 competition winners. The competition is currently open for entries and with two weeks in, some amazing artwork has already come through.

Winning competition entries will have their artwork featured alongside these artists at exhibitions in Auckland, Melbourne and Sydney and in The Next Level publication. Artists will receive profits from any of their works sold at these exhibitions.

The competition closes on the 24th of May, so if you're a New Zealand artist and think you'd like to get involved enter now before the competition ends and have your artwork feasted upon by the eyes of art lovers nation-wide & internationally!

For more information on the exhibit, visit their website. You can check out past winners here.

Home Tips & News Wacom - Artwork Competition