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The Jimu Robot Inventor Kit at PB Tech

Posted in Articles on 04/7/2017

The Jimu Robot Inventor Kit is a Do-It-Yourself, Bluetooth app-enabled robotics kit and with this you can build more than 7 pre-designed animal and humanoid robots - this kit includes everything you need to design, build, program and share your very own robotic creations as well!

The kit is made to be an interactive building block that empowers kids with both the skills and tools to create and program their own robots, the seven planned robots to teach this are pretty sweet - the Praying Mantis particularly so! Assembly is a lot like Lego but with swivel savvy plastic joints holding the various part together while allowing for the movement when needed, the kit contains 16 individual UBTech digital servos which allow for some very impressive movement options.

This recent review from Mike G is spot on, these kits are great for building together with your children - check out our ever growing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) category for the latest in educational robots and more!

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