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mBot Educational Robotics at Opaheke School

Posted in Articles (updated on 24/7/2017)

Recently, a classroom of enthusiastic kids at Opaheke school, specifically Room 24, got hands-on with some mBot robotics kit sets and built some robots for themselves!

Overall, the robots have been an exciting opportunity for students to show off their technological skills. They have also had to collaborate with each other and learn how to take turns. There have been also of questions about “how does it work?” and “why does it go this way?” which is great because it has helped students to practice their questioning techniques and promotes a sense of wonderment :)

“Room 24 have had a great time with the robots given to us by PB Technologies. Most of the children have been interested in how they work, and especially like using the MakeBlock app to control the robots.”

One boy, in particular, was able to look at all the pieces and put together the robot only occasionally referring to the instructions.

“It has been interesting watching him construct, deconstruct, problem solve and also help others.”

A subsequent discussion with his mum revealed that he loves deconstructing and constructing anything that involves ‘doing’ and ‘making’.

“As a teacher, the robots gave him the opportunity to show me how gifted he was with assembling, fixing and even testing out different ways of using the robots through the app.”

The mBot V1.1 is an entry level robotics kit which lets you get hands-on building and programming your very own little robot. This starting package comes with everything you'll need to easily assemble a robot that can detect obstacles, follow lines like a race track and much much more.

mBot is compatible with Lego and also other MakeBlock add-on sets which you can use to add even more abilitiesto your creation like light and sound tracking or all-terrain caterpillar treads for off-road fun :)

You can control the mBotdirectly with an easy-to-use app available for both Android and iOS smartphones, the robot includes a Bluetooth module to make connection easy. This programming app is based on the extremely popular Google Blocks language and it has a very clever graphical interface thatlets you drag and drop commands in as needed plus the brilliant guides will have you learning how to program by playing games with your little robotic companion!

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