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BYOD with PB Tech today!

Posted in Articles (updated on 16/1/2018)

B.Y.O.D, or Bring-Your-Own-Device is an increasingly popular trend with many schools allowing students to bring their own laptop or tablet into the classroom.

Students will largely get to decide on which device they will use for their studies, but to make it easier most schools provide guidelines and recommendations for these, a good example of this is the Glendowie College BYOD and ICT or Taradale High School pages which provide the information and links to help out when deciding which model to get for yourself to use in the classroom, and at home. Check with your school admin to see if they have a website ready to check out, if they don't we are happy to assist with setting one up.

Check out the BYOD Portal at PB Tech and select your school. Here you'll find all the best technology ready for students and teachers in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary education. We're online 24/7 or you can head on down to your local PB Superstore for expert advice.

Our education team has assembled a brilliant range of BYOD laptopstablets, Chromebooks, and STEM products to get bright young minds off to the right start. There are options to suit every budget, with easy finance offers available every day.

Popular Home & Study Laptops Shop all Home & Study Laptops

Our dedicated Education team of experts have assembled our top picks for BYOD - including products from our brand new range of Digital Inking, the newest revolution in education tech!

Digital Inking allows students and teachers to take notes with their keyboard or digital pen and revolutionises the way students learn and work within the classroom.

Whether your child is starting school for the first time or entering their final year of university studies, we've got something to suit every student. From notebooks and laptops to Chromebooks and tablets, our Top Picks are the cream of the crop that are built for the classroom.

Shop Apple Devices at PB Tech Shop all Apple Tablet Devices

PB Tech is an Authorised Apple Education Reseller and works closely with Apple New Zealand to bring students and teachers in New Zealand the best range of Apple products at the best price.

Apple iPads and MacBooks run the operating system iOS, with Macbooks being a popular choice among high school and tertiary students, whilst iPads appeal to primary and intermediate students.

Macbooks are powerful, sleek, lightweight and portable and run an array of programmes such as Garageband and iMovie that are not available on Windows computers.

iPads are especially useful for programming software such as Sprint, and work cohesively with many S.T.E.M. and Makerspace robotics. 

Google Devices & Chromebooks Shop all Chromebooks at PB Tech

Google Chromebooks are some of the most popular BYOD devices around the world and in New Zealand.

Chromebooks run on a unique operating system called Chrome OS and are a simple solution for fast, intuitive and easy-to-manage computing. Designed with education and the classroom in mind, Chromebooks provide access to programmes such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Office and are often much cheaper than standard education notebooks or laptops.

Most applications are web-based, so access to a WiFi connection at home and school will be a must, but applications and documents will be centralised and easy to access at all times. Plus, all of your data is backed up online - so if anything should happen to your Chromebook, you'll be back up and running once you log into another Chromebook.

These devices also come in a range of sizes and brands such as Lenovo, Acer, HP and ASUS - so even though all Chromebooks are extremely similar on the inside, their external hardware come with various options to suit the student.

PB Education and NZSTEM are the No 1. Destination for S.T.E.M in New Zealand. Our team is dedicated to bringing the latest and greatest S.T.E.M and Makerspace robotics to New Zealand schools, students and educators.

S.T.E.M. robotics help teach and encourage programming, engineering, problem-solving, literacy, numeracy, creativity and teamwork skills and we have a wide range of products and brands available at PB Tech. Using familiar devices such as tablets, smartphones and notebooks, students can learn these skills by interacting with apps and robots - and most importantly, have fun doing so.

Our S.T.E.M. products can be found in classrooms across New Zealand - and with programming skills quickly becoming a requirement in the new Digital Curriculum it's essential that students and schools are integrating with S.T.E.M. robotics and products.