Posted in Articles on 04/10/2017 (updated on 23/1/2018)

Those fine folks at HTC Vive have kicked off a new bonus games offer for those purchasing a new HTC Vive VR Kit, with two options available to choose from. Both are activated via the special promo code you'll find within the box, you'll find your master code printed on a large 15cm x 20cm card.

This master code can be redeemed at and during the redemption process, you will be asked to create an HTC account, if you've already created an account you can just log in to redeem your code.

After redeeming the master code and choosing your package you will be shown (and emailed) the separate codes for your games and apps!

[R18 Package]

• Fallout 4 VR
• Subscription codes for 2-Months of Viveport

[Family Friendly Package ]

• Everest VR
• Richie's Plank
• Subscription codes for 2-Months of Viveport

You might have noticed that both options include a subscription to Viveport, this service offers a range of games, software and demos to check out for the HTC Vive VR kit and right now it includes some pretty cool titles such as 'High Noon' and 'Wands' which we highly recommend you check out :)

This promotion is only available while stocks last, we'll update this article with the details for the next offering as soon as the details come through so keep your eyes on our PB Tech Tips & News for the latest

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