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    WINNER ANNOUNCED! I want to fly with DJI at PB Tech!

    Posted in Articles on 31/10/2017 (updated on 04/1/2018)

    Recently, PB Tech teamed up with DJI Drones to with a special competition that involved glorious videos captured throughout New Zealand - up for grabs we had a mighty 4K DJI Inspire Drone and based on the quality of the submissions - it was a prize worth pursuing! 

    Both the quantity and quality of all your entries for this one made choosing a winner a difficult task, we found ourselves challenged in narrowing the list down to a top 20, then a top 10, then 5,4,3,2... finally agreeing on the winning video was a near impossible task - they really are that good!

    Our winning video features not only some beautiful shots within New Zealand as the competition demanded but also some very talented editing skill and choice music that puts it all together into a video that is truly quite wonderful to watch.

    Congratulations to: Michael Roberts! You have exceeded all expectations for this competition and now, with this 4K DJI Inspire Drone you have just won, you'll undoubtedly create more wonderful videos in the future that will continue to inspire others to get out there and get filming!

    A massive THANK YOU to everyone who entered this competition, we highly recommend checking out all the great videos that show up when you search I Want to Fly with DJI at PB Tech + even more on Facebook search - you'll see slow motion downhill speedboarding, crystal waterfalls, classic cars and so many more beautiful locations within NZ we never knew of! 

    We're already working with DJI on the next one and will be back soon with more video fun throughout the year ahead!

    Original article below:

    UPDATE: Competition is now closed

    New Zealand is a beautiful place and we want to share your best video taken in our wonderful country. Our winner of this competition will receive a beautiful 4K DJI Inspire 1 Drone so they continue to inspire others with more glorious videos in the future :)  

    To enter this competition simply upload your brilliant video to YouTube or Facebook with these words in the title “I want to Fly with DJI at PB Tech”

    This competition is open to New Zealand only, you can enter as many times as you like but each video must contain unique footage captured in NZ so get out there and start exploring! You do not need to record your video with a drone to enter, this competition is open to entry with videos captured from smartphones and cameras also. You have until midnight on the 1st of January 2018 to upload your entries.

    If you’ve got an eye for recording beautiful videos like this, DJI have the tools to elevate your passion!

    Let's take a closer look at the grand DJI prize! 

    While it’s certainly not a toy, it’s still incredibly fun and easy to use - it provides options for two-controller operation where one person is piloting and the other controls the camera enabling you to get the perfect shots. This extreme DJi drone supports intelligent flight options including autonomous waypoint navigation, which is best described as a “Follow Me” allowing for some remarkable footage to captured when going out alone.

    It’s important to note that the DJI Inspire 1 is a large drone and every component has been specially engineered to be both durable and lightweight - the carbon fibre arms transform while in the air, manoeuvring out of the camera’s way at the flick of a switch, this lets you capture a full 360⁰ video with an unobstructed view and capture shots independent of the direction we are flying. The body’s aerodynamic design cuts through the sky and further enhances your control over the aircraft making it noticeably more stable than smaller variants. This ensures long flight times and a long operational life.

    The 4K camera and 3-Axis gimbal included with the drone are both removable too, this not only makes the drone safer for travelling but also allows for future upgrades (perfect for when 8K becomes a thing).

    Pretty amazing right! All video entries must be in by the 1st of January 2018, the winner will be selected within 3-5 days of the competition completion and will be contacted via their YouTube or Facebook page depending on which platform was used to upload the video - so be sure to check the inbox.

    You can check out all the latest Drones and Accessories in the DJI Store, good luck to all and we can't wait to see all the beautiful videos! 

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