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STAR WARS Limited Edition Record Player at PB Tech

Posted in Reviews on 24/8/2017

Dahhhh Dahh, Da DA da DAAAA DAAAA, da DA da DAAA DAAAA, Da da da da!

A new arrival from the PB Tech AV Receivers & Media Players department, the force is strong with this EPIC Star Wars themed record player :)

It's hard to believe, but the incredible Star Wars epic began a long time ago, back in 1977, when the first movie began showing at cinemas. It wasn't until 1981 that this first of the trilogy was re-subtitled as "A New Hope" either, that's around a year after the release of "Empire Strikes Back". The incredible storyline came to its explosive climax with the "Return of the Jedi" finale in 1983.

Crosley Celebrates 2017 with their 40th anniversary Star Wars Limited Edition, Cruiser Deluxe turntable.

This portable, briefcase-style turntable features the iconic Star Wars: A New Hope movie poster art on the exterior and a beautiful 40th Anniversary logo on the interior lining, the leatherette-bound framing is wooden and looks beautiful.  

As a classic record player it’s quite versatile, providing 3 speed options in 33 1/3, 45 And 78 RPM for vinyl playback along with pitch control - but this suitcase kit also provides modern options enabling playback via Bluetooth or 3.5mm audio connections!

There are two speakers built into the suitcase, ready to blast your favourite tunes around the galaxy but this special edition also has RCA connection options for connecting the Crosley Star Wars Turntable to a larger, home speaker system.  

And speaking of speakers!

We’ve also got some incredible new options within our brand new Book Shelf Speakers category at PB Tech - including some excellent options from Infinity by Harmon Kardon.

The first is this duo of R152 5.25” speakers, and wow do they pack a powerful punch! The heart of this compact bookshelf speaker is the 25mm CMMD high-frequency driver mated to an advanced weave, this works in tandem with a 130mm woofer, which, with its specially tuned-port enclosure provides a deep DEEP bass response that will make your music and movies come alive - it’s super rich and clean sound you can really feel! Combine this with the R152's slender design and elegant detailing and you’ve got yourself an excellent set of speakers, if you’re wanting to go even BIGGER check out this excellent R162BK set which comes in a very tidy black finish as well.

Both of these new speaker sets pair perfectly with the Harmon Kardon AVR 171S, a premium, 7.2 Channel Audio-Video Network Receiver with 7.2 channels at your disposal - this device can pump out an incredible 100 watts per channel for a total of 700 watts, that’s some beautiful and powerful sound!

With the wireless options, it’s got more connectivity than most would ever need - TrueStream Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay, vTuner Internet radio and Spotify Connect, giving you multiple options for streaming audio. It’s also got an additional six 3D-ready HDMI 2.0 inputs, including one equipped for MHL to connect mobile devices, and two HDMI outputs, you'll have more than enough ways to connect to everything you love - movies, HDTV, sports, smart devices and more!

While the AVR 171's connectivity alone makes it pretty darn desirable, it’s the sound quality that’ll really strikes a chord with most :P It's the first Harman Kardon AVR to feature their exclusive Natural Sound Processing (NSP), which creates a rich, enveloping surround-sound from any source - particularly with two-channel content we often find from internet radio and streams.

To top things off the AVR 171S features an EzSet/EQ III system which automatically calibrates the AVR to your speakers and listening environment -that sounds brilliant!

This is just a small slice from what we've got in our TV, Video and Audio categories here a PB Tech - keep your eyes on our Tips & News section for the latest! 


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