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Mini ITX Chassis at PB Tech

Posted in Articles on 23/8/2017

We’ve got a massive range of PC case options here at PB Tech, and of course, being a part of the largest Custom PC Build team in NZ we also have our favourite cases from amongst this range. Below you'll find three of our most recommended chassis for building a small, powerful Gaming PC of your own, well, actually six if you include the colour options available - and the last one is RGB!

Our first is a very new series of chassis from the talented engineers at Phanteks, its full name is the ENTHOO EVOLV SHIFT and we’ve got versions available in very tidy Satin Black and also the eye-catching Anthracite Grey.

The Shift series delivers a compact housing in which you can pack powerful components. Every aspect of the case has been thoughtfully designed to be intuitive, clean and accessible and it’s an absolute pleasure to build with, the internals being separated into distinct, easy to manage zones.

The suburb craftsmanship of these small chassis can be seen in every detail, solid steel front and back panels are complemented by two tempered glass sides providing a full view of your CPU Cooler and ITX Motherboard from one side, and your Graphics Card from the other. There is room beneath to install a Water Cooling Kit also and if you’re thinking of adding some RGB lighting with the placement of the fans here, the effect can be quite spectacular!

Due to its small and tall footprint, it’s very versatile in regards to placement, the Shift makes a stunning Desktop Gaming PC but is just as comfortable in the living room.

If you’re wanting to stay small, but in a more regular chassis form, you can’t go wrong with the classic ITX EVOLV cases from Phanteks either. A little fatter, and a little shorter, this version is available in three colour options currently, classic all black, a beautiful clean white with black internals, and a third, newer option, which is black on the outside with internal trays coloured in hot red.

This chassis introduced a unique retractable bracket solution for mounting a water cooling radiator on the top making things nice and easy to manage while installing, more importantly, though this bracket can be used to install a massive 240mm Liquid Cooling Kit - it’s crazy cool! The power supply options for this one are also very open with the ability to fit a regular ATX sized PSU inside, often reducing the overall build cost.

This last one is a real treat, the new SilverStone RVZ-03 is ultra slim and not very tall, and yet it still manages to fit a 33cm long graphics card inside!

This latest version from the Raven Series now also features a brilliant RGB trim which runs along the front, this is connected via an included LSB01 RGB controller which is really wonderful to see and having this means you won’t need to get a motherboard with an RGB header, further adding to the value proposition for this chassis it’s able to fit a regular ATX power supply as well.

The chassis doesn’t have any windowed panels which does make it look a bit like a console - it even includes some interchangeable rubber feet that will help keep the air intakes elevated if you’re running your system on its flat side within your lounge room entertainment cabinet :)

This is a small slice from our massive range of PC Cases we’ve got available now, if you’re thinking of building a PC check out our Custom Gaming PC article for more information and keep your eyes on the PB Tech Tips & News for the latest!

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