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Spigen Super Smartphone Store at PB Tech!

Posted in Articles on 06/7/2017

Superb design from Spigen with their Spigen Premium Smartphone Stand Kit, this one actually elevates the bottom of your phone and has pass-through points for your power cable to go so you can keep your device charged while it’s in the stand. This makes it perfect for office use but equally great in the kitchen or on the bedside table, it’s even tough enough to hold a tablet :)

Got a CD player in your car but don’t use it anymore? If the answer is yes then you could start using the slot to secure your smartphone :) The Spigen CD Slot Premium Magnetic Phone Car Mount is a pretty perfect option here and will securely hold your phone in place for maps, music and all that good stuff - a quick release magnet keeps everything hassle-free while being far less obtrusive compared to the ones that need to suction onto your windshield.

If you’ve picked up a set of the new iPhone wireless AirPods you’ll agree they are pretty wonderful and small, at times though (running!) having a little extra security for the little guys is great and that’s exactly what the Spigen Apple AirPods Strap does, while you’re gearing up you might also want to check out the Spigen Apple Watch Rugged Armour case as well.

This last one isn’t actually for a smartphone but it’s still very mobile, Spigen has made an excellent Tempered Glass Screen Protector Kit for the Nintendo Switch! The kit includes two screen protectors with an oil-resistant, oleophobic coating that’s great for reducing fingerprints and helps to maintain a spotless screen - nicely done!

Check out these and all the latest smartphone cases in our massive Spigen Store at PB Tech NZ!

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