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Custom Server Builder at PB Tech

Posted in Articles on 15/3/2018

Custom PC Builder at PB Tech

Our solid, reliable, and flexible server systems are built to meet your high-performance computing needs but we’re now taking this to next level, with the added ability to customise your own server designs on the fly at PB Tech. We've continued to develop and improve our online system building tool and the latest additions allow you to create your own, powerful, Supermicro Servers! Just choose your storage, form-factor, memory, CPU and anything else you require.

Using the PB Tech Server Builder Tool you can start by first choosing your choice of chassis, be it a pedestal or rackmount server you're after.

From here you'll be able to select the exact CPU you want, and PB Tech offers a range XEON CPU from bronze all the through to platinum-rated for extremely reliable performance, you can even add multiple CPU in some cases. 

Then we'll move into choosing your memory, this is really where the new 'multiple' feature comes into play with the options fully load your server by adding multiple DIMMs, all of which is certified to be used with your system.

That's really what makes our server builder so great, all the compatibility checking and base builds are created by our own, in-house, server team, so when you select a component for your server using the builder - you'll have the confidence to adjust parts to suit your own business performance goals and of course, budget.

Choose your RAM with the Server System Builder at PB Tech

You'll then be able to select from all the best digital storage options for your build, including options for both the high-capacity intel SSD and cost-efficient Seagate Enterprise HDD.

We've started our live testing with SuperMicro Servers online for you to customise at your leisure, once this round of testing is completed we'll move on to increasing the range to include options from HP, Lenovo, and Dell.

A massive THANK YOU to all who are helping us to test these new features, with your feedback and support we'll continue to improve the service and make it the best tool possible for building your own, custom server configurations. Check out the latest options in our System Builder at PB Tech today!

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