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Newline TRUTOUCH Business Displays at PB Tech

Posted in Articles on 31/8/2017

The Newline’s TRUTOUCH series of large, interactive touch displays were created with a single thought in mind - to make meetings and multi-location collaboration more enjoyable for all.

Experience meetings on a cutting-edge display that allows your whole team to interact and take part in your presentations. From taking notes to sharing ideas, you and your company are only one button away from impressive collaboration.

It’s for people that want to have a device which does everything, in one place, reducing the need for a complex setup of connecting systems. Essentially it’s doing away with the projector, microphones, IR pens and speaker setup and replacing these with one unit to do it all - and do it really well. All TRUTOUCH X Series displays come ready to go, loaded with Windows 10 Pro, but they also have an Android system which features a very easy to use, more minimalistic, home screen.

To achieve this goal they created a range of special displays named the Newline TRUTOUCH X Series, each with built-in digital white board touchscreen features, special microphone arrays with echo cancellation plus background noise reduction and twin cameras to capture the whole boardroom, or classroom, so everyone can communicate clearly.

The large TRUTOUCH X5 (55”) and TRUTOUCH X7 (70”) will allow for the whole team to interact, by sharing not only voice and video, but also data and annotation. Taking notes on a digital whiteboard with the most comfortable writing experience available on a touch screen and share information, all with the push of a button.

This year Newline Interactive announced their partnership with DisplayNote Technologies Ltd, a specialist provider of collaboration software. This means a version of the software package named Montage is now available with any of Newline’s TRUTOUCH X Series displays, allowing meeting participants, whether they’re in the meeting room or connecting remotely, to wirelessly stream what’s on their device to the main meeting room display at the same time. Montage allows for use of touch and gestures, so users can easily re-arrange how participant screens appear on the main display, for example, they could have one participants' content on the screen or swipe to show multiple devices on screen.

Participants connecting remotely can wirelessly share their screen and communicate with those in the meeting room via Montage’s native video conferencing. Video and Voice calling is built on the WebRTC framework which brings ‘always on’ voice and video encryption, high fidelity voice and reduced server load.

Via Newline “The overall goal of technology is to make your life and your job easier. And our mission is to develop ideas and tools that do just that. Our interactive displays and award-winning intuitive software pave the way to easier solutions to your day-to-day work problems.”

If you just need a great display, without the built in microphones and cameras - the TRUTOUCH UB Series offers three additional options in 65”, 75” and the massive 86”, all with a special anti-glare, 4K resolution TRUTOUCH screen.

These displays actually react to touch the same way as phones and tablets, so we can pinch, tap, swish, and scroll in the same ways we do with our handheld devices, the biggest difference (aside from the massive size) is the way it’s made to be multi-touch friendly, a TRUTOUCH display allows for multiple team members to work on the screen at once, even from multiple locations.

You won’t need a special pen to interact with the screen in this way either, if you want, you can use your finger to draw, move and interact. No need to worry about broken electronics, dead batteries or a lost stylus though each display does include some tech-free pens, if you prefer to write with one :)

Connectivity is still at the core of Newline’s UB Seriesdisplays, and eachTRUTOUCH UB model comes with multiple HDMI, USB, and A/V inputs for connecting devices when needed.

These Newline Touch Displays are available in New Zealand now, for more great options check out our massiveTelevision Audio Visual categoryand be sure to keep an eye onPB Tech Tips & Newsfor the latest!