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Top 5 Gaming Laptops at PB Tech!

Posted in Articles on 12/9/2017 (updated on 13/3/2019)

Today we’re having a look at 5 of the most affordable and most powerful Gaming Laptops available today at PB Tech NZ, with new additions from MSIRazer, HP Omen, Asus, Aorus and Alienware all vying for the top spots!

We use the term "gaming" because all models below feature Nvidia ShadowPlay so you can capture or stream gameplay directly from the laptop while you play, without the need for additional hardware.

Having dedicated graphics also makes them excellent machines for photo and video editing - and if you are worried about battery life, don't be - you can always temporarily disable the power-hungry Nvidia graphics and run off Intel integrated graphics just like the ultrabooks do.

We'll be covering the best options with consideration for both the design of the chassis and the component specs used within, the price is our primary factor for position on the list (price/performance for the win!).

Buy MSi PS42 GTX 1050 Gaming Laptop at PB Tech

Kicking things off with this extremely well priced MSi PS42 GTX 1050 Gaming Laptop, which packs some very impressive specifications into a slim & light design that is amongst the best we've ever seen (a solid #2, #1 being the significantly more expensive Aero 15 listed bel

Within the 14" chassis we find a capable 4GB GTX 1050 graphics card, combined with the 8th gen Intel i7-8550U with four cores / eight threads of processing goodness. 16GB of DDR4 will have you multitasking with ease while the 14" 1920x1080 display provides superb viewing angles and vibrant colours. Storage is very fast with a 512GB NVMe M.2 solid state drive and you can expect excellent network connectivity thanks to the PS42 packing both Bluetooth (energy efficient version 5.0) and AC WiFi. Although this one is very slim the cooling inside has been done the right way, with separate heatpipes from the processor and graphics card. Weighing in at just a little over 1.2KG it’s ideal for gaming on the go! 

HP Pavilion GTX 1050Ti Gaming Laptop at PB Tech

Moving up a tier we have this beautiful HP Pavilion series GTX 1050Ti Gaming Laptop with a 15.6” 1080p screen and eye-catching green LED keyboard. This HP Laptop features the powerful Intel 8th Gen i7-8750H six core / twelve thread CPU with a 4GB GTX 1050Ti Graphics Card and 16GB of DDR4 RAM. There is 128GB storage via the SSD, with an additional 1TB hard drive for storing movies or large programs. 

HP nailed the style of this one, with a classy design for the frame and that subtle green lighting which is an absolute treat for the eyes at night. Also, take note of that i7-8750H 6/12 processor that HP used in this specific model, especially when comparing with the more expensive options below :) Nicely done HP!

Gigabyte Aorus RTX 2060 Gaming Laptop at PB Tech

Now we step into the big leagues, so if you're looking for the latest/best gaming laptops on the market right now - this Aorus RTX 2060 Gaming Laptop series is where you should be looking.

A fearsome gaming machine, with a no-nonsense approach to cooling design that works by providing more airflow than ever before to both the processor and graphics card within (6x heatpipes!). The combination of the best components in the world and the open/visible cooling likely forced the Aorus team to make the inside of this laptop absolutely gorgeous - and they did, it's easily the cleanest we've ever seen in 25 years!

I don't say "best components" loosely either, the 16GB of DRR4 RAM inside is from Samsung, the 144Hz Display is made by LG, and the PCIe storage is from Intel - a popular 760P m.2 solid state drive to be precise, the very same type we use in our most powerful gaming desktops.

Weighing in around 2.5KG, this beast of a laptop combines the popular Intel 8th gen i7-8750H CPU with a 6GB RTX 2060 Graphics Card and 16GB of DDR4 RAM. The Aorus RTX series also includes an RTX 2070 version, though you'll be hard pressed to want more performance than the RTX 2060 inside this one already offers!

Gigabyte AERO RTX 2070 Gaming Laptop at PB Tech

Just landed at PB Tech we have this exceptional 15" Gigabyte AERO RTX 2070 Gaming Laptop!

With its distinctive AERO narrow bezel design and RGB LED backlit keyboard this model combines the latest RTX 2070 with a popular i7-8750H and 16GB of DDR4 RAM. Storage for this specific model is an ultra-fast 1TB PCIe SSD and it's both a sight to behold and a joy to use - with the display being an incredible 144HZ! 

With what could easily be considered as the most portable design available now in gaming laptops, the Aero 15 features a class-leading 15” 5mm bezel display giving us greater display real estate without increasing chassis size, placement on the webcam and mics within the hinge keep things very slim too, and nice touches like the detailing on the back along with the way the RGB led shines through the dual cooling fans is just beautiful.

A Thunderbolt 3 port has been added for a premium ultra-fast transfer speed at 40Gbps and the ability to connect external graphics card enclosures, or run with twin 5K external displays… the AERO 15 is a mobile powerhouse!

ASUS ROG Zephyrus RTX 2080 Gaming Laptop at PB Tech

Rounding off our top 5 we have the now iconic Asus Republic of Gamers GX701 RTX 2080 Zephyrus Gaming Laptop and it really is something pretty special :) The unique design places the keyboard to the front of the laptop in a non-traditional layout. The underside of the Zephyrus actually opens up to provide additional cooling for the RTX 2080 graphics card and Intel i7-8750H inside.

As the price implies, this one is completely premium and features a touchpad that doubles as numpad if you need to grind some spreadsheets - completely overkill for the task but if you own a Zephyrus you'll likely want to use it all the time! 

Amazing laptops indeed! Check out all these and many, many more PB Tech Gaming Laptops today!

Great Gaming Laptops at PB Tech

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