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PB Tech Custom PC Builder Tool

Posted in Articles on 10/10/2017 (updated on 04/12/2017)


We absolutely love designing computers and with our new Custom PC building tool, you will too :)

We’ve been very busy here at PB Tech, expanding our PC assembly team workshops so we can offer more components and more choices for you, our customers. We have also been very busy in the online world, creating a PB website tool that will enable everyone to customise their very own PC, and then, have our team build it for you.

Most importantly - you won’t need to be a hardware guru to design a system for yourself.

Our tool will only provide component options which are compatible with each other. This works by providing a range of fully functional base builds from which you can customise your system, changing the chassis, graphics or adding digital storage depending on your needs. You’ll be happily swapping out components to get the perfect build with no worries!

Our latest update to the System Builder has brought with it a range of new base builds to customise, including the latest unlocked Intel Coffee Lake and even some server setups for business! 

Have a go, let us know what you think of the experience and also any tweaks you think would make it better - we’ve built this tool for everyone and will continue to improve it - what matters to us the most is making it useful and user-friendly.

This could also be new build categories you would like to see - our PB system builder potentially could be used for custom painting options, large servers, small NAS boxes and even hard loop custom water cooling so we’re excited to see what’s next - and we’ll base our to-do list largely on your feedback :)

Thank you everyone! You can go to the System Builder Feedback Facebook Post here to share your thoughts on this one, we'll be sure to read them all :)

Also, more of a fun thing, we’ve built new photo rooms into our workshops for a special “customer creations” section of the builder - and it’s all looking great!

Pre-built Gaming PC at PB Tech

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