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Logitech POWERPLAY Wireless Gaming Gear at PB Tech

Posted in Reviews (updated on 27/9/2017)

UPDATE: We've been happily playing with these wireless gaming mice for around a month now, still haven't plugged them in :) 

Wireless Gaming Mice are really great, providing quicker reactions than many of their wired variants now, the only real concern is the charge running out right at that critical moment... denying you that glorious Pentakill!

Logitech have two new mice to solve that problem, the G903 and G703, which improve on the already excellent G900 and G403 with new sensors and, most importantly, support new PowerPlay charging system.

PowerPlay is basically a wireless charger built into your mouse pad. Charging the mouse while you use it, removing the need to ever have to plug your mouse in again. 

In the box we get 2 separate mouse pads and the PowerPlay base, that base is made from rubber and has a good amount of friction so it won't be moving around your desk. and then Logitech give you the option of a hard mouse mat or cloth and both of these are very high-quality mats, super smooth and once you place them on the powerplay base you don't have to worry about them moving around. All you need to do is replace the puck that normally holds the 10g weight, with the new wireless puck. Then just plug the mat into USB, and that's it.

You won't have to charge your mouse with a cable ever again.

This little box at the top even has the lightspeed wireless receiver inside so the whole system still only uses one USB port, everything works just straight off the bat... Those talented chaps at Logitech have actually done it... They’ve removed the very last downside to having a wireless gaming mouse :)

One thing to note is the PowerPlay mat isn’t used like a wireless phone charger, so it doesn’t charge your mouse to 100% quickly, rather it’s used to sustain the power inside your mouse and will keep the mouse hovering around 80-95% to save the health of the battery inside.

Check out the full range today in the massive Logitech Store and keep your eyes on our PB Tech Tips & News for the latest!

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