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Thanks for coming to our Birthday!

Posted in Company Announcements on 08/6/2018

Thanks for coming to our Birthday at PB Tech

Well, that was a pretty full-on couple of weekends in a row, wasn't it! Please forgive us for the belated thank you note, we had only just stopped partying for ours when the Queen went and had a Birthday too!

This year, we decided to celebrate the big 25 with some massively awesome presents for you, actually, it was some of your favourite and best-reviewed products available at PB Tech today - the latest Huawei P20 Pro, a Dell 4K HDR Monitor, an Apple Macbook Air, Beats Studio3 Headphones and a DJI Spark Drone Combo!

To enter the draw for each days prize we had everyone do a little quiz, some of the questions were a little silly for sure, but hey, it was all in good fun :P

From this, we randomly gifted the wonderful prizes to the lucky peeps below! I really have to give a shout out to our friends at Huawei, Dell, Apple, Beats and DJI for helping us put this lot together, it's amazing what they let us get away with when we said it was our Birthday!

Out first winner of the week was the Susan B, and we know for sure she absolutely loves her new Huawei P20 Pro Smartphone, after all, it's packed full of the most desirable features available in a handheld device! The FullView display pushes the glorious pixels right out to the edges for a near bezel-less look, while the impressive camera delivers richly detailed, high-quality photograph and video. The P20 Pro is also durable, with IP67 certification, so she can take it with her on upcoming winter adventures! What made this prize super cool was a happy coincidence, it was actually Susans Birthday the very next day!

The very next day we had a simple gorgeous prize to behold, one that's hard to really demonstrate without being able to see it in action. Luckily our winner Zachary S will get to look upon the legendary Dell 27" 4K Monitor with Infinity Edge and HDR whenever he wants now! A truly magnificent monitor with vivid colours at a whopping 3840x2160 resolution, framed within an incredibly thin bezel. That pixel density combined with the high dynamic range produces an image so good it's perfect for movies, gaming, video or photo editors alike. The comments for this one on Facebook were great too!

On Wednesday we went a little fruity with an Apple 13" MacBook Air up for grabs, and Denzel P grabbed it! The specific MacBook Air is the most highly rated and reviewed model available at PB Tech too, with an array of smart and efficient features and we're sure Denzel is loving it - the ultra slim laptop is so lightweight it's hard to believe, while still delivering incredible battery life, this 13" MacBook Air is very popular for good reason! And yet again, the Facebook posts on this one were simply brilliant too - you lot really are the best :)

The Shadow Grey Limited Edition Beats Studio3 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones went to Kelvin S and we're pretty sure he's enjoying some sweet tunes with them :) Designed for long-term comfort to match their impressive battery life (up to 22 hours for all-day play) the soft over-ear cushions feature advanced venting and signature ergonomic pivoting for a custom, flexible fit for any head shape, so we are sure they fit Kelvins perfectly!

Tamara H won the DJI Spark Drone Sky Blue with Remote Controller and has undoubtedly been enjoying some flying in the clear skies and fine weather we've had recently, with the little spark drone being small enough to take just about anywhere it's a great little flying video camera! The bundle prize also included a fancy Sky Controller to give additional range and control for smooth video recording, though with the Spark you can actually take amazing aerial photos using just hand gestures, it's pretty awesome :)

All in all tens of thousands joined us for our Birthday Sale and snapped up a bargain, they party was meant to end on Sunday night but it actually continued on for the dedicated right the way through Monday night as well! A huge THANK YOU to everyone for such wonderful Birthday wishes, we had an absolute blast putting this party together and will see you all again in around a year, for another MASSIVE PARTY!

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